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Swimming Pool Test kits, Parts and Replacement Chemicals

Test Kit Parts, Chemicals and Complete Test Kits

At My Pool we feature swimming pool test kits from Taylor and Test Strips from AquaChek. Both are leaders in the field. Taylor Has been making test Kits. "Taylor makes the only test kits recommended by the American Swimming Coaches Association. Get the choice of professionals! ". Taylor has been making swimming pool test kits since the 1930's

Test Kits, Replacement Chemicals, Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
Buy Me
TK-00618No ImageGLB 50 Test Strips, 4-WAY, EachGL71000EACH$9.38
TK-00617 71000A Click on ImageGLB 50 Test Strips 4-WAY, Case of 1271000A$112.66
TK-00616 5551236 Click on ImageAquachek Silver, 100 Test strips, Hardness, Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid5551236$20.93
TK-00614No ImageAquachek 5112421, test strips Cyanuric Acid, 25 Tests5112421$12.42
TK-00612No ImageAquachek White, 192021, Salt test strips Salt, 10 Strips192021$18.60
TK-00610 661454 Click on ImageAquachek Test Strips, 661454, Copper 0-3 ppm, 25 Tests661454$9.63
TK-00608No ImageAquachek Red,521252 Bromine, pH, alkalinity, 50 strips521252$21.62
TK-00602 511242 Click on ImageAquachek Yellow, 511242, Free Chlorine pH, alkalinity, 50 test Strips511242$9.98
TK-00600 541604 Click on ImageAquachek Select, 541604, Free Chlorine,Total Chlorine, pH, alkalinity, Hardness 50 Test Strips541604$22.05
TK-00510No ImageAll Clear Phenol Red - 1 OZ,23262$1.35NLA
TK-00509No ImageAll Clear Phenol Red - 0.5 OZAQT2029$1.40
TK-00503 AQT2026 Click on ImageAll Clear 4- Way OTO Test KitAQT2026$17.11
TK-00501 AQT2025 Click on ImageAll Clear Two Way Test Kit, DUO Test Kit, OTO and pHAQT2025$7.36
TK-00311No ImageTaylor 9057, Test Block For Bromine9057$13.00
TK-00310No ImageTaylor K2004, Watergram Instruction BookK2004$9.44
TK-00308 9194 Click on ImageTaylor 9194, Dispenser Bottle For Cyanuric Test, Marked at 15 ML9194$3.18
TK-00304 4024 Click on ImageTaylor 4024, Test Cell 11.5 ml Volume4024$5.89
TK-00302 9193 Click on ImageTaylor 9193, Cyanuric View Tube9193$3.88
TK-00301 9191 Click on ImageTaylor 9191, Cyanuric Acid Bottle Marked 7 or 14ml9191$3.47
TK-00300 9056 Click on ImageTaylor 9056, Test Block For 2005 Kit9056$15.05
TK-00243No ImageTaylor R0870J DPD Powder, 0.25 LBR0870J$52.70
TK-00242 R0870I Click on ImageTaylor DPD Powder, R0870I, 10 grR0870I$14.03
TK-00241 R0871C Click on ImageTaylor R0871C, FAS-DPD Chlorine Titrating Reagent, 2 oz R0871C$17.82
TK-00240 R0871A Click on ImageTaylor R0871A, FAS-DPD Chlorine Titrating Reagent, 0.75 oz R0871A$10.99
TK-00235No ImageTaylor R0718A, Silver Nitrate, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0718A$18.15
TK-00233 R0013E Click on ImageTaylor R0013E, Cyanuric Acid, 16ozR0013E$16.01
TK-00232 R0013A Click on ImageTaylor R0013A, Cyanuric Acid, 22 m, 0 .75 ozR0013A$3.66
TK-00230 R0013C Click on ImageTaylor R0013C, Cyanuric Acid, 2 oz, 60 mlR0013C$6.93
TK-00223 R00012E Click on ImageTaylor R00012E, Hardness Reagent,16 oz R00012E$27.92
TK-00221 R0012C Click on ImageTaylor R0012C, Hardness Reagent, 2 ozR0012C$7.01
TK-00220 R0012A Click on ImageTaylor R0012A, Hardness Reagent - 22 ml , 0.75 ozR0012A$5.41
TK-00212No ImageTaylor R0011LE, Calcium Indicator, 16 OzR0011LE$36.74
TK-00210 R0011LA Click on ImageTaylor R0011LA, Calcium Indicator, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0011LA$9.57
TK-00202 R0010E Click on ImageTaylor R0010E, Calcium Buffer, 16 ozR0010E$29.37
TK-00201 R0010C Click on ImageTaylor R0010C, Calcium Buffer, 2 ozR0010C$7.92
TK-00200 R0010A Click on ImageTaylor R0010A, Calcium Buffer, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0010A$5.20
TK-00192 R0009E Click on ImageTaylor Reagent R0009E, Sulfuric Acid, 16 OuncesR0009E$20.10
TK-00191 R0009C Click on ImageTaylor R0009C, Sulfuric Acid, 2 ozR0009C$7.10
TK-00190 R0009A Click on ImageTaylor R0009A, Sulfuric Acid, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0009A$4.21
TK-00183 R0008E Click on ImageTaylor R0008E Total Alkalinity Indicator,16 OuncesR0008E$22.85
TK-00181No ImageTaylor R0008C, Total Alkalinity Indicator, 2 ozR0008C$5.84
TK-00180No ImageTaylor R0008A, Total Alkalinity Indicator, 22 m, 0.75 ozR0008A$4.11
TK-00172No ImageTaylor R0007E, Chlorine Neutralizer, 0.47LR0007$18.68
TK-00171 R0007C Click on ImageTaylor R0007C, Chlorine Neutralizer, 2 ozR0007C$5.44
TK-00170 R0007A Click on ImageTaylor R0007A, Chlorine Neutralizer, 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0007A$4.26
TK-00160 R0006A Click on ImageTaylor R0006A, Base Demand Reagent, 22 m, 0.75 OzR0006A$3.79
TK-00150 R0005A Click on ImageTaylor R0005A, Acid Reagent, 22 ml, 0.75 OzR0005A$3.95
TK-00142 R0004E Click on ImageTaylor R0004E, pH Indicator, 16 ozR0004E$25.19
TK-00141 R0004C Click on ImageTaylor R0004C, 4 PH Indicator, 2 ozR0004C$8.22
TK-00140 R0004A Click on ImageTaylor R0004A, pH Indicator - 22 ml, 0.75 ozR0004A$4.03

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