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Swimming Pool Poles

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Poles

My Pool, has a complete line of swimming pool cleaning items. This includes Brushes, Poles, Nets, Manual Vacuums, Backwash Hoses and many other items. This page contains the category listing of all swimming pool poles.

Swimming Pool Poles, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
Buy Me
CA-09011No ImageReplacement Pole Cams, Metal191296$10.39
CA-09010No ImagePoolmaster Cam Set, Plastic37654$8.53
CA-09002No ImagePole HangersVARIOUS$8.09
CA-00129No ImageAll Clear. Pole 3 Section, 5 to 10 to15 Feet, Metal Cam, OSAC4042$34.78
CA-00128No ImageAll Clear, Pole 6 to 11 Feet, Metal Cam, OSSTRAC4002$21.50
CA-00127No ImageAll Clear, Pole 4 to 8 Feet, Metal CamAC4007$19.81

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