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Swimming Pool Heaters, Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers Pool Heaters

We offer a complete line of Swimming Pool Heaters and parts, from all the major manufactures.   Sta-Rite, Jandy, Pentair and many more. Whether its a single part or a complete swimming pool heater, we can supply your needs.

Heat Exchangers, Product Listing

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HE-20220No ImageJandy EE3000T Heat Pump 140000 BTU, R410A Refrigerant, OS, Cannot Ship UPSEE3000T$4,299.00
HE-20210No ImageJandy EE2500T Heat Pump 120000 BTU, R410A RefrigerantEE2500T$3,899.00
HE-20205No ImageJandy EE2000T Heat Pump 1120000 BTU, R410A RefrigerantEE2000T$3,499.00
HE-20200No ImageJandy EE1500T Heat Pump 800000 BTU, R410A RefrigerantEE1500T$2,899.00
HE-20102No ImageJandy Model AE30000 Titanium Heat Pump, OS, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableAE3000$0.00
HE-20101No ImageJandy Model AE2500 Titanium Heat Pump OS, Cannot Ship UPSAE2500$4,454.99
HE-20100No ImageJandy AE2000 Titantium Heat Pump, OS, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableAE2000$0.00
HE-16004No ImagePentair 460933 Heat Pump, 125,000 BTU's, 5.5 C.O.P,Cannot Ship UPS460933$3,413.99
HE-16002No ImagePentair 460512 Heat Pump, 108,000 BTU's, 5.8 C.O.P. No Longer Manufactured, None Available460512$0.00
HE-16000No ImagePentair HP400 Heat Pump, 99,000 BTU's, No Longer Manufactured, None Availabel460512$0.00
HE-03060No ImageAquaCal SQ166R, Super Quiet Heat Pump, 139,000 BTU'S, Scroll compressor, Heats and Cools, Cannot Ship By UPSSQ166R$4,625.00
HE-03058No ImageAquaCal SQ120R, Super Quiet Heat Pump, 118,000 BTU'S, Scroll compressor, Heats and Cools, Cannot Ship By UPSSQ120R$4,014.00
HE-03056No ImageAquaCal SQ225, Super Quiet Heat Pump, 143,000 BTU'S, Scroll compressor, Cannot Ship By UPSSQ225$4,625.00
HE-03054No ImageAquaCal SQ145, Super Quiet Heat Pump, 119,000 BTU'S, Scroll compressor, Cannot Ship By UPSSQ145$4,014.00
HE-03052No ImageAquaCal SQ125 Super Quiet Heat Pump, 101,000 BTU'S, Scroll compressor, Cannot Ship By UPSSQ125$3,752.00
HE-03050No ImageAquaCal SQ110R, Super Quiet Heat Pump, 100,000 BTU'S, Scroll compressor, Heats and Cools, Cannot Ship By UPSSQ110R$3,752.00
HE-03047No ImageAquaCal Icebreaker Heat Pump, 120,000 BTU'S, Scroll compressor, Replaced By SQ145H155R$3,813.99
HE-03045No ImageAquaCal Icebreaker Heat Pump, 103000 BTU'S, Scroll compressor, Replaced By SQ125H120R$3,309.99
HE-03040No ImageAquaCal Icebreaker Heat Pump - 88,000 BTU'S, Scroll Compressor, Cannot Ship By UPSH100R$4,356.99
HE-03035No ImageAquaCal HeatWave H155 Heat Pump - 127,000 BTU'S, Replaced By SQ166RH155$4,227.00
HE-03022No ImageAquaCal HeatWave H135 Heat Pump - 120,000 BTU'S, Replaced By SQ225H135$3,792.00
HE-03020No ImageAquaCal HeatWave 120. Heat Pump - 109,000 BTU'S, Scroll Compressor, Replaced By SQ120RH120$3,448.00
HE-03010No ImageAquaCal HeatWave H110, Heat Pump - 90,000 BTU'S, Replaced By SQ125H110$2,892.00
HE-03009 T135 Click on ImageAquaCal Heat PumpTropical T135 Series, 13200 BTU,OS,Cannot Ship by UPST135$3,281.00
HE-03007No ImageAquaCal Heat Economy Series, 126,000 BTU's (Ships by UPS)EH1000$2,947.99
HE-03006No ImageAquaCal Heat Pump Tropical Series, 93,000 BTU,OS,Cannot Ship by UPST115$3,281.00
HE-03004No ImageAquaCal T75 Heat Pump Tropical Series, 720000 BTU, OS, Cannot Ship by UPST75$2,552.00
HE-03002No ImageAquaCal T55 Heat Pump Tropical Series, 51,000 BTU, Cannot Ship by UPST55$2,279.00

1 - 28 of 28

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