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Swimming Pool Test Kit Replacement Chemicals

Test Kit Replacement Chemicals for Swimming Pool Test Kits

Proper Water Chemistry begins with proper water testing. We have a complete line of Swimming Pool Test kits and replacement test Chemicals. Chemicals for test Kits should be replaced at least once every year.

Test Kit Replacement ChemicalsParts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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TK-00510No ImageAll Clear Phenol Red - 1 OZ,23262$1.35NLA
TK-00509No ImageAll Clear Phenol Red - 0.5 OZAQT2029$1.40
TK-00243No ImageTaylor R0870J DPD Powder, 0.25 LBR0870J$52.70
TK-00242 R0870I Click on ImageTaylor DPD Powder, R0870I, 10 grR0870I$14.03
TK-00241 R0871C Click on ImageTaylor R0871C, FAS-DPD Chlorine Titrating Reagent, 2 oz R0871C$17.82
TK-00240 R0871A Click on ImageTaylor R0871A, FAS-DPD Chlorine Titrating Reagent, 0.75 oz R0871A$10.99
TK-00235No ImageTaylor R0718A, Silver Nitrate, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0718A$18.15
TK-00233 R0013E Click on ImageTaylor R0013E, Cyanuric Acid, 16ozR0013E$16.01
TK-00232 R0013A Click on ImageTaylor R0013A, Cyanuric Acid, 22 m, 0 .75 ozR0013A$3.66
TK-00230 R0013C Click on ImageTaylor R0013C, Cyanuric Acid, 2 oz, 60 mlR0013C$6.93
TK-00223 R00012E Click on ImageTaylor R00012E, Hardness Reagent,16 oz R00012E$27.92
TK-00221 R0012C Click on ImageTaylor R0012C, Hardness Reagent, 2 ozR0012C$7.01
TK-00220 R0012A Click on ImageTaylor R0012A, Hardness Reagent - 22 ml , 0.75 ozR0012A$5.41
TK-00212No ImageTaylor R0011LE, Calcium Indicator, 16 OzR0011LE$36.74
TK-00210 R0011LA Click on ImageTaylor R0011LA, Calcium Indicator, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0011LA$9.57
TK-00202 R0010E Click on ImageTaylor R0010E, Calcium Buffer, 16 ozR0010E$29.37
TK-00201 R0010C Click on ImageTaylor R0010C, Calcium Buffer, 2 ozR0010C$7.92
TK-00200 R0010A Click on ImageTaylor R0010A, Calcium Buffer, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0010A$5.20
TK-00192 R0009E Click on ImageTaylor Reagent R0009E, Sulfuric Acid, 16 OuncesR0009E$20.10
TK-00191 R0009C Click on ImageTaylor R0009C, Sulfuric Acid, 2 ozR0009C$7.10
TK-00190 R0009A Click on ImageTaylor R0009A, Sulfuric Acid, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0009A$4.21
TK-00183 R0008E Click on ImageTaylor R0008E Total Alkalinity Indicator,16 OuncesR0008E$22.85
TK-00181No ImageTaylor R0008C, Total Alkalinity Indicator, 2 ozR0008C$5.84
TK-00180No ImageTaylor R0008A, Total Alkalinity Indicator, 22 m, 0.75 ozR0008A$4.11
TK-00172No ImageTaylor R0007E, Chlorine Neutralizer, 0.47LR0007$18.68
TK-00171 R0007C Click on ImageTaylor R0007C, Chlorine Neutralizer, 2 ozR0007C$5.44
TK-00170 R0007A Click on ImageTaylor R0007A, Chlorine Neutralizer, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0007A$4.26
TK-00160 R0006A Click on ImageTaylor R0006A, Base Demand Reagent, 22 m, 0.75 OzR0006A$3.79
TK-00150 R0005A Click on ImageTaylor R0005A, Acid Reagent, 22 ml, 0.75 OzR0005A$3.95
TK-00142 R0004E Click on ImageTaylor R0004E, pH Indicator, 16 ozR0004E$25.19
TK-00141 R0004C Click on ImageTaylor R0004C, 4 PH Indicator, 2 ozR0004C$8.22
TK-00140 R0004A Click on ImageTaylor R0004A, pH Indicator - 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0004A$4.03
TK-00121 R0003C Click on ImageTaylor R0003C, Chlorine Reagent 3, 2 ozR0003C$11.47
TK-00120 R0003A Click on ImageTaylor R0003A, Chlorine Reagent 3, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0003A$5.19
TK-00111 R0002C Click on ImageTaylor R-0002C, DPD Chlorine Reagent, 2 OzR0002C$10.39
TK-00110 R0002A Click on ImageTaylor R0002A, DPD Chlorine Reagent, 22 ml, 0.75 OzR0002A$4.65
TK-00101 R0001C Click on ImageTaylor R0001C, Chlorine Reagent, 2 ozR0001C$7.44
TK-00100 R0001A Click on ImageTaylor R0001A, Chlorine Reagent - 22 mll, 0.75 OzR0001A$4.88

1 - 38 of 38

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