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Swimming Pool Cleaning Items, Vacuum Heads

Swimming pool vacuum, Manual Vacuums

My Pool, has a complete line of swimming pool cleaning items. This includes Brushes, Poles, Nets, Manual Vacuums, Backwash Hoses and many other items. This page contains the category listing of all swimming pool vacuums. Manual pool vacuums attach to a pole and hose, which in turn is connected to the skimmer or vacuum outlet of the pool.

Manual Vacuums, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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CA-09017No ImageHayward SPX1068G3 Set of Three Brushes For SP1068 Vacuum HeadSPX1068G3$30.79
CA-09015No ImageRainbow 201470, Axles For Vacuum Head201470$3.69
CA-09009 B9003 Click on ImageSpring Clip for Brushes, Nets and Vacuum Heads, Pool Brush clip, Pool Net ClipB9003$1.22
CA-09008 37601 Click on ImagePool master 37601, Four Flex Vac Wheels And Axles (Out of Stock)37601$15.55NLA
CA-09007 37652 Click on ImagePoolmaster 37652, Substitute Rainbow R03101, Sold Each37652$4.11
CA-09006No ImagePoolmaster TC37652, Flex II Axles, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableTC37652$0.00NLA
CA-09005ANo ImagePoolmaster Flex II Axles38607$7.02
CA-09005 37602 Click on ImagePoolmaster Flex Vac Wheels, No Axles, 37602$7.32
CA-09004A 37612 Click on ImagePoolmaster 37612, Vacuum Handle Metal37612$12.18
CA-09004No ImageStarite Flex Vacuum Handle, PlasticAQ10013$3.85
CA-00044No ImageRainbow, Vacuum Head 22 inches, Professional, Model 222222$199.73
CA-00042 201276 Click on ImageRainbow, Vacuum Head 14 inches, Professional, Model 214201276$128.40
CA-00040 18820 Click on ImageRainbow 188-20, Vac Head 19 inches18820$115.56
CA-00038 R201112 Click on ImageRainbow R201112, Vacuum 12 inch Head Model 188R201112$67.07
CA-00037No ImageRainbow 201032. Vacuum Clamshell, Viny Liner Model 193201032$30.26
CA-00034No ImageRainbow 201070, Vacuum Head 14 Inches Model 203, Limited to Quantity on Hand201070$35.95
CA-00030No ImageRainbow R201696, Replacement Bag For 204 Mini Vac Model 204FM200$8.43
CA-00015 STRAC3028 Click on ImageAll Clear, Vacuum HeadSTRAC3028$19.95
CA-00011No ImageAquality Model FM200, 14 inch Vacuum Head, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleFM200$0.00NLA
CA-00010No ImageAquality FM110, 14 inch Vacuum, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleFM110$0.00NLA
CA-00003 R201350 Click on ImagePentair, Rainbow R201350, Vinyl Liner VacuumR201350$41.28
CA-00002 R201060 Click on ImagePentair, Rainbow R201060, Flex-A-Vac With Metal Handle Model 201, See Rainbow R201276R201060$111.47
CA-00001No ImageAmerican Products 901005, Flex-A-Vac, Plastic Handle901005$37.16

1 - 23 of 23

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