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Swimming Pool Motors, Motor Parts

Swimming Pool Motors

When selecting a replacement motor, start with the frame type, then select the HP of the pump. Often there are two motors that match the first two criteria. They are often referred to as full rated, up rated or max rated to determine the correct replacement match the service factor (SF) which is on the motor label. ?It is important to remember the motor being replaced must equal or exceed the HP x Service factor of the original motor. If the SF cannot be determined from the label, often the impeller will help us determine what the correct model is. ?A larger motor will not necessarily cause problems, but a smaller motor can overheat and cause premature failure of the motor.
When replacing a motor you must replace the seals, O-rings and gaskets. Most motors fail due to seal failure, not replacing the seal is only looking for problems.

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Swimming Pool Motors
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What causes Pool Motor Failure?

The two Common mistakes that can cause motor failure are:

Most motors are switchable from 220 Volts to 110 Volts.? Some motors are only 220 Volts and others are only 110 Volts.? You must match the incoming voltage to the voltage that the motor is wired for. If a motor is switchable in most cases 220 Volts is the default.? Failure to match the motors voltage to the incoming voltage can cause immediate damage to the motor.

If the motor runs slow then trips out, it is incorrectly wired. A motor connected for 115 volts that has 230 volts applied will burn up immediately. A motor connected for 230 volts that has 115 volts applied will run slow and trip out.

When replacing a motor, all seals and gaskets should be replaced.? Incorrectly installing the seal, will cause the pump to leak and lead to motor failure.

Motors are warranted by the manufacture, they cover manufacturing defects.? The do not cover damage caused by incorrectly wiring the pump or seal failure.