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Swimming Electrical Items

Swimming Pool Electrical Items

We have a complete line of Electrical items for Pools and Spa's. We have pool and Spa Lights, replacement bulbs, transformers and electrical fittings. Watertight Electrical Connectors, Timeclocks, Timeclock Motors. Additional Electrical items can be found under Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool Electrical Items, Product Listing

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EL-00728 FLEXCOND Click on ImageFlexible Conduit, Seal-Tight, 0.5 Inch, Priced per FootFLEXCOND$3.66
EL-00727No ImagePVC Reducing Bushing, Gray, 1 x 0.75 InchesPVCMALE$0.88
EL-00726No ImagePVC Reducing Bushing, Gray, 0.75 x 0.5 InchesPVCMALE$0.88
EL-00725No ImagePVC Female Male Adaptor, Gray, 1 InchPVCMALE$1.01
EL-00724No ImagePVC Female Male Adaptor, Gray, 0.75 InchPVCMALE$0.72
EL-00723No ImagePVC Female Male Adaptor, Gray, 0.5 InchPVCMALE$0.47
EL-00722No ImagePVC Male Adaptor, Gray, 1 InchPVCMALE$2.04
EL-00721No ImagePVC Male Adaptor, Gray, 0.75 InchPVCMALE$1.20
EL-00720No ImagePVC Male Adaptor, Gray, 0.5 InchPVCMALE$1.24
EL-00719No ImagePVC Coupling, Gray, 1 InchPVCCOUPLING$0.62
EL-00718No ImagePVC Coupling, Gray, 0.75 InchPVCCOUPLING$0.41
EL-00717No ImagePVC Coupling, Gray, 0.5 Inch38413$0.33
EL-00716No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray, 1 Inch x 90 DegreePVCELBOW$3.00
EL-00715No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray,0.75 Inch x 90 DegreePVCELBOW$2.28
EL-00714No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray, 0.5 Inch x 90 DegreePVCELBOW$1.62
EL-00713No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray, 1 Inch x 45 DegreePVCELBOW$1.81
EL-00712No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray, 0.75 Inch x 45 DegreePVCELBOW$2.08
EL-00711No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray, 0.5 Inch x 45 DegreePVCELBOW$1.05
EL-00710No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray, 1 Inch x 30 DegreePVCELBOW$1.81
EL-00709No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray, 0.75 Inches x 30 DegreePVCELBOW$4.23
EL-00708No ImagePVC Sweep Elbow, Gray, 0.5 Inches x 30 DegreePVCELBOW$1.05
EL-00706No ImageSeal Tight, Straight Connector, 0.75 InchesSealTight$0.45
EL-00705No ImageSeal Tight, 90 Degree, 0.75 Inch ConnectorSealTight$0.45
EL-00704No Image Seal Tight, 45 Degree, 0.75 Inches ConnectorSealTight$5.33
EL-00703No ImageSeal Tight, Straight Connector, 0.5 InchesSealTight$3.10
EL-00702No ImageSeal Tight, 90 Degree, 0.5 Inch ConnectorSealTight$3.83
EL-00701No ImageSeal Tight, 45 Degree, 0.5 Inches ConnectorSealTight$4.49
EL-00025 PB913N66 Click on ImageIntermatic PB913N66, Time Clock, 120 Volts, 24 Hour TimerPB913N66$77.33
EL-00024 PB913N Click on ImageIntermatic PB913N, Time Clock, 120 Volts, 24 Hour TimerPB913N$53.07
EL-00023 WG157310D Click on ImageIntermatic WG-1573-10D, Timeclock MotorWG157310D$37.05
EL-00022 WG157010D Click on ImageIntermatic WG157010D Time-clock MotorWG157010D$59.37
EL-00021 WG43310D Click on ImageIntermatic WG43310D Time-clock MotorWG43310D$47.33
EL-00020No ImageInterrmatic WG43010D Time-clock MotorWG43010D$43.00
EL-00013 124T1952 Click on ImageIntermatic insulator time clock double pole, 124T1952124T1952$2.81
EL-00011No ImageIntermatic 156T3492A, T100TC,Timeclock Switches, Trippers, One Set, On-Off156T3492A$3.06
EL-00010 156T1978A Click on ImageIntermatic 156T1978A, T100TC,Timeclock Switches, Trippers, Two Sets, On-Off156T1978A$4.55
EL-00009 T101P3 Click on ImageIntermatic T101P3 Time-clock Complete 110 Volt, Weather Proof CaseT101P3$138.14
EL-00008No ImageIntermatic T104P Time-clock Complete 220 Volt Weather Proof CaseT104P3$138.53
EL-00007 T104P3 Click on ImageIntermatic T104R Time-clock Complete 220 V, Raintight CaseT104P3$138.53
EL-00006 T101R Click on ImageIntermatic T101R Time-clock Complete, 110V, Water Resistant Case T101R$158.46
EL-00005 T104 Click on ImageIntermatic T104 Time clock Complete, 220 Volt, Standard Metal CaseT104$96.95
EL-00004 T101 Click on ImageIntermatic T101 Time-clock Complete, 110 Volt, Standard Metal CaseT101$108.67
EL-00003 T104M Click on ImageIntermatic T104M Time-clock Mechanism, 220 VoltsT104M$115.22
EL-00002 T101M Click on ImageIntermatic T101M Time-clock Mechanism, 110 VoltsT101M$87.27
EL-00001No ImageIntermatic T104R Time-clock Complete, 2200V, Water Resistant Case T104R$149.99

1 - 45 of 45

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