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Automatic Pool Cleaners, Complete Units

Automatic Pool Cleaners

My Pool Features Swimming Pool Cleaners from all major manufacturers including Hayward, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Jandy, Sta-Rite and others. There are three types of Swimming Pool Cleaners, Suction, Pressure and Electric. Suction swimming pool cleaners operate off the vacuum or suction side of the pool, the pool cleaner hose is inserted into the skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line on the side of the pool. Pressure pool cleaners are divided into two types, those that connect to a return line and those that operated off a dedicated pressure line and a booster pump. The last group is electric or robotic and in this group there are two types battery operated and those that are tethered to an electric line. Some pool cleaners come in two models, one for concrete pools and the other for vinyl pools.

Vacuum pool cleaners include: The Hayward Pool Vacs, Navigators, Ultra's, AquaBug, Baracuda G3, G4, Great White 9500, Kreepy Krauly and many more. Pressure Pool cleaners that do not require a booster pump include the Letro, Polaris 360, Jandy Ray Vac and others. Pressure Pool cleaners that require a booster pump include the Polaris 180, 280, 380, 480 and others. Electric pool cleaners include the Hayward Tiger Shark, Aqua First and Baracuda G3

Pool Cleaners, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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XX-00307No ImageAlpha 3 Plus for Gunite or Vinyl Pool, No Longer Manufactured, NoneZPC02498$0.00Reference Only
XX-00304No ImageBaracuda Alpha 3, Plus With Sinking Hose System, No Longer Manufactured, None Available)ALPHA3PLUS$530.99Reference Only
XX-00303No ImageBaracuda Alpha 3 - Complete with hoses, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableALPHA3$0.00Reference Only
XX-00284No ImageZodiac G4 Search on G4G4$684.22Reference Only
XX-00246No ImageHayward 4000, Aquadroid Elite, No Longer Manufactured, None Available, See AquaBug4000$0.00Reference Only
XX-00245No ImageHayward 1005V, Pool Vac Plus, Replace With Navigator Which is a newer Model1005V$399.00Reference Only
XX-00244No ImageHayward 1005 , Pool Vac Plus With Hoses, See Hawyard Navigator (Newer Model)1005C$399.00Reference Only
XX-00241No ImageBaracuda Beta, Complete With Hose, Above ground, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleBETA$0.00Reference Only
XX-00217No ImageArneson G90, Pool Sweep II Replacement Head, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleG90$0.00Reference Only
PU-17256 00600R0207 Click on ImageAstral 00600R0207, Astral 4404120105, Spring Friction Washer00600R0207$5.88
AC-29025 MX8 Click on ImageZodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner, Suction Pool Cleaner, Due to Manufacturer's Restrictions we cannot offer this for saleMX8$0.00NLA
AC-05014No ImageAquaFiirst Turbo Robotic Remote Control Pool. Due to Manufactures restrictions we cannot offer this for saleCleanerTURBOREMOTE$0.00NLA
AC-05012No ImageAquaFiirst Turbo Robotic Pool Cleaner, Due to Manufactures restrictions we cannot offer this for saleTURBO$0.00NLA
AC-05010 PRP Click on ImageAquaFirst Robotic Pool Cleaner, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailablePRP$0.00NLA
AC-05006 PRP Click on ImageAquabot PRP, Pool Rover Plus, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailablePRP$0.00NLA
AC-05004No ImageAquabot Solo Turbo Remote Controlled Robotic Cleaner, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableABS$0.00NLA
AC-05002No ImageAquabot TurboCleaner, Complete, Due to Manufactures restrictions we cannot offer this for saleABT$0.00NLA
AC-05000No ImageAquabot Pool Cleaner, Complete, Due to Manufactures restrictions we cannot offer this for saleAB$0.00NLA
