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Ortega Valves

PVC Tee's Most Tees are slip x slip, some specialized tee's have female thread on one inlete

Ortega Valves, Product Listing

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PV-26218 V20-061 Click on ImageOrtega Diverter with Handle, 1.5 Inch, Val-Pak V20061V20-061$92.85
PV-26217 V20-060 Click on ImageOrtega Diverter with Handle, 2.0 Inch, V20060V20-060$112.19
PV-26216 V20066 Click on ImageOrtega Seal, 2.0 Inch, Val-Pak V20-066V20066$18.23
PV-26215 V20067 Click on ImageOrtega Seal, 1.5 Inch, Val-Pak V20-067V20067$0.00
PV-26214 V20072 Click on ImageOrtega Spring, 1 Pound, 1.5 and 2.0 Inch Valve, Val-Pak V20-072, See Ortega 072523 (Original)V20072$11.45
PV-26213 V20-070 Click on ImageOrtega Check Valve Cap with O-Ring, 2.0 Inch, Val-Pak V20070, Replaces 357152V20-070$31.47
PV-26212 V20071 Click on ImageOrtega Check Valve Cap with O-Ring, 1.5 Inch, Val-Pak V20-071 V20071$42.75
PV-26211 V20-068 Click on ImageVal-Pak V20068, Ortega Check Valve Seat Assembly. 2.0 InchesV20-068$64.33
PV-26210 V20069 Click on ImageVal-Pak V20069, Ortega Check Valve Seat Assembly. 1.5 InchesV20069$50.70
PV-26209 V20-332 Click on ImageOrtega O-ring Set,2.0 Inch Valve Val-Pak V20332V20-332$2.65
PV-26208 V2-0331 Click on ImageOrtega O-ring Set, 1.5 Inch Valve Val-Pak V20331V2-0331$2.65
PV-26207 V20-338 Click on ImageOrtega Handle Screw, Metal for Noryl Diverter, Val-Pak V20338V20-338$0.53
PV-26206 V20-330 Click on ImageOrtega Handle, Metal for Noryl Diverter, Val-Pak V20330V20-330$20.26
PV-26205 V20-335 Click on ImageOrtega Shaft for Noryl Diverter, Val-Pak V20335V20-335$11.78
PV-26204 V20-091 Click on ImageOrtega Diverter Cap and Handle, 2.0 Inch Brass, V20091V20-091$152.19
PV-26203 V20092 Click on ImageOrtega Diverter Cap and Handle,1.5 Inch Brass, Val-Pak V20-092V20092$199.84
PV-26202 V20089 Click on ImageOrtega Valve, Brass, 2.0 Inch, Val-Pak V20-089V20089$0.00
PV-26201 V20090 Click on ImageOrtega Valve, Brass,1.5 Inch, Val-Pak V20-090, Special OrderV20090$417.53
PV-26200 V20335 Click on ImageVal-Pak Shaft, Brass For Noryl Ortega Valve, V20-335V20335$11.78
FI-02159 072478 Click on ImageOrtega 072478, Check Valve Screw Cap, 2.0 Inch CPVC, Replaced By 357152, Generic072478$24.20NLA
FI-02158 072477 Click on ImageGeneric Replacement for Ortega 072477, Check Valve Screw Cap, 1.5 Inch CPVC, 1.5 Inch CPVC Body072477$42.75
FI-02157 07-2560 Click on ImageOrtega 072560, Check Valve Screw Cap O-Ring 2.0 Inch07-2560$0.00
FI-02156No ImageGeneric Replacement For Ortega 072559, Check Valve Seal, Screw Cap, 1.5 Inch072559$0.81
FI-02155 072524 Click on ImageOrtega 072524, Check Valve Seat SS Spring, 3 lb072524$14.38
FI-02153 073502 Click on ImageOrtega 073502, Check Valve Seat Assembly, 2.0 Inch, Generic Replacement073502$64.33
FI-02152 073503 Click on ImageOrtega 073503, Check Valve Seat Assembly, 1.5 Inch, Generic Replacement. No Longer Manufacture, None Available073503$0.00NLA
FI-02151 072519 Click on ImageOrtega 072519, Check Valve Housing, 2.0 Inch, No Longer Manufactured, None Available072519$0.00NLA
FI-02150 072521 Click on ImageOrtega 072521, Check Valve Housing, 1.5 Inch072521$39.25
FI-02142 072554 Click on ImageGeneric Replacement For Ortega 072554, O-Ring Cover 2.0 in.072554$0.93
FI-02136 072540 Click on ImageOrtega 072540, 07-2540, SS Machine Screw 8-32 x 0.38 Inches072540$9.26
FI-02134 073496 Click on ImageOrtega 07-3496, Diverter 1.5 in. CPVC Straight-Thu, With Seal, No Shaft. No Longer Manufacture, None Available073496$0.00NLA
FI-02132 072432 Click on ImageOrtega 07-2432, Seal Diverter Permalok 1.5 in072432$23.58
FI-02130 072536 Click on ImageOrtega 07-2536, Screw SS, 8 X 0.625 Inches. Hi-lo, 4 Required, Sold Each072536$9.26
FI-02128 072414 Click on ImageOrtega 07-2414 Ortega Cover 2 in. Noryl valve, 2 Port 90 Degree Valve072414$20.26
FI-02126No ImageGeneric Replacement For Ortega 072555, O-Ring Shaft 2-112 nitrile, 2 req072555$0.82
FI-02124 072427 Click on ImageOrtega 07-2427, 07-2427, Shaft for Noryl Diverted072427$15.69
FI-02123 073481 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 073481, Diverter 1.5 Inch Noryl With Seal073481$50.97
FI-02122 073484 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 073484 , Diverter 2 Inch Noryl With Seal, No Shaft073484$50.97
FI-02118 072431 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 072431, PermaLok Seal 2 Inch072431$23.58
FI-02116 010632 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 010632, 2 Inch 3 Port Valve, No Longer Manufactured, None Available010632$0.00NLA
FI-02114 010631 Click on ImageOrtega 010631, 1.5 x 2 Inch 3 Way Port Valve, No Longer Manufactured, None Available010631$0.00NLA
FI-02112 073503 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 073503, Seat Assembly, 1.5 Inches073503$50.70
FI-02110 072523 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 072523, Check Valve Spring 1.0 Pound, SS072523$15.31
FI-02108 07-2420 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 072420 Valve Cover 1.5 inch Noryl Valve07-2420$17.26
FI-02104 263033 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 263033, Valve Diverter 2 inch With Seal, Kit, Includes 072540,073484,072427. No Longer Manufacture, None Availa263033$83.00NLA
FI-02102 07-2414 Click on ImagePentair, Ortega 072414, Valve Cover 2.0 inch Noryl Valve07-2414$20.26
FI-02100No ImagePentair, Ortega 072392, 3 Port Valve, Lexan Handle072392$17.26

1 - 47 of 47

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