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Swimming Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters, Spa Heaters

We offer a complete line of swimming pool heaters and parts, from all the major manufactures. Jandy, Tele Dyne Laars, AquaCal, Pentair, Hayward and more. Whether its a single part or a complete heater, we can supply your needs.

Swimming pool gas heater- Synthetic or natural - Swimming pool Gas heaters are of two types those use natural gas or methane and those using synthetic gas or propane, LP.  The principal characteristic of a gas heater are quick heating and low cost of ownership. Gas is subject to local availability and often requires a storage tank for the gas.

Oil Heaters - Swimming Pool  Oil heaters burn diesel fuel or heating oil, similar to oil burners used to heat homes. The principal characteristics of a oil heater are similar to that of a gas heater. A storage tank is required to hold the fuel and fuel type is subject to local availability.

Electric Immersion - Swimming pool  electric pool heaters are heaters that use electricity to heat the water. Very similar to the  immersion coffee cup heaters used to warm single cup of water for coffee.  The characteristics of an electric heater are low cost and medium efficiency in heating.

Heat Exchangers - Electric heaters that use a compressor, similar to an Air Conditioners to heat the pool. The Heat Exchangers, offer the lowest cost of heating a pool of all the heaters available today.

Solar pool heater - Solar heaters use the sun's energy to heat the pool, panels are installed on a roof or in the back yard and connected to the pools filtering system. The number of panels needed is general the surface area of the pool divided by the square foot / panel. Factors of .8 to 1.2 are applied depending on the efficiency of the panel and the direction with regards to the sun, the panels are placed.

Bigger is Better: Although the cost for a larger heater would be greater. The actual cost to operate could actually be less. Faster heating is achieved, using less fuel.

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