AC-04019 PB460 Click on ImagePolaris Booster Pump, PB4-60PB460$493.99
AC-04017No ImagePolaris F4TR Quarto Sport Pool Cleaner, No Pump, Vacuums and Brushes PoolF4TR$1,189.99
AC-04016 380 Click on ImagePolaris 380 Complete With Hose and Booster Pump380$1,322.99
AC-04015 F3 Click on ImagePolaris 380 Pool Cleaner, Head and HoseF3$965.99
AC-04012No ImagePolaris ATV Automatic Cleaner With Hose, F7ATV $541.99
AC-04010 F1 Click on ImagePolaris F1, 360 Complete with HoseF1$659.99
AC-04007 F5 Click on ImagePolaris 280 Complete Head and 31 foot Hose, No PumpF5$704.99
AC-04006 F5 Click on ImagePolaris 280 Complete With 31 Foot Hose and Booster PumpF5$799.00
AC-04002 F20 Click on ImagePolaris F-20, 180 Head and Hose, Special Order, See Polaris 280 Newer ModelF20$965.99
AC-04001 F20 Click on ImagePolaris 180 Complete With Hose and Pump, Special Order, Replace With Polaris 280F20 $1,575.19
AC-03010 LA01N Click on ImageLetro Universal Booster Pump, LA01N Replaces LL01NLA01N$376.30
AC-03004 LX5000G Click on ImageLetro Legend II, LX5000G, No booster Pump RequiredLX5000G$711.99
AC-03002 LL505G Click on ImageLetro Legend, LL505G, Head and Hose Replaces LL105G, No Pump, But requiredLL505G$642.99
AC-03000No ImageLetro Legend LL5000G, Head and Hose Booster Pump Not RequiredLX5000G$678.99
AC-02606 GW9500 Click on ImageSta-Rite Great White, GW9500, In Ground Pool Cleaner, Head Only, No Hoses or AccessoriesGW9500$641.99
AC-02605 GW9500 Click on ImageSta-Rite Great White, GW9500, In Ground Pool Cleaner, Complete With Hoses and AccessoriesGW9500$573.99
AC-02601 360156 Click on ImageSta-Rite Great White, GW8000, Above Ground Pool Cleaner Replaced By Pentair Lil Shark360156$156.99
AC-02310 Pacer Click on ImageBaracuda Pacer, In-ground Pool Cleaner Complete With hoses, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailablePacer$0.00NLA
AC-02308 W83251 Click on ImageBaracuda G4 Pool In-Ground Pool Cleaner Complete With HosesW83251$608.99
AC-02307 W030000 Click on ImageBaracuda G3 In-Ground Pool Cleaner Complete With Hoses, Re-branded Zodiac G3, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleW030000$0.00NLA
AC-02306No ImageBaracuda Zippy, Above Ground, Pool Cleaner, Complete With Hose, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialableZippy$0.00NLA
AC-02305 W01698 Click on ImageBaracuda Ranger, Above Ground, Pool Cleaner, Complete With HosesW01698$241.99
AC-02003 K50600 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly EZ Vac Above Ground Pool Cleaner With Hoses, K50600K50600$195.99
AC-02001 360040 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly 360040,Replaces Model K70400, In-ground-Concrete Pool Cleaner, R360040$367.99
AC-01505No ImageJandy Ray Vac R0376000, Complete Vinyl Head, Head Only, White, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableR0376000$0.00NLA
AC-01504No ImageJandy Ray Vac R0375000, Complete Head, Black, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableR0375000$0.00NLA
AC-01503No ImageJandy Ray Vac 7000, Complete Head and Hose, Desert Model, No Longer Manufactured, None Available7000$0.00NLA
AC-01501No ImageJandy Ray Vac 3376, Jandy Complete, Head and Hose Vinyl , Fiberglas Pools, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble3376$0.00NLA
AC-01500No ImageJandy Ray Vac, Jandy Complete, Head and Hose, White Concrete, No Longer Manufactured, None Available2880$0.00NLA
AC-00992 AXW524 Click on ImageHayward AXW524, Adapter Ring For Hayward Baker Hydro Skimmer, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableAXW524$0.00NLA
AC-00991 AXW436A Click on ImageHayward AXW436A, Adapter Ring with Gasket,No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableAXW436A$0.00NLA
AC-00990 AXW428A Click on ImageHayward AXW428A, Pressure Relief Valve Assembly, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableAXW428A$0.00NLA

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