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Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

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Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

Solar Blanket float on the pools surface, the heat from the sun is trapped below the blanket, warming the pool water. Solar blankets are an affordable way to heat your swimming pool. Solar blankets can easily increase your pools temperature by 5 Degrees Fahrenheit and as much as 15 degrees depend on your location, wind and how many hours a day your pool receives direct sun.

Solar Blankets, Product Listing

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Detail Link
ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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HE-12400 SSR Click on ImageSun Solar Rings, SSR, Solar CoverSSR$39.38
HE-11501No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, SPA, 8x8 Feet, 8 MILSB8X8$18.59
HE-11006No ImageSolar Blanket SPA 10x10 Feet, 12 MILSB10X10$31.76
HE-11004No ImageSolar Blanket SPA 8 x 8 Feet, 12 MILSB8X8$21.00
HE-11003No ImageSolar Blanket SPA 7 x 7 Feet, 12 MILSB7X7$15.51
HE-11002No ImageSolar Blanket SPA, 6 x 6 Feet, 12 MILSB6X6$10.99
HE-10056No ImageSolar Blanket Round, 24 Feet, 12 Mil, Cannot Ship UPSSB24$130.14
HE-10054No ImageSolar Blanket Round 21 Feet, 12 Mil, Cannot Ship UPSSB21R$69.75
HE-10052No ImageSolar Blanket Round 18 Feet, 12 Mil, Cannot Ship UPSSB18R$57.27
HE-10050No ImageSolar Blanket Round 15 Feet,12 Mil, Cannot Ship UPSSB15R$49.37
HE-10021No ImageSolar Blanket 25 x 50 Feet, Special Order, Cannot Ship By UPSSCB2550$202.50
HE-10020No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, 20 X 40, 12 Mil, Cannot Ship UPSSB20X40$172.77
HE-10014No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover 20 X 36 12 Mil SOLARBLANKET$163.99
HE-10012No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, 18 X 36, 12 MilSOLARBLANKET$157.66
HE-10010No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, 18 X 18 , 12 Mil SOLARBLANKET$73.80
HE-10006No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, 16 X 32 12 MilSOLARBLANKET$149.46
HE-10005No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, 16 X 30 , 12 Mil SOLARBLANKET$99.51
HE-10004No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover 15 X 30, 12 Mil SOLARBLANKET$99.51
HE-10003No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, 15 X 15 Round, 12 Mil SOLARBLANKET$43.73
HE-10002No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, 14 X 28 Feet, 12 MilSOLARBLANKET$89.59
HE-10001No ImageSolar Blanket, Solar Cover, 12 x 24 Feet, 12 Mil SOLARBLANKET$60.93

1 - 21 of 21

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