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Astral Swimming Pool Filters

Astral Pool Filters

We offer a complete line of swimming pool filters from all major manufacturers. This page shows Astral Pool Filters

Astral Pool Filters, Product Listing

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FI-17946No ImageAstral 22507, Complete Sand Filter, Top Mount, Millenium 2000, 22, 54 GPM, 1.5 Inch Valve22507$286.84
FI-17937No ImageAstral 22505, Complete Sand Filter, Topmount, Millenium 2000, 19, 40 Gpm, 1-1/2 Valve22505$254.06
FI-17925No ImageAstral 22503, Complete Sand Filter, Topmount, Millenium 2000, 17, 32 Gpm, 1.5 Inch Valve22503$231.61
FI-17916No ImageAstral 22502, Complete Sand Filter, Topmount, Millenium 2000, 15, 24 Gpm, 1-1/2 Valve22502$204.19
FI-17775No ImageAstral 18111R0100, Cartridge DE 50 2500 Series18111R0100$229.86

1 - 5 of 5

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