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Letro Pool Sweep I & II Hose Diagram


Letro Pool Sweep I and II Head Parts Diagram

Letro Pool Sweep parts list and diagram for Letro Pool Sweep

Letro Pool Sweep I & II Hose Diagram

Letro Pool Sweep Head Parts List

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 EF07 O-Ring for Hose Connector OR-0130
2 LG01BL Top Shell Blue AC-01127
3 LG08 Spacer, SS AC-01129
4 LG10A Gear Housing Screw AC-01151
5 LG12 O-ring for Gear Axle AC-01153
6 LG13 Wall Hose Connector (Short) AC-01244
7 LG14 Floor Hose Connector (Long) AC-01245
8 LG15A Thumb Screw AC-01157
9 EG16A Compression Spring AC-01158
10 LG17 Grommet- Wall Hose Connector --  
11 LG18 Grommet - Floor Hose Connector AC-01160
12 LG21C Valve Drivve Jet AC-01160L
13 LG26L Gear Axle With Tile Rinser (Blue) AC-01161
14 LG28A Gear Housing Cover AC-01164
15 LG29 Gasket for G28A AC-01168
16 LG30B Lower Bearing with O-ring AC-01165
17 LG31 Axle and Impeller Thrust Bearing AC-01163
18 LG32 O-ring for Lower Bearing OR-0189
19 LG33C Turbine Wheel for G35B AC-01168L
20 LG35B Thrust Bearing AC-01136L
21 LG35C Bearing Holder AC-01125
22 LG36L Valve Gear AC-01169L
23 LG39 Tile Rinser with Screw AC-01172
24 LG47 Spinner Washer AC-01171
25 LG49 Tile Rinser Screw --  
26 LG27 Gear Housing AC-01170
27 LG55 Float for Cleaner Head --  
28 LF24 O-Ring for Back-up Extension AC-01143
29 EJ04 O-ring for Valve Jet AC-01191
30 PG27A Accessory for G27 --  
31 LG06 Nut AC-01174
32 LG04 Washer - Flat --  
33 LG51C Screw Thrust Adjuster --  
1-33 L79BL Replacement Head Made by Letro AC-01106
Terms: NLA = No Longer Availble. -- --
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items. -- --
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

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