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Swimming Pool Pumps, Hayward Pool Pumps

Hayward Pool Pumps

Swimming Pool pumps and related items from Hayward, American Products, Jacuzzi, Pac Fab, Sta-Rite and others. We stock an extensive line of pumps and pump parts. Also See our Swimming Pool Pump Parts Diagrams by manufacturer.

Hayward Pool Pumps, Product Listing

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PU-10056No ImageHayward 1.5 HP, 230 Volt Max Flo VS Pump, In-Ground, 1/2" SKT X 2" SPG UNIONS SP-2303VSP$804.36
PU-10048No ImageHayward Super Pump Model SP-2615X20, 2 HP, 60 HZSP2615x20$533.65
PU-10046 SP-2610X15 Click on ImageHayward Super Pump Model SP2610X15, 1.5 HP, 60HZSP-2610X15$461.31
PU-10044No ImageHayward Super Pump Model SP2607X10, 1 Hp, 60 HzSP-2607X10$420.45
PU-10042No ImageHayward Super Pump Model SP2605X7, 3/4 HP, 60 HZSP2605X7$391.40
PU-10040No ImageHayward Super Pump Model SP2600X5, 1/2 HP, 60 HZSP2600X5$339.99
PU-10038 SP2815X20 Click on ImageHayward Max-Flo SP2815X20 - 2 HP, 60HzSP2815X20$521.59
PU-10036 SP2310X152 Click on ImageHayward Max-Flo SP2810X152 - 1-1/2 HP, 60Hz 2- Speed, Replaced By SP2310X152SP2310X152$508.57
PU-10034 SP2810X15 Click on ImageHayward Max-Flo SP2810X15 - 1-1/2 HP, 60HzSP2810X15$426.78
PU-10032 SP2807X10 Click on ImageHayward Max-Flo SP2807X10 1 HP, 60Hz, No NLA. Replaces SP2307X10 Max Flo XL Pump, 1HP 60HZ, 115/230 VoltsSP2807X10$466.82
PU-10030 SP2805X7 Click on ImageHayward Max-Flo SP2805X7 - 0.75 HP, 60HzSP2805X7$327.50
PU-10024 SP1780 Click on ImageHayward SP1780, Power-Flo II Pump, 1 HP, 110 Volts, 60 HzSP1780$238.97
PU-10022 SP1775 Click on ImageHayward SP1775, Power-Flo II Pump, 3/4 HP, 110 Volts, 60 HzSP1775$233.59
PU-10020 SP1750 Click on ImageHayward SP1750, Power-Flo II Pump, 1/2 HP, 110 Volts, 60 HzSP1750$227.41
PU-10014 SP1580X15 Click on ImageHayward SP158015, Power Flo LX Series, 1.5HP. Includes 6 foot Cord, 115 Volt CordSP1580X15$250.10
PU-10012 SP1580 Click on ImageHayward SP1580, 1 HP, Power Flo LX Series, 115 Volts, Includes 6 foot Cord SP1580$216.43
PU-10010 SP1575LX Click on ImageHayward SP1575LX, 3/4 HP, Power Flo Pump LX Series, 0.75 HP No Longer Available Substitute 1 HPSP1575LX$236.96
PU-10006 SP2315X20 Click on ImageHayward SP2315X20, Max Flo XL Pump, 2.0 HP, 60HZ, 115/230 VoltsSP2315X20$419.50
PU-10005 SP2310X15 Click on ImageHayward SP23107X15, Max Flo II Pump, 1.5 HP, 60HZ 115/230 VoltsSP2310X15$429.99
PU-10004 SP2710X15 Click on ImageHayward SP27107X15, Max Flo II Pump, 1.5 HP, 60HZSP2710X15$429.99
PU-10003 SP2307X10 Click on ImageHayward SP2307X10, Max Flo XL Pump, 1 HP, 60HZ, 115/230 Volts SP2307X10$368.43
PU-10002 SP2707X10 Click on ImageHayward SP2707X10, Max Flo II Pump, 1 HP, 60HZ, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableSP2707X10$0.00
