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Swimming Pool Motors, Motor Parts

Pool Motors, Pool Motor Parts, Motor Seals

AO Smith Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of swimming pool pump, spa pump, and pool cleaner replacement motors. A.O. Smith makes quality OEM and replacement motors for all major pool and spa equipment manufacturers such as: Sta-Rite, Hayward, Purex, Pentair, Jandy, Waterway, and many more. A.O Smith and Century Magnetek have combined resoources and all motors are marketed under the name Century. MyPool carries a full line of replacement pumps and pump motors made by A.O. Smith, Century, GE and others If you have any questions or need any further assistance in selecting the best replacement pool, spa or pool cleaner replacement motor for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at 954-442-1066 and we will be happy to assist you. Replacing your pool pump motor is simple, Follow these steps, Match you frame type with those listed by frame type.? Match the Horsepower and service factors as the original motor.? Make sure the voltage matches, pool pumps motors come in 110-120 Volts, 220-240 Volts and 110/220 Volts.? Match the speed of the motor.? Use the motor faceplate to guide you in determining the correct replacement. Another major motor manufacturer: Century Electric was acquired by AO Smith, This includes all Century Magnetek motors, All Motors from AO Smith and Century are now marketed under the Century brand.
Important: Total output (Horsepower(HP) x Service Factor(SF)) of replacement motor must equal or exceed motor being replaced.
Most Motors fail due to bad seals or gaskets, therefore, when replacing motors, the seal and gaskets should always be replaced. See Our handy kits for all your needs

