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Swimming Pool Motors, Pump Motor Seals

Motor Seals

Motor seals are extremely important in the life of a pump. A seal that fails will result in a motor that fails. Always replace the seals and gaskets when replacing your pool motor

Pool Motor Seals, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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XX-07010No ImageGeneric Shaft Seal Replacement fort Hayward SP1600Z2 , Max Flo, Seal SP1600Z2$5.70Reference Only
PU-17400 05090R9601 Click on ImageAstral 05090R9601, Seal Assembly05090R9601$44.76
PU-17132No ImageAstral 25461R9601, Shaft Seal For Sena Pump25461R9601$25.08
PU-15005CNo ImageGeneric Seal Replaces Anthony 04547 Seal 04547$4.85
PU-15004CNo ImageAnthony 04380 Seal, Generic Seal 04380$3.10
PU-09161 SPX1250XZ2C Click on ImageHayward SPX1250XZ2C, Pump Seal Powerflo and OriginalSPX1250XZ2C$42.47
PU-09160 SPX1600Z2 Click on ImageHayward SPX1600Z2, Seal, Super Pump and Others SP1600Z2, OriginalSPX1600Z2$26.13
PU-07018GNo ImageJacuzzi 10-1502-09, Magnum Motor Seal, Generic10150209$5.82
PU-07018 10150209 Click on ImageJacuzzi 10-1502-09, Magnum Motor Seal10150209$30.59
MO-22000 PS3865R Click on ImageGeneric Replacement for Waterways 3193100BPS3865R$3.10
MO-09506No ImageGeneric Replacement for Sta-Rite U109-136SS SealU109136SS$3.00
MO-09505No ImageGeneric Replacement for Acura 1090A Seal1090A$3.00
MO-09504No ImageGeneric Replacement for Waterway WW3193100B Seal3193100B$3.00
MO-09503No ImageGeneric Replacement for AquaFlo 92500050 Seal92500050$3.00
MO-09502No ImageGeneric Replacement for AquaFlo 92509040 Seal92509040 $3.00
MO-09501No ImageGeneric Replacement for Waterway 319-3100B Seal319-3100B$3.00
MO-09500No ImageGeneric Replacement for Purex 071734S Seal071734S$3.00
MO-09222No ImageAstral Mechanical Seal, Astral FS75508, CTX and BX PumpsCTX-BX$20.99
MO-09220 PSR1000OEM Click on ImageAstral PSR1000OEM, SealPSR1000OEM$16.25
MO-09210No ImageSta-Rite Seal 173040100S, 173040-100S for New Style Seal Plate, Original173040100S$12.90
MO-09185 PS-4265 Click on ImageSeal Model PS-4265, Buna CarbonPS-4265$9.04
MO-09175No ImageSeal Model PS-3985, Buna CarbonPS3985$15.11
MO-09170No ImageSeal Model PS-3980, PS3890, Buna CarbonPS3980$12.60
MO-09165No ImageViton Seal Model PS3865R, Extra Heavy Duty Pump Seal,Upgraded PS1000 For Ozone UsePS3865R$10.22
MO-09160 PS3869 Click on ImageSeal Model PS-3869, PS3869, Extra Heavy Duty Pump SealPS3869$9.30
MO-09159 PS3868 Click on ImageSeal Model PS3868, PS3868, Extra Heavy Duty Pump Seal 0.75 Inch Shaft For Ozone, Replaces PS201PS3868$11.75
MO-09158No ImageSeal Model PS3867, PS3867, Extra Heavy Duty Pump Seal 0.75 Inch Shaft For Ozone, Replaces PS200PS3867$9.30
MO-09155No ImageSeal Model PS-2161, Shaft Size 5/8 InchesPS2161$8.01
MO-09150 PS2131 Click on ImageSeal Model PS2131, PS-2131. Shaft Size 5/8 InchesPS2131$5.61
MO-09100 PS-1000 Click on ImageSeal Model PS1000, Polaris Booster Pump and Others, 5/8 Inch Shaft, PS1000 SealPS-1000$3.10
MO-09071No ImageSeal Model PS-601PS-601$10.98
MO-09070 PS-3986 Click on ImageSeal Model PS3986 Extra Heavy DutyPS-3986$18.86
MO-09060No ImageSeal Model PS-501, Shaft Size 5/8 InchesPS501$5.78
MO-09054 AS359 Click on ImageSeal Model AS-359, 3/4in Shaft, Replaces Jacuzzi 10-0478-00 and OthersAS359$18.78
MO-09053No ImageSeal Model AS358, 3/4 Inch Shaft, Replaces Jacuzzi 10-0479-00 and OthersAS358$23.78
MO-09051 PS-201 Click on ImageSeal 201, PS201, Shaft Size 3/4 InchesPS-201$6.01
MO-09050 PS-200 Click on ImageSeal Model PS200, Shaft Size 5/8 InchesPS-200$6.31
MO-09030No ImageSeal Model PS-163 , Shaft Size 5/8 InchesPS163$16.71
MO-09028No ImageSeal Model PS-142, Shaft Size 0.5 InchesPS142$21.14
MO-09027No ImageSeal Model PS-101PS101$14.74
MO-09026 PS100 Click on ImageSeal Model PS100, 5/8 Inch ShaftPS100$4.85
MO-01503No ImageGeneric seal Replacement for 9250004092500040$3.00
MO-01502No ImageGeneric Replacement for ForGecko A Sieries Pump Seal, 9250005092500050$3.00
MO-01501No ImageGeneric Replacement for For DoughBoy 306-1006 Pump Seal3061006$6.11
MO-01500No ImageGeneric Replacement for For DoughBoy 306-1002 Pump Seal3061002$3.00

1 - 45 of 45

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