Swimming Pool Manufacturers, Letters C-F

Phone : 954-442-1066

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Swimming Pool Manufacturers

Swimming Pool Equipment Manufacturers

This document lists the telephone numbers of most of the manufacturers we carry equipment from. For detailed technical information on products please contact the manufacturer

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Manufacturer Companies Begining with Letter C

Cal-June Inc 818-761-3516   www.jimbuoy.com
Cardinal Systems 570-385-4733   www.cardinalsystemsinc.com
CARETAKER SYSTEMS, INC 602-948-1199 602-951-4319 www.swimcsi.com
Carson Industries 800-735-5566   www.carsonind.com
CASUALINE 407-656-6328 407-656-6328
CHLORINE CHEMISTRY COUNCIL 703-741-5935 703-741-6935
CGM Incorporated 215-638-4400  
Clear Deck Systems 866-607-3325   www.cleardecksystems.com
Coates Heater Company 253-872-7256   www.coatesheaters.com
Compu Pool Products 888-989-7258   www.compupoolproducts.com
Confer Plastics 800-635-3213   www.conferplastics.com
Consolidated Manufacturing 919-781-3411    
Coverstar LLC 800-617-7283   www.coverstar.com
Century Motors 937-667-2431   www.centuryelectricmotor.com


Manufacturer Companies Begining with Letter D

Danner Manufacturing 631-234-5261   www.dannermfg.com
Deck-O-Seal (W.R. Meadows) 800-542-7665   www.deckoseal.com
Del Ozone 800-676-1335   www.delozone.com
Delta Ultraviolet 866-889-8765   www.deltauv.com
Diversitech 800-995-2222   www.diversitech.com
DOUGHBOY  RECREATIONAL 909-987-4741 909-980-0700
Dover Vinyl Products 732-244-1444   www.dovervinyl.com


Manufacturer Companies Begining with Letter E

Easy Care / McGrayel 800-289-7660   www.mcgrayel.com
Ecosmarte 800-466-7946   www.glasspackfilter.com
Emerson Electric/U.S. Motors 866-278-6920   www.usmotors.com
Enersol 905-659-2929   www.enersol.com
ETANI INT'L, INC 603-883-2400 800-235-0185

Manufacturer Companies Begining with Letter F

FAFCO, INC 415-363-2690 415-363-2890
Federal Stone Industries 301-271-7121   www.federalstone.com
Feherguard Inc 905-876-4766   www.feherguard.com
Fiberstars 888-704-2276 510-490-3247 www.Fiberstars
Filbur Manufacturing 714-228-6000   www.filburmfg.com
Flexible Solutions 800-661-3560    
Fort Wayne Pools 800-833-3800   www.fortwaynepools.com
FRANKLIN ELECTRIC 219-824-2900 219-824-2909