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Swimming Pool Fittings, Jandy Valves

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Jandy Valves

PVC Tee's Most Tees are slip x slip, some specialized tee's have female thread on one inlete

Jandy Valves, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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PV-10255 R0444100 Click on ImageJandy R0444100. Jandy Ball Valve Handle, 1.5 Inch ValveR0444100$11.13
PV-10254 4734 Click on ImageJandy 4734, Valve Cover, 2 Port, Black for Never Lube4734$19.91
PV-10253 4720 Click on ImageJandy 4720, Never Lube Diverter Kit4720$60.26
PV-10252 R0487200 Click on ImageJandy R0487200, Black Never Lube Valve Handle, Replaces 4733R0487200$18.08
PV-10251 4944 Click on ImageJandy 4944 , 3 - Way Valve NeverLube - 2-1/2 or 2 Inch Slip Fittings, Jandy 3 way Valve4944$60.41
PV-10250 4603 Click on ImageJandy 4603, R0486900, Valve Knob For Locking Handle, Black for Never Lube4603$10.25
PV-10249 1304 Click on ImageJandy 1304, Valve Cover 2 Port, Grey1304$19.89
PV-10246 1303 Click on ImageJandy 1303, Valve Cover 3 Port, Grey1303$20.38
PV-10244No ImageJandy Valve 1157, 2 Way, Gray Valve1157$36.89
PV-10242 1154 Click on ImageJandy Valve 1154, 3 way Valve, Gray1154$44.14
PV-10240 1132 Click on ImageJandy 1132, Body O-ring1132$5.13
PV-10223 R0444500 Click on ImageJandy R0444500, Ball Valve Handle ToolR0444500$19.16
PV-10221 1301 Click on ImageJandy 1301, Valve Handle, used on 1154,2875,1157,2876,4367 and 4369 Jandy Valves1301$19.91
PV-10219 6749 Click on ImageJandy 6749, O-Ring Space Saver Valve6749$2.45
PV-10218No ImageJandy 1971, JVA to Ortega Shaft Coupler, Special Order1971$15.46
PV-10217 3483 Click on ImageJandy 3483, Valve Diverter Assembly3483$29.55
PV-10216 2133 Click on ImageJandy 2133, Valve Grease Cup2133$13.34
PV-10215 3414 Click on ImageJandy 3414, Valve Housing 3 Way3414$39.62
PV-10214No ImageJandy 1312, Valve Housing 3 Way 2 Inch1312$26.60
PV-10213No ImageJandy 1313,Valve Housing 2 way 1.5 Inch1313$38.16
PV-10212No ImageJandy 3415, Valve Housing 2 Way3415$38.16
PV-10211No ImageJandy R0487100, Valve Stem O-Ring, Replaces Jandy 1307R0487100$2.13
PV-10210 3381 Click on ImageJandy 3381, Valve Lid O-Ring3381$1.26
PV-10209 3490 Click on ImageJandy 3490, Valve Lid, 3 Way Valve3490$19.89
PV-10208 4717 Click on ImageJandy Valve 4717, 3-Way Valve Never Lube - 2-1/2 x 2 Slip Fitting4717$58.49
PV-10207 3417 Click on ImageJandy 3417, Valve Lid 2-Way3417$19.89
PV-10206 4716 Click on ImageJandy 4716, 2 - Way Valve Never Lube - 2-1/2 or 2 Inch Slip Fitting4716$52.53
PV-10205 3500 Click on ImageJandy 3500, Space Saver Valve Handle 3500$19.89
PV-10204 R0487000 Click on ImageJandy R0487000, Valve Knob For Locking Handle, Gray, Replaces 3042R0487000$9.03
PV-10203 1298 Click on ImageJandy 1298, Valve Screw For Cover 1/4-20 x 3/4 inch1298$2.73
PV-10202 4715 Click on ImageJandy Valve, 3-Way Never Lube Valve, 1.5 Inside Slip, 2 Inch Outside4715$62.35

1 - 31 of 31

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