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Pool Cheical Safety Tips

Pool Safety Chemical Tips

  • Read the Label,kwow the active ingredients in each of the products you use.
  • Keep al chemicals out of the reach of children
  • Store Chemicals in a clean dry place. Chlorine products can be corrosive, causing items stored near or around them to rust.
    Store pool chemicals in compliance with local or state building and fire codes
    Store pool chemicals below 95°F/35°C and in conditions recommended by the manufacturer.
    Do Not stack chemicals on top of each other, especially if they are different.
    Rotate storage of chemicals, Using the oldest chemicals first.
  • Wah hands thoroughly after handling chemicals. Do not rub eyes or touch your mouth before washing hands.
  • Never Mix chemicals with anything ofther than water
  • Always add chemicals to water, never add water directly to chemicals.
  • Use on Clean measuring cups for measuring chemicals. Do Not Cross Contaminate
  • When adding chemicals to the pool or skimmer, add them slowly. Note: Important, When adding calciium Increaser, pre-dsiolve the calcium before adding it to the skimmer. Adding Calcium to Water, Produces heat which can damage skimmer if added to quickly or directly from the bottle.
  • When adding chemicals to the skimmer, wait 1-2 hours before adding a second different chemical.
  • Replace Liquid Reagens in test kits atleast once per year.
  • When adding liquid chemicals, add them close to the water line, to prevent splashing.
  • Be mindfull of the wind when adding granualar chemicals to the pool, add them close to the surface.
  • Do not reuse empty containers.
  • Be mindfull of the type of chlorine that is in your automatic feeder. If you add chlorine chemicals to the skimmer, turn off your chlorinator to prevent cross contaimination and possible explosion. Yes Explosion!!!