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Swimming Pool Cleaners, Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Parts

Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Parts

We offer a complete line of automatic pool cleaners and parts, from all the major manufactures. Kreepy Krauly originally was an independent company, now it is owned by Pentair Pool Products. In addition other brands such as Sta-rite have been re-branded to Kreepy Krauly. For easy ordering of Kreepy Krauly Parts please see our Kreepy Krauly Parts Diagram list. This page only includes Kreepy Krauly Classic brand parts for other brand such as Sta-Rite See Sta-Rite Pool cleaner parts for Letro Parts

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Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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AC-02088 K12062 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12062, Automatic Regulator Valve, After 1994, Replaced by Pentair 41200-0214K12062$69.05NLA
AC-02087 K12061R Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12061R, Bumper Roller Clip Kit, After 93K12061R$19.86
AC-02079 K12185 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12185, Wing Hinge Kit, 1993 and earlier, Two Hinges, No HardwareK12185$9.36
AC-02062 K12680 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12680, Dive Float Pivot Pin, 1993 and Earlier, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleK12680$0.00NLA
AC-02060 K12345 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12345, Swivel, Straight Barrel, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableK12345$0.00NLA
AC-02058No ImageKreepy Krauly K12640, Float Restrictor, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableK12640$0.00NLA
AC-02054 K12140 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12140, Wing Kit, Set, Pair, 1993 and EarlierK12140$46.13
AC-02053 K12054 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12054, Hose WeightK12054$15.71
AC-02050No ImageKreepy Krauly K12480 Weight Holder, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableK12480$0.00NLA
AC-02045 K121400 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K121400 Roller Bumper D Type With End Clip, Before 1993K121400$34.29
AC-02042 K12330 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12330, Ladder Guard, Snap LockK12330$37.89
AC-02040 K12320 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly 12-320, Swivel Housing Kit,1993 and Earlier, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble, See K1256 as a ReplacementK12320$62.57
AC-02036 K12460 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12460, Bottom Drive Tube KitK12460$5.00
AC-02035 K12610 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly 12-610, Dive Float Kit, 1993 and Earlier, Includes 12600, 12620, 12640, Replaces 12-600K12610$51.98
AC-02030 K12156 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-156, Swivel Cone Head Assembly, 2000 ModelK12156$62.57
AC-02029No ImageKreepy Krauly K12-260, Concrete foot pad, 1993 and Earlier, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableK12260$0.00NLA
AC-02028 K121240 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-097, 90 degrees Hose ConnectorK121240$22.44
AC-02027 K121240 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-1240, Hose ConnectorK121240$7.56
AC-02026 K12649 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12649, Baffle Plate, Replaces K12082K12649$9.71
AC-02025 K12760 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12760, Main Body,1993 and Earlier, K12760$168.75NLA
AC-02024 K12885 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-885 Pleated Seal,1993 and EarlierK12885$103.22
AC-02023 K12156C Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12156C, Swivel Cone and Bearing, 2000 Model, Replaces 12-056CK12156C$16.71
AC-02022 K12440 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-440., Top Drive Tube, 1993 and EarlierK12440$13.95
AC-02021 K121680 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-1680 Eyeball DiverterK121680$7.82
AC-02020 K12065 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-065, Wall Climbing AdjusterK12065$10.56
AC-02019No ImageKreepy Krauly K12-061, Roller Bumper Strap, 94 And Up, Complete, Replaced by K12161K12061$34.29
AC-02018 K12060 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly Wing Set 12-060 Set 1994-1999K12060$42.14
AC-02017 K12059 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-059, KK12059, Foot Pad, After 1993K12059$31.50
AC-02016 K12056C Click on ImageKreepy Krauly12-056C, Swivel Cone and Bearing, Replaced by 12-156CK12056C$16.71
AC-02015 K12058 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-058, Weight Holder, After 1994, Replaced by K12158K12058$67.83
AC-02014 K12057 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly 12-057, Float Assembly With Arms, After 1994, Replaced By 12157K12057$68.64
AC-02013 K12056 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-056, Swivel Head Assembly, After 1994K12056$55.40
AC-02012 K12390 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12-390, Swivel Housing Nuts and Bolts KitK12390$4.73
AC-02011 K12055 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12055, Main BodyK12055$268.88

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