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Swimming Pool Steps - Confer Steps and Ladders

Confer Steps and Ladders

We have a complete line of Steps and ladders for Pools and Spa's. Pool Laders for in ground and above ground pools.

Confer Steps and Ladders, Product Listing

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LA-10039 6100EXTX Click on ImageConfer 6100-Ext, Extension Kit for Model 6100 Ladder, Warm Gray, Limited Availability6100EXTX$48.30
LA-10037 C6000EXTX Click on ImageConfer 6000EXTX, Extension Kit for Model 6000 Ladder, Drop Shipped (DS), Warm Gray Color. Replaces C6000EXTC6000EXTX$59.28
LA-10036 CCXIG Click on ImageConfer CCX-IG, In Ground, In Pool Curved Base, 3 Steps, Warm Gray Color, DS, Limited AvailabilityCCXIG$348.99
LA-10035No ImageConfer Step-1, EB100X Riser, Raises Steps 3 Inches, Used on 635-52X In Pool Ladder, DS, Backordered, Shipping Fall 2021EB100X$27.03
LA-10034No ImageConfer CCX-AG, In Pool Curved Base, 4 Steps, Warm Gray Color With Grey Treads, (DS), LImited AvailabilityCCXAG$350.99
LA-10032No ImageConfer 8100X, Ground to Deck Entry Ladder For Use With Curve CCX-AG Step, Warm Gray Color, DS, 8100X$203.99
LA-10031 8000X Click on ImageConfer 8000X, Ground to Deck Entry Ladder For Confer Step-1, Warm Grey Color, DS8000X$218.99
LA-10030 STEPENCLX Click on ImageConfer STEP-ENC, Enclosure Kit Joins Two Step1 Together DS, Warm Gray, Two CartonsSTEPENCLX$425.00
LA-10029 7200G Click on ImageConfer 7200G, Gate Attachment for 7200 Ladder, DS, BackOrdered7200G$100.99
LA-10028 7200 Click on ImageConfer 7200, Extra Heavy Duty A-Frame Ladder With Barrier, DS, Fits Most Pools 48-54 Inches7200$316.21
LA-10027No ImageConfer 7100B, Heavy Duty A-Frame Ladder With Barrier, Fits Most Pools 48-54 Inches, DS, Replaced by C7100X7100B$287.31
LA-10026No ImageConfer 736-52, Economy A-Frame Ladder 52 Inches High, 18 Inches Wide Step, No Longer Manufactured, None Available73652$0.00NLA
LA-10025 7100X Click on ImageConfer 7100X, Evolution A-Frame Ladder With Barrier, Fits Most Pools 48-54 Inches, Warm Gray Color, DS7100X$266.99
LA-10024No ImageConfer 736B, Economy A-Frame Ladder 48 Inch High Pool, 18 Injch Wide Step, No Longer Manufactured, None Available736B$0.00NLA
LA-10023 7200 Click on ImageConfer 7200, Extra Heavy Duty Ladder With RollGuard, 300 Lb Weight Limit 300, DS,( Back Ordered, Fall 2021)7200$271.99
LA-10022 7100B Click on ImageConfer 7100B, Economy A-Frame Ladder With Barrier 48-54 Inches Pools, Replaced By 7100X, DS 7100B$287.31
LA-10020 36A Click on ImageConfer 36A, Economy A-Frame Ladder, 36 Inches Tall Pools, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble36A$0.00NLA
LA-10016 6100B Click on ImageConfer 6100B, Heavy-Duty In Pool Ladder for 48- 54 Inches High Pool, No Longer Manufactured None Available.6100B$0.00NLA
LA-10015 6000X Click on ImageConfer 6000X, Heavy-Duty In pool Ladder for 42- 56 Inches, Warm Gray Color, DS6000X$185.99
LA-10014 6100X Click on ImageConfer 6100X, Evolution In-Pool, 5 Step Ladder, Adjusts to fit deck Heights 48 to 54 Inches, No Longer Manufactured6100X$92.95NLA
LA-10013 63552X Click on ImageConfer 635-52X Deluxe In Pool Ladder for 48- 56 Inches, Warm Gray Color. DS63552X$146.00
LA-10011No ImageConfer 626B, Economy Inpool Ladder for 42- 48 Inches , No Longer Manufactured, None Available626B$0.00NLA
LA-10004No ImageConfer Optional Universal Add-On piece for CCX-AG/IGCCXADDON $230.99
LA-10003No ImageConfer Step-1 For above ground pools with flat bottoms, DS, Warm Grey Color, Back OrderedSTEP1X$295.99
LA-10002 7000X Click on ImageConfer 7000X, Heavy Duty A-Frame Ladder With Barrier For 48 - 54 Inch High Pools. Warm Gray7000X$298.99
LA-10001 STEPCK Click on ImageConfer Step Connector Kit Model STEP-CK No Longer Manufactured, Not AvailableSTEPCK$0.00NLA
LA-10000 STEP1X Click on ImageConfer Step1X For above ground pools with flat bottoms, DS, Warm Grey Color (Backorder )STEP1X$295.99

1 - 27 of 27

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