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Swimming Pool Manufacturers

Whats New:

Astral Swimming Pool Parts Diagrams has been updated with five new products, Including Astral Multiport Valves. Please call 954-442-1066

Updated: June 14, 2016

We Carry Brands By

American Pool Products
Auto Pilot
Baracuda Pool Cleaners
Carefree Ionizers
Hayward Pool Products
Jandy Pool Products
Letro Pool Products
Pac Fab Pool Products
Purex Pool Products
Polaris Pool Products
Pentair Pool Products

..... Many More

Recent Events:

Whitefly Invasion

demo The Whitefly arrived in Florida in 2009. Today it is found from the Florida Keys to the Palm Beaches. Areas infested leave a "honeydew-like" like film on pools that rapidly depletes chlorine. A favorite host to the white fly is the coconut palm, often found near pools. If you are experiencing rapid chlorine depletion that cannot be explained by any other means, contact you pool professional.

Updated: August 2014

Swimming Pool Equipment Manufacturers

This document lists the telephone numbers of most of the manufacturers we carry equipment from. For detailed technical information on products please contact the manufacturer

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Manufacturer Companies Begining with Letter A

Manufacturer Phone Fax Website
A.O. Smith Motors 800-543-9450
A&B BRUSH CO 818-303-8856 818-303-1207  
A-1 SPA CONTROLS 909-789-1459 909-789-1459  
ABCO  POOL MANUF & DIST 718-463-2100 718-358-3298  
ACCENT FOUNTAINS INC 205-536-3192 205-536-3161  
ACCENT SPA & GAZEBO 541-664-7727 541-664-2005  
ACRYLIC REPAIR KIT 818-508-0168 818-769-3949  
ACTION HAVILAND 201-625-9400 201-625-9409  
ACURA SPA SYSTEMS 909-940-4562 909-940-4567  
AIR ENERGY HEAT PUMPS, INC 954-785-4900 954-785-4900  
AIR-LOK POOL COVERS 405-942-5924 405-789-4936  
Air Supply of the Future, Inc.   800-848-3077
ALADIN EQUIPMENT 941-371-3732 941-371-4165  
AllChem 352-378-9696
ALPHA PRODUCTS 954-584-5561 954-581-9777  
ALPS Manufacturing 404-696-2707
American Biophysics Corporation 877-545-5737    
American Biophysics Corporation 877-545-5737    
American Granby 800-776-2266
Anderson Manufacturing Co. 800-348-1316
AquaBond 714-961-1420
AquaChek 574-262-2060?
AquaSalt 574-262-2060    
AMERICAN PRODUCTS, INC 805-523-2400 805-529-2659  
AMERICH CORP 818-982-1711 818-982-2764  
ANTHONY POOLS 909-598-0209 800-776-6532  
Applied Biochemists 800-445-2059 800-482-5295
AQUA CLEAR INDUSTRIES 518-274-9777 518-274-9781  
Aqua Creek 888-687-3552
Aqua Products Inc. 800-221-1750 201-857-8981  
Aquatic Access 800-325-5438
Aquatic Technology 800-446-6416    
AQUA VAC 561-688-0211 561-688-1974  
AQUALARM 619-575-4011 619-575-4012
AQUALITY  BY STARITE 414-534-5121 800-582-2217  
Access Resin Products 888-668-9315    
Astral Pool Products 866-457-6657
Atlantic Pool Products/Trendium 800-363-3232
Atlas Minerals & Chemicals 800-523-8269
Automatic Pool Covers 800-878-5789