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Swimming Pool Cleaners, Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts

Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts

We offer a complete line of automatic pool cleaners and parts, from all the major manufactures.  Sta-Rite, Arneson, Jandy,  Hayward,  Baracuda, Letro, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris and many more. Whether its a single part or a complete swimming pool cleaner, we can supply your needs. We have Polaris for most Polaris pool cleaners including the Polaris 65, 165, 180, 360, 380 and 480 Pool Cleaners. If you are looking for parts for a specific Polaris Pool Cleaner see our Polaris Parts Diagrams

Polaris Pool Cleaners Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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XX-07001No ImagePolaris G-41 Backup Valve, No Longer Manufactured, None Available, See Polaris G-52G41$0.00Reference Only
XX-07000No ImagePolaris G-40 Backup Valve, No Longer Manufactured, None Available See Polaris G-52 as a ReplacementG40$0.00Reference Only
XX-00797No ImagePolaris Weight, Feed Hose 9-100-3128, No Longer Manufcatured, Reference Only91003128$0.00Reference Only
XX-00279 9-100-3105 Click on ImagePolaris Tail Scrubber or Tail Scrubs or Polaris tail Scrubbe or Tail Sweep or Polaris Scrubber -- Search on 910031059-100-3105$2.69Reference Only
XX-00278No ImageBackup valve polaris 280 Search on G52BACKUP$86.73Reference Only
XX-00277No ImagePolaris Back Up Valve 280 Order as Polaris G52Back Up$86.73Reference Only
XX-00240No ImagePolaris 9-100-1140, Top Cover Single Wheel Side, Replaced by 9-100-7030, Top and Frame91001140$45.80Reference Only
XX-00239No ImagePolaris 9-100-1141, Top Cover Double Wheel Side Replaced by Polaris 9-100-7030, Top and Frame91001141$45.80Reference Only
XX-00237No ImagePolaris Timer Mechanism for G41 part E60, No Longer Manufactured None Available, See G-52E60$0.00Reference Only
XX-00235No ImagePolaris D28 , Pressure Relief Valve for Polaris 180, Order Replacement Polaris 9-100-9001D28$27.01Reference Only
XX-00234 P55 Click on ImageGeneric Replacement For Polaris P-55, Pump Seal P55$6.44Reference Only
XX-00221No ImagePolaris B-30, Sweep Hose Guard Replaced by Polaris B25B30$2.76Reference Only
XX-00211No ImagePolaris D-27, Wall Connector, Order as Polaris 9-100-9001D27$27.01Reference Only
XX-00210No ImagePolaris D41, Quick Disconnect Complete, See Polaris 9-100-9001 as a ReplacementD41$27.01Reference Only
XX-00205No ImagePolaris 6-118-00, Jet Body Ball Kit (160,60 Only), Replaced by 6-212-00611800$57.99Reference Only
XX-00203No ImagePolaris E-65, Back-Up Valve Kit, No Longer Manufactured, None Available, See Polaris G-52 as ReplacementE65$83.84Reference Only
XX-00197No ImagePolaris 6-200-00, Jet Sweep Assembly Replaced 6-212-00620000$57.99Reference Only
XX-00196No ImagePolaris G-50, Black Max Kit Assembled, No Longer Manufacturedl None AvailableG50$0.00Reference Only
XX-00193No ImagePolaris P-45, Impeller Shaft Extension, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleP45$0.00Reference Only
XX-00004No ImagePolaris Zipper Bag for Polaris 280 - Please Search on K13ZIPPERBAG$39.29Reference Only
AC-05189No ImagePolaris P91, 1/4-20x0.75 Inch Bolt and WasherP91$3.33
AC-05185 P88 Click on ImagePolaris P88, Drain Plug, PB4-60QP88$3.33
AC-05184 P87 Click on ImagePolaris P87. Band Clamp, PB4-60QP87$13.77
AC-05183 P86 Click on ImagePolaris P86. Pump Stand, PB4-60QP86$13.77
AC-05182 P85 Click on ImagePolaris P85, O-Ring Seal Plate, PB4-60QP85$13.77
AC-05181 P84 Click on ImagePolaris P84, Pump Seal, PB4-60QP84$20.67
AC-05179 P82 Click on ImagePolaris P82, Pump Volute With Drain Plugs, PB4-60QP82$46.25
AC-05177 P80 Click on ImagePolaris P80, Rubber Strip, Motor to BracketP80$1.25
AC-05147 P25 Click on ImagePolaris P25, Bolt and Nut, SS, For Volute to BracketP25$1.44
AC-05143 P21 Click on ImagePolaris P21, Pump Quick Connect RetainerP21$4.11
AC-05141 P19 Click on ImagePolaris P19, Pump Hose 6 footP19$24.00
AC-05140 R0538000 Click on ImagePolaris R0538000, Float Head KitR0538000$8.06
AC-05132No ImagePolaris R0528700, Floating Cable, Sport Robotic, 9300XIR0528700$188.45
AC-05131 R0637900 Click on ImagePolaris R0637900, Motor Block, Sport Robotic, 9300XIR0637900$459.11
AC-05130No ImagePolaris R0537100, BaseR0537100$41.21
AC-05125No ImagePolaris R0537000, Drain Plug With O-RingR0537000$4.55
AC-05120No ImagePolaris R0536900, Bolt and Washer SetR0536900$6.83
AC-05118 R0536800 Click on ImagePolaris R0536800, Bolts and Washer, SSR0536800$6.62
AC-05117 R0536700 Click on ImagePolaris R0536700, BackPlateR0536700$44.94
AC-05107 R0536600 Click on ImagePolaris R0536600, O-Ring Back PlateR0536600$10.83
AC-05106 R0536400 Click on ImagePolaris R0536400, ImpellerR0536400$24.54
AC-05105 R0536300 Click on ImagePolaris R0536300, Volute, Includes Drain PlugR0536300$44.94
AC-04990 5-9-2001 Click on ImageCaretaker Valve Rebuild Kit, 5920015-9-2001$66.70
AC-04989 R0528600 Click on ImagePolaris R0528600, Complete Control Unit For Polaris 9300XI Sport Robotic CleanerR0528600$354.99
AC-04988 86005 Click on ImagePolaris 86005, Shoe, Gray, Gunite Pools86005$27.03
AC-04987 86007 Click on ImagePolaris 86007, Shoe, White86007$27.03
AC-04986 84075 Click on ImagePolaris 84075, Magnet Cap Pad84075$12.29
AC-04985 86050 Click on ImagePolaris 86050, Deflector Ring86050$21.54
AC-04984 87050 Click on ImagePolaris 87050, Flow Indicator 87050$9.36
AC-04983 86020 Click on ImagePolaris 86020, Steering Skirt 86020$48.50

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1 - 50 of 406

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