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Swimming Pool Motors, 56Y Frame Motors

56Y Frame Motors

Replacing your pool pump motor is simple, Follow these steps, Match you frame type with those listed by frame type.? Match the Horsepower and service factors as the original motor.? Make sure the voltage matches, pool pumps motors come in 110-120 Volts, 220-240 Volts and 110/220 Volts.? Match the speed of the motor.? Use the motor faceplate to guide you in determining the correct replacement.
Important: Total output (Horsepower(HP) x Service Factor(SF)) of replacement motor must equal or exceed motor being replaced. Most Motors fail due to bad seals or gaskets, therefore, when replacing motors, the seal and gaskets should always be replaced. See Our handy kits for all your needs

Pool Motors, 56Y Frame, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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SP-02200 HYD6402 Click on ImageHydro Air 6402, 6 Point Wall Fitting ToolHYD6402$49.14
SP-02004 SP1434T Click on ImageHayward SP1434T, Combo Jet Air III ToolSP1434T$13.37
PU-17045 024309171 Click on ImageAstral 024309171, Strainer Tool, Lock Ring Wrench, Replaced By 02430R9171 024309171$21.87
PU-00071No ImagePentair, Sta-Rite SRP-U79-11, Dura-Glas Lid WrenchSRPU7911$30.89
MA-02420 5051970 Click on ImageWaterway 5051970, 505-1970. Split Wrench5051970$12.87
MA-02419 15-4527 Click on ImagePurex 154527, Wrench, 8.5 Inch, TR100C, TR140C15-4527$30.07
MA-02417No ImagePac Fab 15-1608, Tagelus TA100D Adapter Wrench355619Z$219.11
MA-02412No ImageSta-Rite Dura-Glas Lid Wrench, Rolled SteelPLT110$24.01
MA-00033 DM-50 Click on ImageAquabond DM50 Manual Dispensing Gun for Aquabond CartridgesDM-50$57.87
MA-00031No ImageDrain Jet for 1-1/2 Inch Lines , Rubber Model 186W102002$25.10
MA-00030No ImageDrain Jet for 1-1/2 Inch, Helps Clear Clogged Lines102001$42.67
FI-17022 4404121806 Click on ImageAstral 28509R0003, Lid Tool, Replaces 28509R00034404121806$10.04
FI-05708 S200KT Click on ImageHayward S200KT, S200, S240 Filter Dome Wrench S200KT$19.56
FI-01554 154512 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 15-4512, Triton Dome Wrench154512$26.94
CL-06900 DG31 Click on ImageHayward DG31, CLX200 Chlorinator Lid WrenchDG31$18.12
AC-04900 10-102-00 Click on ImagePolaris 1010200, Universal Wall Removal Tool10-102-00$6.82
AC-00273 RCX3749 Click on ImageAquaVac 3749, RRCX3749 Bypass Pigtail ToolRCX3749$45.65

1 - 17 of 17

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