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Swimming Pool Goggles

Pool Goggles

Swimming Pool Goggles.




Comp 1: Goggles for Junior Swimmers. These Comp 1 ! goggles are designed to easily fit young swimmers. Non- Leek style, soft rubber eye cups, help prevent leaking. Adjustable head strap and nose bridge. Mfr.. number 94350
PoolMaster Goggles
Swim Goggle. Pizazz II. The innovative single lens design provides a conformable contoured fit. Shatter resistant, soft molded eye cups, and adjustable latex head strap. Assorted Colors. Mfr. number 94850
PoolMaster Goggles
Competition Goggles for coemptive and recreational swimming. Complete protections for the eyes in chlorinated pool water. heavy plastic material with sponge rubber edges. Rubber or elastic head strap and adjustable nose bridge. Mfr. number 94550

Part Numbers and Purchasing

Swimming Pool Goggles

Sku Number Part Number Description
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  94350 PoolMaster Compi 1 - Goggles for Junior Swimmers p/n 94350
  94550 PoolMaster Competition Swim Goggles
GA-00502 94850 PoolMaster Swim Goggles Pizazz II p/n 94850



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