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Swimming Pool Pump Parts, Pac Fab Pump Parts

Pac Fab Pump Parts

We have many Pool Pump Parts for your Pac Fab Pool Pumps. Many Pac Fab Pumps have been re-branded to Pentair. This includes Challenger and Whisperflo pumps and others

Pac Fab Pump Parts, Product Listing

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Detail Link
ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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PU-26260 V38133 Click on ImageVal-Pak Diffuser, 2 and 3 HP, V38-133V38133$33.66
PU-26201 V36115 Click on ImageVal-Pak Extension, Shaft Bronze, V36-115, Replaces Pac Fab 35-3750V36115$31.53
PU-18260 355495 Click on ImagePac Fab 355495, 3 HP Challenger Difusser Mounting Plate355495$9.77
PU-18243 357100 Click on ImagePentair 357100, Seal Plate Gasket, WhisperFlo and Intelliflo Pumps357100$4.58
PU-18242 35-7150 Click on ImagePentair 357150, Clamp Cam and Ramp, Black Plastic35-7150$35.84
PU-18241 356002 Click on ImagePentair 356002, Pump Housing, Used on Pinnacle Pumps356002$239.46
PU-18240 354112 Click on ImagePentair 354112, Pump Lid, Chemical Resistant, Used on Pinnacle and Challenger Pumps354112$45.60
PU-18239 355225 Click on ImagePentair 355225, Pinnacle 2.0 HP Impeller355225$40.07
PU-18238 355278 Click on ImagePentair 355278, Pinnacle 1.5 HP Impeller355278$31.79
PU-18237 35-5613 Click on ImagePentair 355613, Pinnacle Pump Base35-5613$32.51
PU-18236 355385 Click on ImagePentair 355385, Motor Support 48 Frame355385$9.21
PU-18235 354290 Click on ImagePentair 354290, Hex Head Screw 3/8 Inch354290$3.11
PU-18234No ImagePentair 350170, Diffuser 2.5 HP350170$67.97
PU-18233 355618 Click on ImagePentair 355618, Diffuser 1.0 HP Full, 1.5 Uprated355618$67.97
PU-18232 355617 Click on ImagePentair 355617, Diffuser 0.5 HP Full, 0.75 Uprated355617$68.12
PU-18231 355334 Click on ImagePentair 355334, Screw 8-32 Hex Washer, Sold Each355334$2.24
PU-18230 355030 Click on ImagePentair 355030, Diffuser O-Ring355030$7.19
PU-18228 355621 Click on ImagePentair 355621. Screw 0.75-16, Hex Head, 4 Required, Sold Each355621$3.23
PU-18227 350092 Click on ImagePentair 350092. Superflo Nut, 2 Required, Sold Each350092$13.83
PU-18226 350091 Click on ImagePentair 350091. SuperFlo Pump Lid350091$23.36
PU-18225 350093 Click on ImagePentair 350093. Superflo Adapter, 2 Required, Sold Each350093$12.90
PU-18224 350089 Click on ImagePentair 350089 Superflo Volute, Housing350089$224.06
PU-18223 357255 Click on ImagePentair 357255 Superflo Lid O-Ring Lid, Also Used on Optiflo Pump357255$4.23
PU-18222 350090 Click on ImagePentair 350090, SuperFlo Pump Lid Clamp350090$31.80
PU-18221No ImagePentair 350094, SuperFlo Pump Base350094$61.85
PU-18220 356012 Click on ImagePentair 356012, SuperFlo Pump Seal Plate356012$66.78
PU-18218No ImagePentair Optiflo 357228, Strainer Pot, (Estimated Shipping August, September)35-7228$19.48
PU-18217No ImagePentair ZBR39320 Pump Body With Drain Plug, Back ordered, Shipping Late November, DecemberZBR39320$48.70
PU-18216No Image Pac Fab Challenger 355270, Diffuser, 1.5 Full Rated,, 2 HP Uprated35-5270$24.80
PU-18215No ImagePacFab363625, 590 Pump Lid363625$35.10
PU-18214 355468 Click on ImagePacFab-Challenger 355468, Front Housing, Black355468$100.66
PU-18213 35-5301 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 355301, Challenger High Pressure Pump Lid35-5301$46.92
PU-18212 35-5004 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 355004 Challenger Seal Plate, Replaces 35-5003, Back Ordered, Estimated Shipping Aug/Sept35-5004$64.92
PU-18211 355469 Click on ImagePacFab-Challenger 35-5469, 355469, Front Housing, Slip, Almond355469$102.55
PU-18210 35-5300 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab Challenger 355300, Strainer Pot, (Estimated Shipping August, September)35-5300$98.94
PU-18209 355069 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab Challenger 355069, Diffuser, 3.0 HP355069$27.44
PU-18208 35-5094 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab Challenger 355094, Diffuser, 2.0 Full Rated, 2.5 Up-Rated Motors35-5094$31.79
PU-18207 355077 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab Challenger 355077, Diffuser, 1, 1.5 Full Rated, 1.5, 2 HP Uprated355077$26.97
PU-18206 355029 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab Challenger 355029, Diffuser, 1/2, 3/4 Full Rated, 3/4, 1 HP Uprated355029$30.46
PU-18205 35-5068 Click on ImagePentair Fab Challenger 355068, Impeller, 3.0 HP Motor35-5068$41.99
PU-18204 355093 Click on ImagePentair Challenger 355093, Impeller, 2.0 HP Full Rated, 2.5 Up-Rated Motor355093$38.24
PU-18203 35-5086 Click on ImagePentair Challenger 355086, Impeller, 1.5 HP Full Rated, 2.0 Up-Rated Motor35-5086$41.48
PU-18202 355074 Click on ImagePentair Challenger 355074, Impeller, 1 HP Full Rated, 1.5 Up-Rated Motor355074$44.21
PU-18201 355067 Click on ImagePentair 355067, Impeller, 0.75 HP Full Rated, 1 Up-Rated Motor, Used on Pinnacle and Challenger Pumps355067$40.70
PU-18200 355043 Click on ImagePentair Challenger 355043 Impeller, 0.5 HP Full Rated, 3/4 Up-Rated Motor, Also Used on Pinnacle355043$41.00
PU-18113 355389 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab Challenger 355389, Impeller Screw355389$1.22
PU-04136 354103 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 354103, Pot Assembly354103$165.41
PU-04134No ImagePac Fab 354531, 35-4531 Lid354531$45.17
PU-04132 354530 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 354530, 35-4530, Pot (Backordered, Shipping late June ,July)354530$94.35
PU-04130 354541 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 354541, 35-4541, Screw, 10-24x1.5 Inches, Slooted Head354541$1.57

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1 - 50 of 66

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