PU-10001 SP2305X7 Click on ImageHayward SP2305X7, Max Flo XL Pump, 0.75 HP, 60 HZSP2305X7$310.30
PU-10000 SP2705X7 Click on ImageHayward SP2705X7, Max Flo II Pump, 1/2 HP, 60 HZSP2705X7$292.76
PU-06110 AX6060Z1 Click on ImageHayward AX6060Z1, Package of 10AX6060Z1$7.84
PU-06058 SPX1600PN Click on ImageHayward SPX1600PN, Hand Knob Kit, Includes Swivel Nut and KnobSPX1600PN$12.81
PU-05410 SP1540C Click on ImageHayward SP1540C, Hayward Power Flo Pump, 115V, 40 GPM.6 Foot NEMA Cord, 1.5 Inch FPT SP1540C$202.92
PU-00602No ImageHayward Super II Pump Model SP3007X10AZ, 1 HpSP3007X10AZ$502.20
PU-00545 SP3225X30 Click on ImageHayward TriStar SP3225X30, 3.0 HP, Max Rated Pump 60 Hz, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaillableSP3225X30$0.00
PU-00544 SP3220X25 Click on ImageHayward TriStar SP3220X25, 2.5 HP, Max Rated Pump 60 HzSP3220X25$619.64
PU-00543 SP3215X20 Click on ImageHayward TriStar SP3215X20, 2.0 HP, Max Rated Pump 60 HzSP3215X20$554.99
PU-00542 SP3210X15 Click on ImageHayward TriStar SP3210X15, 1.5 HP, Max Rated Pump 60 HzSP3210X15$511.29
PU-00541 SP3207X10 Click on ImageHayward TriStar SP3207X10, 1 HP, Max Rated Pump 60 HzSP3207X10$464.00
PU-00540 SP3205X7 Click on ImageHayward TriStar SP3205X7, 0.75 HP, Max Rated Pump 60 Hz, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableSP3205X7$0.00
PU-00538No ImageHayward SP2715X20, Max-Flo Pump II, 2 HP Pool Pump, Item No Longer Manufactured, Replaced by SP2315x20, Max-Flo XLSP2715X20$419.50
PU-00535No ImageHayward SP2705x7, Max-Flo Pump II, 0.75 HP Pool Pump. No longer Manufactured. None AvailableSP2705x7$302.93
PU-00533 SP4020x25NS Click on ImageHayward Northstar SP4020x25NS, 2.5 HP, Max rated pump 60 HZ, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleSP4020x25NS$0.00
PU-00532 SP4015x20NS Click on ImageHayward Northstar SP4015x20NS, 2 HP, Max rated pump 60 HZ, No Longer Manufactrured, None AvaialbleSP4015x20NS$0.00
PU-00531 SP4010X15NS Click on ImageHayward Northstar Pump SP4010X15NS, 1-1/2 HP, Max rated pump 60 HZ, No Longer Manufactrured, None AvaialbleSP4010X15NS$0.00
PU-00530 SP4007X10NS Click on ImageHayward Northstar, SP4007X10NS, 1 HP, Max Rated Pump 60 HZ, No Longer Manufactrured, None AvaialbleSP4007X10NS$0.00
PU-00515No ImageHayward Super Pump II Model SP3025X30AZ, 3 HP, 60Hz, 2 Inch FittingsSP3025X30AZ$715.72
PU-00513No ImageHayward Super Pump II Model SP3015X20, 2 HP, 60Hz, 2 Inch FittingsSP3015X20AZ$549.33
PU-00512No ImageHayward Super Pump II Model SP3010X15AZ, 1.5 HP, 60HzSP3010X15AZ$472.12
PU-00511No ImageHayward Super Pump II Model SP3007X10AZ, 1 HP, 60HzSP3007X10AZ$459.36
PU-00510No ImageHayward Super Pump II Model SP3005X7AZ, 0.75 HP, 60 HzSP3005X7AZ$395.56
PU-00506No ImageHayward Super Pump Model SP-2621X25, 2.5 HP, 230vSP2621X25$579.99

1 - 46 of 46

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