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Swimming Spa Electrical Items

Spa Electrical Items

We have a complete line of Electrical items for Pools and Spa's. We have pool and Spa Lights, replacement bulbs, transformers and electrical fittings. Watertight Electrical Connectors, Timeclocks, Timeclock Motors. Additional Electrical items can be found under Pool Lighting

Spa Electrical Items, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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SP-02204 5605005 Click on ImageBrett Aqualine 5605005, Sensor: Hi Limit 15 Inches5605005$24.40
SP-02203 3005017 Click on ImageBrett Aqualine 3005017, Topside BL-70 Remote, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble 3005017$0.00NLA
SP-02202 3005011 Click on ImageBrett Aqualine 3005011, Topside BL-70 2P/1SB/1L 5 Foot Cord 8 Button 3005011$255.35
SP-02201 225019 Click on ImageBrett Aqualine 225019, Heater Assembly 4.0 KW 24 Volt225019$63.08
SP-02119 2XT00AAC Click on ImageContactor 120V Coil, 20 FLA, 30 RES, DPST2XT00AAC$16.21
SP-02118 21000100 Click on ImageContactor Coates 21000-100, DP 50A 240VAC Coil21000100$55.80
SP-02117No ImageRelay TDICSC1185, 4 SW Sequencing Air Switch, Solenoid, 120 VACTDICSC1185$189.41
SP-02116No ImageTDICSC1170, 4 SW Sequencing Air Switch, Solenoid, 120 VACTDICSC1170$189.41
SP-02115No ImageTDICSC1170, 3 SW Sequencing Air Switch, Solenoid, 120 VACTDICSC1170$184.87
SP-02114No ImageTDICSC1131, 4 SW Sequencing Air Switch, Solenoid, 120 VACTDICSC1131$189.41
SP-02113No ImageTDICSC1104, 3 SW Sequencing Air Switch, Solenoid, 120 VACTDICSC1104$184.87
SP-02112No ImageTDICSC1103, 3 SW Sequencing Air Switch, Solenoid, 120 VACTDICSC1103$184.87
SP-02111No ImageTDICSC1102, 3 SW Sequencing Air Switch, Solenoid, 120 VACTDICSC1102$184.87
SP-02110No ImageTDICSC1101, 3 SW Sequencing Air Switch, Solenoid, 120 VACTDICSC1101$184.87
SP-02104 S86R11120 Click on ImageRelay S86R11120, DPDT 20A 120VAC CoilS86R11120$77.48
SP-02103No ImageRelay S86R5120, SPDT 20A 120VAC CoilS86R5120$46.69
SP-02102No ImageRelay S87R11D2B1D110, DPDT 20A 110VDC CoilS87R11D2B1D110$94.56
SP-02101No ImageRelay S87R1124, DPDT 20A 120VAC CoilS87R1124$62.87
SP-02100No ImageRelay S87R5120, SPDT 20A 120VAC CoilS87R5120$43.74
SP-02099No ImageRelay, Latching S90DP120 DPDT 20A 120VAC CoilS90DP120$46.55
SP-02098 T92S11A22240 Click on ImageRelay T92S11A22240, DPDT 30A 24VDC CoilT92S11A22240$24.66
SP-02097No ImageRelay T92S11A22120, DPDT 30A 120VAC CoilT92S11A22120$23.37
SP-02096No ImageRelay 18836T200, DPST 30A 120VAC .250, 6 Term. Coil18836T200$29.84
SP-02095No ImageRelay WC17306, DPST 25A 120VAC .250, 6 Term. CoilWC17306$95.40
SP-02094 G4BSPDT Click on ImageRelay G4BSPDT, SPST 15A 120VAC CoilG4BSPDT$40.30
SP-02093No ImageContactor 42CF35AF, 3P 40A 120VAC Coil42CF35AF$55.92
SP-02092No ImageContactor 3PC120, 3 POLE, 50A, 120 Coil3PC120$52.00
SP-02091 45FG20AGB Click on ImageContactor 45FG20AGB, DP 50A 240VAC Coil, No Longer Manufactured, None Available45FG20AGB$0.00NLA
SP-02090 45FG20AF Click on ImageContactor 45FG20AF, 120V Coil, 40 FLA, 50 RES, DPST, Replaces 45FG20AFB45FG20AF$21.98
SP-02089 45CG20AGB Click on ImageContactor 45CG20AG, 45CG20AGB, DP30A 240VAC Coil45CG20AGB$16.52
SP-02088 45CG20AF Click on ImageContactor 45CG20AF, 120V Coil, 30 FLA, 40 RES, DPST45CG20AF$18.15
SP-02087No ImageContactor, DP 25A 120VAC CoilPRD11DYO120$149.52
SP-02086No ImageDP 30A 240VAC CoilD7AGO120$158.55
SP-02085No ImageDP 30A 120VAC CoilD7AGO120$158.55
SP-02076 990160000 Click on ImageBrett Aqualine 990160000, Temperature Sensor For BL-40. No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble990160000$0.00NLA
SP-02028 SBSC60 Click on ImageFuse 60 AMP SC Series Slow Blow, SBSC60, 5-60-7072 SBSC60$10.96
SP-02027 SBSC30 Click on ImageFuse 30 AMP SC Series Slow Blow, SBSC30, 5-60-7072 SBSC30$4.02
SP-02026 SBSC25 Click on ImageFuse 25 AMP SC Series Slow Blow, SBSC25, 5-60-0108SBSC25$3.92
SP-02025 SBSC20 Click on ImageFuse 20 AMP SC Series Slow Blow, SBSC20, 5-60-0238SBSC20$4.20
SP-02024 SBSC15 Click on ImageFuse 15 AMP SC Series Slow Blow, SBSC15, 5-60-0345SBSC15$4.94
SP-02023 AGC20 Click on Image20 AMP Glass FuseAGC20$0.63
SP-02022 AGC10 Click on Image10 AMP Glass FuseAGC10$0.80
SP-02021 BGFH30 Click on Image30 AMP Fuse Holder, BGFH30, BG3031SBGFH30$17.98
SP-02020No Image25 AMP Fuse Holder, BB30140BB30140$5.66
SP-02019No Image30 AMP Fuse Holder, HPFFFHPFFF$23.24

1 - 45 of 45

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