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Polaris Pool Cleaner Bags

Polaris Pool Cleaner Bags, Models 65,165, 180, 280,360, 380

Polaris Pool Cleaners with Bags. Polaris bags come in a variety of meshes and an assortment of ways to connect to the pool cleaner

Polaris Bags

Polaris Pool Cleaner Bags:

Polaris Bags can be divided into two broad types: Fine Mesh and Coarse Mesh. The Course mesh bags are Blue-Green in color and the fine are white in color. The Coarse bags are called leaf bags.

Does the Bag attach with a clip or Velcro. The Velcro Style includes A-15, A16, 6-206-00 and 6-207-00

Finally the clip is two types, the Polaris 280 is a larger clip and the lock tab protrudes out the bottom (K14,K15, K16)

Which Polaris Do I Have?

Does it Attach with Velcro to the head of the cleaner. Possible bags include: A15,A16, 6-206-00,6-207-00

Does My Pool Cleaner Use a Booster Pump:
Yes - Polaris 180 Bags A15,A16
No -  Polaris 65, 165 Bags 6-206-00,6-207-00

Does it Attach with a Clip at the Bottom of the bag. There are two style clips one has an inside diameter at the bottom of the clip of 2.5 Inches and the other has a diameter of 2.75 Inches (Pictured on Bottom Left Polaris 280 Style Clip)

Does My Polaris Bag Have a Diameter 2.5 Inches, Pictured above, Bottom Right

Does My Cleaner use a booster pump

Yes - Polaris 380, Bags 9-100-1014, 91-100-1015
No -  Polaris 360, Bags 9-100-1014, 91-100-1015

Does My Polaris Bag Have a Diameter 2.75 Inches, Pictured above, Bottom Left

How many wheels does my cleaner have

4 wheels Polaris 280
3 wheels Polaris 480

You Should have identified the your pool cleaner, see below for specific bags,

Part Numbers and Purchasing

Polaris Bags

Polaris 180 Bags
A15 Polaris 180 Coarse Bag, Attaches With Velcro Tab
A16 Polaris 180 Fine Bag, Attaches With Velcro Tab
Polaris 280 Bags
K12 Polaris K-13, 280 All Purpose Zippered Bag
K14 Polaris K-14, 280 Sand, Silt Bag
K15 Polaris K-15, 280 Leaf Bag
K16 Polaris K-16, 280 All Purpose Bag
K17 Polaris K-17, Black, 280 All Purpose Bag
Polaris 360, 380
9-100-1012 Polaris 9-100-1012, 360, 380, Leaf Bag
9-100-1014 Polaris 9-100-1014, 360, 380 All Purpose Mesh Bag
9-100-1015 Polaris 9-100-1015, 360, 380 Fine Mesh Bag
9-100-1016 Polaris 9-100-1016 , Black, All Purpose Mesh Bag 360, 380
9-100-1021 Polaris 9-100-1021, All Purpose Bag with Zipper for 360 or 380
9-100-1022 Polaris 9-100-1022, Black,All Purpose Bag with Zipper for 360 or 380
Polaris 480
48129 Polaris 48-129, Zippered Leaf Bag for Polaris 480
48135 Polaris 48-135, All Purpose Bag, Used on Polaris 480
48057 Polaris 48-057, All Purpose Double Zippered Bag With Tail Scrubber
Polaris 65, 165
6-206-00 Polaris 6-206-00, White, All Purpose Bag For Polaris 65, 165 Cleaner
6-207-00 Polaris 6-207-00, Blue-Green, Leaf Bag, for Polaris 165, 65