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Polaris Pool Cleaners

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Polaris Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

Polaris 180 Pool Cleaner 
polaris 280 pool sweep
Polaris 340 Pool Cleaner

Polaris 180
Pool Cleaner

Polaris 280
Pool Cleaner

Polaris ATV
Pool Cleaner

The Original Polaris Pool Cleaners, Requires a Booster Pump for Operation Polaris 280 improves on the 280 by creating a larger opening for debris as well as a larger collecting Bag. The Polaris 280 Requires a Booster Pump. Polaris ATV is a suction cleaner. Hooks directly to your skimmer line or dedicated vacuum line. No Booster pump is required.
Polaris 180 Parts Diagram Polaris 280 Parts Diagram Polaris 340 Parts Diagrams
Polaris 180 Detail Page Polaris 280 Detail Page Polaris 340 Detail Page
Polaris 180 Manual Polaris 280 Manual Polaris 340 Manual
Polarpolaris 360 pool cleaner
polaris 380 pool cleaner

Polaris 360
Pool Cleaner

Polaris 380
Pool cleaners

Polaris 360 operates off a return line or dedicated pressure line. Does not require a booster pump Polaris 380 Similar to Polaris 180 and Polaris 280. Polaris 380 uses a belt driven system, whereas the 180 and 280 use a solid drive train. Polaris 380 uses a booster Pump