Phone : 954-442-1066

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Swimming Pool Manufacturers

Swimming Pool Equipment Manufacturers

This document lists the telephone numbers of most of the manufacturers we carry equipment from. For detailed technical information on products please contact the manufacturer

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Manufacturer Companies Begining with Letter B

Manufacturer Phone Fax Website
BAKER HYDRO FILTRATION 306-793-7291 706-790-5688  
BARACUDA INTERNATIONAL CORP 954-735-9700 954-739-3683  
BIOGUARD POOL & SPA PRODUCTS 404-378-1761 404-687-2000  
Balboa Water Group 714-384-0384
BLACK BOTTOM PRODUCTS, L.L.C 602-279-1901    
BLUE DEVIL NDUSTRIES 619-661-7070 619-661-1818  
Blue-White Industries 714-893-8529
BRETT AQUALINE, INC 714-891-7211 714-897-3284  
BugBand 800-473-9467