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Swimming Pool Chlorinators, Complete Units

Pool Chlorinators, Complete Units

Swimming Pool Chlorinators dispense chlorine or Bromine at a controllable rate. Simply turn a dial to increase the chlorine or decrease to lower the amount of chlorine being introduced into the pool. Never mix chlorine types within a given chlorine and make sure if you are using bromine that the chlorinator is compatible with bromine.

Chlorinators, Product Listings

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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CH-17577 11039 Click on ImageAstral 11039, Complete Feeder - Offline11039$58.95
CH-17036 24431 Click on ImageAstral 24431, Complete In-line Chlorine Feeder24431$98.66
CH-09010 R171096 Click on ImageRainbow R171096 Model 320 Chlorinator BrominatorR171096$100.64
CH-09006 30029X Click on ImageRainbow 300-29X Commercial Chlorinator, R17107030029X$150.37
CH-09005 R171016 Click on ImageRainbow R171016 Automatic Model 300 ChlorinatorR171016$85.18
CH-08211 CL2002S Click on ImageHayward Inline Chlorinator 2 Inch SKT, Holds 9 LBSCL2002S$111.21
CH-08210 CL220 Click on ImageHayward CL220, Off Line ChlorinatorCL220$116.84
CH-08204 CL110 Click on ImageHayward Cl110, Off-Line Chlorinator, Complete with FittingsCL110$83.16
CH-08202 C250CF Click on ImageHayward C-250CF, Chlorinator, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleC250CF$0.00NLA
CH-08201 CL100 Click on ImageHayward CL100 Inline Chlorinator, 1.5 Inch FIP, Holds 4.2 PoundsCL100$73.87
CH-08200 CL200 Click on ImageHayward CL200, Inline ChlorinatorCL200$93.37
CH-08012 1498 Click on ImageChlorinator, Floating Alligator Chlorine Dispenser1498$19.80
CH-08010No ImageRainbow, Chlorinator, Chlorine, Bromine335$10.77
CH-08005SP 171086 Click on ImageAll Clear, Floating Chlorinator, Blue and White171086$5.75

1 - 14 of 14

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