Pool Motors, Pool Motor Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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MO-00118No ImageAO Smith SQ1302 Motor, 56Y Frame,3450 RPM, 3 HP, SF 1.15, Square Flange, Energy EfficientSQ1302V1$549.70
MO-00117 SQ1202 Click on ImageAO Smith SQ1202 Motor, 48Y Frame,3450 RPM, 2 HP, SF 1.3, Square Flange, Energy EfficientSQ1202$441.45
MO-00116 SQ1152 Click on ImageAO Smith SQ1152 Motor, 48Y Frame,3450 RPM, 1.5 HP, SF.1.47, Square Flange, 220 VoltsSQ1152$388.37
MO-00115No ImageAO Smith SQ1102 Motor, 48Y Frame,3450 RPM, 1 HP, SF 1.65, Square FlangeSQ1102$294.11
MO-00114No ImageAO Smith SQ1072 Motor 48Y Frame, 3450 RPM, 0.75 HP, SF 1.65, Square FlangeSQ1072$260.33
MO-00113 SQ1052 Click on ImageAO Smith SQ1052 Motor, 48Y Frame,3450 RPM, 0.5 HP, SF 1.9, Square FlangeSQ1052$231.62
MO-00112No ImageAO Smith SQ1032 Motor, 48Y Frame, 0.3 HP, SF 1.95, Square Flange, Full RatedSQ1032$225.33
MO-00109 USQ1252 Click on ImageAO Smith USQ1252 Motor, 48Y Frame, 3450 RPM, 2 .5 HP, SF 1.0, Square FlangeUSQ1252$441.45
MO-00107 USQ1202 Click on ImageAO Smith USQ1202 Motor, 48Y Frame, 3450 RPM, 2 HP, SF 1.1, Square Flange, 230 Volts USQ1202$388.37
MO-00105 USQ1152 Click on ImageAO Smith USQ1152 Motor, 48Y Frame,3450 RPM, 1.5 HP, SF 1.10, Square FlangeUSQ1152$294.11
MO-00103 USQ1102 Click on ImageAO Smith Motor, 48Y Frame, USQ1102, USQ 1102, 3450 RPM, 1 HP, SF 1.25, Square Flange, Replaces A100ELLUSQ1102$260.33
MO-00101 USQ1072 Click on ImageAO Smith USQ1072 Motor, 48Y Frame, 3450 RPM, 0.75 HP, SF 1.25, Square FlangeUSQ1072$231.62
MO-00100 USQ1052 Click on ImageAO Smith USQ1052 Motor, 48Y Frame, 3450 RPM, 0.5 HP, SF 1.3, Square FlangeUSQ1052$206.55
MO-00054No ImageRun Capacitor, 30 MFD 370 Volt 27L1358 628318-30827L1358$20.04
MO-00053 RD45370 Click on ImageRun Capacitor, 50 MFD, 370 Volts 50-60 HZ, RD50370, 3190029, 17586350, 319-0029, 628318313, 628318-313RD45370$35.60
MO-00052 RD45370 Click on ImageMotor Run Capacitor, 45 MFD, 370 Volts 50-60 HZ, 17586345, RD45370RD45370$27.59
MO-00051 RD40370 Click on ImageMotor Run Capacitor, 40 MFD, 370 Volts 50-60 HZ, 17586340, RD40370RD40370$34.88
MO-00050 RD35370 Click on ImageMotor Run Capacitor, 35 MFD, 370 Volts 50-60 HZ, 319-0025, 310035, 3100-35, 17586335, RD35370, 3190025RD35370$21.34
MO-00049No ImageMotor Run Capacitor, 30 MFD, 370 Volts 50-60 HZ, 5VR03035VR0303$20.04
MO-00048 RD25370 Click on ImageMotor Run Capacitor, 25 MFD, 370 Volts 50-60 HZ, 5VR0253,17586325, RD25370RD25370$17.89
MO-00047 RD20370 Click on ImageMotor Run Capacitor, 20 MFD, 370 Volts 50-60 HZ, 628318-306, 628318306, RD20370, 351251115, RVR0203, 1758632RD20370$17.33
MO-00033No ImageMotor Thru Bolts, Generic, 8-32 x 9 Inches Long x 2 Inch Thread, Replaces TB-832-9, 16284857, 601345. 16285680$1.40
MO-00032No ImageMotor Thru Bolts, 10-32 x 12 Inches Long x 2 Inch,Replaces TB-1032-12, 16285680, 601342, No Longer Manufactured, None Available16285680$0.00NLA
MO-00031 16285658 Click on ImageMotor Thru Bolts, Generic, 10-32 x 9 Inches Long x 3 Inch Thread, Replaces , No Longer Manufactured None Available16285658$0.00NLA
MO-00030 356546 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 356546 , Switch, 3 Position Toggle, 2 Speed356546$56.33
MO-00027No ImageCenturyToggle Switch, 2512558001, For Newer style Two Speed Motors, 56Y Frame, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialbe2512558001$34.05NLA
MO-00026No ImageAO Smith, End Cover Switch Assembly, 2 Speed Toggle Switch, C face, 1011431-0011011431001$68.24
MO-00025 79129900 Click on ImagePentair 2 Speed Toggle Switch,7912990079129900$49.17
MO-00023 15768150 Click on ImageAO Smith Terminal Board, 1576815015768150$36.33
MO-00022No ImageStart Capacitor, 220 Volts, BC64M250, 6477MFD250VAC, 64-77 MFDBC64M250$17.39
MO-00021 628401001 Click on ImageAO Smith Terminal Board, 628401001, 628401-001, With Voltage Selector628401001$21.30
MO-00020 626536001 Click on ImageAO Smith Terminal Board, 449165 , 5271-22 , 626536001, 626536-001626536001$4.41
MO-0001B 629002001 Click on ImageAO Smith SAW-25, SAW25, Replacement Switch, Replaces 629002-001, 614234-1, 614234-2, 614234-6, 627953629002001$22.09
MO-0001A 601079001 Click on ImageAO Smith Rotating Switch, SAW2136, 601079001601079001$43.03
MO-00019 BC400 Click on ImageMotor Starting Capacitor, BC-400, 400-480 MFD ,120 Volts, BC400$10.86
MO-00018No ImageMotor Starting Capacitor, BC340, 340-408 MFD,,120 VoltsBC340$14.41
MO-00017No ImageStart Capacitor, 220 Volts, 108-130MFD, BC108M250BC108M250$14.77
MO-00016 BC189 Click on ImageMotor Starting Capacitor, BC189, PJM189, 351251025, 189-227 MFD,120 VoltsBC189$8.38
MO-00015 BC145 Click on ImageMotor Starting Capacitor, BC145,351251015,145-175 MFD,120 VoltsBC145$8.09
MO-00014 BC64 Click on ImageStart Capacitor, 120 Volts, BC64, BC-64, 64-77 MFD,120 VoltsBC64$17.24
MO-00013 BC108, Click on ImageStart Capacitor, 120 Volts, 108-130MFD, Same as 351251000, BC108, BC-108, CAP-1010, BC 108, CAP1010BC108,$7.30
MO-00012No ImageAstral 27461R0129, Capacitor, 35 F, 250 Volts 50-60 HZ, Not Avaialble in US27461R0129$0.00NLA
MO-00011 BC36M Click on ImageStarting Capacitor, 36-43 MFD, 220 Volts, BC-36M. BC36M, BC 36M 250, BC36M-250-SBC36M$7.39
MO-00010 20597R0106 Click on ImageAstral 20597R0106, Fan Cover20597R0106$6.12
MO-00009No ImageAstral 20597R0109, Fan, Discontinued, Not Available in US Markets20597R0109$0.00NLA
MO-00008No ImageAstral 25470R0111, Ball Bearings Plus Antivibration Washer, No Longer Manufactured, None Available25470R0111$0.00NLA
MO-00007 BC36 Click on ImageStarting Capacitor, 36-43 MFD, 110 Volts, 610807-011, BC-36. BC36BC36$13.64
MO-00006 BC30 Click on ImageMotor Starting Capacitor,BC30, 30-36 MFD, 120 VoltsBC30$9.92
MO-00005 18313301 Click on ImageAO Smith Toggle Switch, 18313301, For Two Speed Motors, 48Y Frame,Thur Bolt motors18313301$60.20
MO-00004No ImageMotor Starting Capacitor,BC25, 25-30 MFD, 120 VoltsBC25$12.71

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301 - 350 of 354

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