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Swimming Pool Cleaners, Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Parts

Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Parts

We offer a complete line of automatic pool cleaners and parts, from all the major manufactures. Kreepy Krauly originally was an independent company, now it is owned by Pentair Pool Products. In addition other brands such as Sta-rite have been re-branded to Kreepy Krauly. For easy ordering of Kreepy Krauly Parts please see our Kreepy Krauly Parts Diagram list. This page only includes Kreepy Krauly Classic brand parts for other brand such as Sta-Rite See Sta-Rite Pool cleaner parts for Letro Parts

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Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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XX-02196No ImageKreepy Krauly K12-945, 12-945,Adjustment Regulator, See K12004K12945$58.81Reference Only
XX-00236No ImageKreepy Krauly K-21241, Female, Female Leader Hose 40 Inches, Substitute K21241, 3 Inch Adaptor21241$6.98Reference Only
XX-00135No ImageKreepy Krauly 12-190, Deluxe Wing Hinge Kit, Before 1993, No Longer Manufactured None AvailableK12190$0.00Reference Only
AC-02698 412010242W Click on ImageKreepy Krauly 412010242W, SandShark Chasis With Pad412010242W$100.50
AC-02216No ImageKreepy Krauly KK1068, Up II Plate and AccessKK1068$93.50
AC-02215No ImageKreepy Krauly K3-370,Thruster Complete, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableK3370$0.00
AC-02213 K12344 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12320, Swivel Cone, Before 1994, Replaces, K12-344K12344$53.06
AC-02212 GW9530 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly Snap Lock Wall Ffitting, GW9530, Same as Kreepy K12500GW9530$28.93
AC-02211 R211516 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly Clear Leaf Cannister, Trap Bag R211516 For Use with R211084R211516$24.59
AC-02210No ImageKreepy Krauly 211084K, Clear Leaf Cannister With Trap HandleR211084K$72.50
AC-02209No ImageKreepy Krauly K-21241B, Leader Hose Adaptor, Female-Female, BlueK21241B$8.28
AC-02208 K21241 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K21241, Leader Hose Adapter, 3 Inch, Female-Female, WhiteK21241$9.62
AC-02206 KK01200 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly KK01200, Hose Set Male-Female, 12 Pack 40 Feet BlueKK01200$122.67
AC-02205 K21120 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly 2-1120, Hose Box, Box of 20 Hoses, Male-FemaleK21120$255.80
AC-02204No ImageKreepy Krauly Hoses, Original, Box Of 4, Male-FemaleHose$42.30
AC-02203No ImageKreepy Krauly Hoses, Original, Each, Male-FemaleHose$14.10
AC-02198 K12004 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12004, Automatic Regulator Valve, Before 1993K12004$58.81
AC-02195 K12894 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12894, Pleated Vacuum Seal, After 1993, Replaced By K12896K12894$80.50
AC-02194 K12895 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12895, StarFish Seal for Concrete Pools, 2000 and LaterK12895$80.50
AC-02192 K12866 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12866, Flower Seal,1993 and EarlierK12866$80.50
AC-02191 K12896 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12896, Pleated Vacuum Seal For Vinyl Pools, 2000 ModelsK12896$80.50
AC-02190 K12932 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12079, Threaded Compression Adapter, 1993 and Earlier, Replaces Kreepy Krauly 12-932K12932$7.41
AC-02189 K12651 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12651, Ez-Vac Pleated Vacuum Seal, Above Ground PoolsK12651$80.50
AC-02187 K12780 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly 12-780, Main Body Nut and Bolt Kit Before 1994K12780$8.95
AC-02182 K12220 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12220, Wing Nut and Bolt Kit, Before 1994K12220$12.33
AC-02170 K121620 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K121620, Wire Diverter, 2000 ModelK121620$19.03
AC-02132 K12079 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12079, Threaded Compression Adapter, 1994 and upK12079$7.41
AC-02130 K12078 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12078, 45 Degrees Hose ConnectorK12078$12.12
AC-02128 K12076 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12076, Vac Plus II Locking BarK12076$25.33
AC-02127No ImageKreepy Krauly K12077, Vac Plus II Extension Ring 8.5 Inches, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableK12077$0.00
AC-02125 K12068 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12068, Vac Plus II plate, 7.25 Inches Kit, 2000 ModelK12068$31.32
AC-02121 K70081 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K70081, Flow Valve, Cleaners Produced Between 1994-1999K70081$20.29
AC-02120 K12063 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12063, Drive Tubes,Top or Bottom, One Tube, After 1994, Replaced By K12163K12063$14.62
AC-02119 K121110 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K121110, 2 Inch Hose ConeK121110$16.98
AC-02118 K121683 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K121683, Eyeball Diverter RingK121683$3.86
AC-02116No ImageKreepy Krauly K3349, Vac Line Deflector, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleK3349$0.00
AC-02114 K21265 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12465 Hose Protector Replaces K21265K21265$6.19
AC-02113 K31400 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K31400, Step Deflector, Not for Use in Vinyl PoolsK31400$29.55
AC-02112 K1070 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K1070, Low Flow KitK1070$66.90
AC-02111 K12094 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12094, Manual By-Pass for Automatic Regulator Valve, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleK12094$0.00
AC-02110 K12142B Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12142B In Line Valve KitK12142B$36.71
AC-02109 K70181 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K70181, Flow Valve For KK2000 ModelK70181$20.45
AC-02107 K12087 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12087, Bearing WasherK12087$4.13
AC-02106 K12161 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12161, Roller Bumper Strap With End ClipK12161$28.10
AC-02105 K12163 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12163, Drive Tube top or Bottom, One TubeK12163$15.43
AC-02104 K12160 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12160, Wing SetK12160$29.57
AC-02103 K12155 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12155, Main Body, Special OrderK12155$220.33
AC-02102 K12158 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12158, Weight HolderK12158$47.60
AC-02101 K12157 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12157, Dive Float with ClipsK12157$60.32
AC-02100 K12164 Click on ImageKreepy Krauly K12164, Dive Float RestrictorK12164$7.54

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1 - 50 of 84

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