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Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Fences

Pool Safety is every one's concern: Here are a few ideas that can help

Swimming Pool Fences


Safety Additional Tips

Most cities require permanent fences around pools at homes where children six years and younger are living. It is suggested that fences be put up around pools where young children visit.

An existing fence should very stable, not wobbly or falling over. If a fence is unstable, you can hire a contractor to stabilize it for you.

Pool fences should be maintained regularly. Continually check that the springs on the door work properly, and that the gate latches securely. Keep the latches and hinges oiled.

NEVER PROP GATES OPEN. This creates an invitation to children to go into the pool area. Keep keys to the gate lock out of the children's reach. Always double check to see that the gate has latched securely behind you when entering or leaving the pool area.

Secure/Lock Steps leading to above ground pool areas.

Do not store toys or other items inside the fenced area, that could attract a child to get the toys.

Install Alarms on doors leading from the house to the pool, and doors from the outside of the pool area entering into the pool area. Install Pool Alarms around pool, in the event, something falls into the water

Drowning Is s a leading cause of accidental death for children under five. Most of these drownings occur in swimming pools after the child slips out of a guardian's sight.

To lower a child's risks, adults must place multiple barriers around their pools. Only one silent barrier is never enough.

Child drowning can be avoided. We hope this information will help ignite ideas on what you can do to help make your pool a safer place. If you have a suggestion to add to this page please e-mail:

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Safety should be number one on every pool owners list.? Many Injuries occur yearly and require trips to the emergency room to deal with them.? Most of the reported injuries involve children and teenagers.? ?While there are many aspects to swimming pool safety, here are a few specifics regarding swimming pool chemicals. ?A good portion of these injuries are preventable by using a few good guidelines.
Read and Follow the directions on product labels.
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment such as goggles and gloves, Secure pool chemicals, preferably in a locked area.
  • Do not allow young children to handle or be around when handling chemicals.
  • Never mix different pool chemicals with each other.? Especially never mix chlorine with acid and never mix different types of chlorine.
  • Pre-dissolve pool chemicals only when directed by the label.
  • When adding chemicals through the skimmer, add them slowly and wait at least a half hour between different types of chemicals.
  • Remember, Chlorine and Bromine do not kill germs instantly.? Keep sick children out of the pool and keep the germs out of the pool by maintaining a sufficient amount of chlorine or bromine.