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Swimming Electrical Items, Fiberstars Lighting

Fiberstars Lighting, Fiberstars Parts

We have a complete line of Electrical items for Pools and Spa's. We have pool and Spa Lights, replacement bulbs, transformers and electrical fittings. Waterproof electrical connectors should be used for all outdoor electrical hookup of air blowers, pumps and heaters

Fiberstars Lighting, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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XX-00225No ImageFiberstars 2008 Illuminator with 8 position Color Wheel No Longer Manufactured, None Available2008$0.00Reference Only
EL-01169No ImageFiberstars A11603, 2000 Top Cover Screw A11603$1.52
EL-01168No ImageFiberstars A11604, 2000 Series Top CoverA11604$139.44
EL-01140No ImageFiberstars FSY206000, Lamp Assembly for Fiberstars 6000FSY206000$261.63
EL-01135 FSY206050 Click on ImageFiberstars FSY206050, Hot Bracket AssemblyFSY206050$243.05
EL-01132 JSP6000 Click on ImageFiberstars Lens JSP 6000 , Jazz and FX Spa JSP6000$49.68
EL-01131No ImageGeneric Replacement For, Fiberstars A8891 Small Lens O-RingA8891$1.38
EL-01130 JS307000 Click on ImageFiberstars Gasket JSP 7000 , Jazz and FX Spa, Gasket, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleJS307000$0.00NLA
EL-01129 FS117 Click on ImageFiberstars FS117 Lens Tightening ToolFS117$22.12
EL-01128 221500600 Click on ImageFiberstars Gasket 221500600221500600$3.66
EL-01127No ImageFiberstars Gasket J30- 5000, Jazz and FX Compression ClampJ305000$29.43
EL-01125No ImageFiberstars Gasket J30- 7000, Jazz and FX, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableJ307000$0.00NLA
EL-01124 Y108050 Click on ImageFiberstars Y108050, Color Wheel Motor Y108050$417.84
EL-01123No ImageFiberstars J308000, Color Wheel Motor Assembly, Non Jazz, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableJ308000$0.00NLA
EL-01122 B11458 Click on ImageFiberstars B11458 Broadcast LensB11458$22.98
EL-01121No ImageFiberstars A11526, Three Way Toggle SwitchA11526$22.11
EL-01120 J306000 Click on ImageFiberstars Lens J30-6000, Jazz and FXJ306000$42.33
EL-01119No ImageFiberstars PT03D, Color WheelPT03D$100.88
EL-01118 D9144E Click on ImageFiberstars D9144E,TransformerD9144E$210.02
EL-01117 A7002 Click on ImageFiberstars A7002, Replacement FanA7002$50.49
EL-01116 FXL Click on ImageFiberstars FXL Replacement Bulb and Gasket, For FX Light, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableFXL$0.00NLA
EL-01115 J202000 Click on ImageFiberstars J202000, Jazz Light Replacement Kit, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableJ202000$0.00NLA
EL-01113 Y206000 Click on ImageFiberstars Y206000, Lamp Assembly 6000Y206000$261.63
EL-01112 Y108010 Click on ImageFiberstars Y108010 , Motor Fan Combination, Replaces Y108005Y108010$77.10
EL-01111 FPALLC Click on ImageFiberstars FPALLC, Lens Cover Snap Clear. Limited to Quantiy on HandFPALLC$10.55
EL-01109 FPALCK Click on ImageFiberstars FPALCK, Lens Cover Snap On Set of 4 Colors, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableFPALCK$0.00NLA
EL-01107 A12269 Click on ImageFiberstars A12269, Main Power FuseA12269$3.56
EL-01105 B10724 Click on ImageFiberstars B10724, Fiber Glo LensB10724$16.62
EL-01104No ImageGeneric Replacement for Fiberstars AA8891 EvenGlo Clear Lens O-RingAA8891$1.34
EL-01103 B9-937 Click on ImageFiberstars B9937, EvenGlo Clear Lens InsertB9-937$18.33
EL-01101 B9155 Click on ImageFiberstars B9155, Lamp SocketB9155$11.58
EL-01020No ImageFiberstars 6000, Automatic Control System Wireless Remote, Special OrderRM6000$39.61
EL-01012 FLEDLAUC Click on ImageFiberstars FLEDLAUC , Pal Treo Color LED Bulb for Pal2000, With O-ringFLEDLAUC$93.12
EL-01011No ImageFiberstars FLEDDR4PKTR, Pal Treo Ring Kit, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableFLEDDR4PKTR $0.00NLA
EL-01010 6004 Click on ImageFiberstars 6004, Illumination with Metal Halide Lamp and 4 Position Color Wheel, No Longer Manufactured, None Available6004$1,563.13
EL-00253 HI111 Click on ImageFiberstars HI-111 Lamp for Models FS250.300,400,500,2000, 250W, 24.VHI111$92.40

1 - 36 of 36

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