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Swimming Pool Filters, Hayward Pool Filters

Hayward Pool Filters

We offer a complete line of swimming pool filters from all major manufacturers. This page shows Hayward Pool Filters a leader in the Industry.

Hayward Pool Filters, Product Listing

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XX-00247No ImageHayward Star-Clear Cartridge Filter Model C-200 Replaced By C-225C200$71.15Reference Only
XX-00242No ImageHayward C-1100, Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter, Replaced by C-1200C1100$370.99Reference Only
XX-00088No ImageHayward C750 Complete Cartridge Filter (No Longer Manufactured, None Available)C750$0.00Reference Only
FI-05816No ImageHayward DE-6020, Micro-Clear D.E. Filter Model , No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleDE6020$0.00
FI-05814No ImageHayward DE-4820, Micro-Clear D.E. Filter, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleDE4820$0.00
FI-05812No ImageHayward DE-2420, Micro Clear D.E. Filter, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleDE2420$0.00
FI-05808 DE7220 Click on ImageHayward DE7220, Pro-Grid Permaglass XL DE Filter, Cannot Ship UPSDE7220$1,067.99
FI-05806 DE6020 Click on ImageHayward DE6020, Pro-Grid Permaglass XL DE FilterDE6020$842.99
FI-05803 DE4820 Click on ImageHayward DE4820, Pro-Grid Permaglass XL DE FilterDE4820$788.06
FI-05802 DE3620 Click on ImageHayward DE3620, Pro-Grid Permaglass XL DE FilterDE3620$634.99
FI-05800 DE2420 Click on ImageHayward DE2420, Pro-Grid Permaglass XL DE FilterDE2420$573.00
FI-05706No ImageHayward S244T, Pro Series Sand Filter, Top Mount ValveS244T$440.42
FI-05704No ImageHayward S200 24 Inch Sand FilterS200$681.66
FI-05533No ImageHayward C4030 SwimClear Cartridge Filter, 425 Sq-FtC4030$1,045.84
FI-05528 EC75 Click on ImageHayward Perflex DE Filter Model EC-75EC75$760.79
FI-05524 EC65A Click on ImageHayward Perflex DE Filter Model EC65AEC65A$561.00
FI-05522 EC50AC Click on ImageHayward EC50AC Perflex DE Filter With ClampEC50AC$408.36
FI-05520 EC40AC Click on ImageHayward EC40AC,Perflex DE Filter Model., Clamp Style Lid, Replaces EC-40A, EC40AEC40AC$308.99
FI-05518No ImageHayward C17502, Star-Clear Plus Cartridge Filter, 2 Inch FittingsC17502$479.99
FI-05516No ImageHayward Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter Model C1200, 1-1/2 Inch Fittings, Replaces C1100C1200$370.99
FI-05515No ImageHayward C12002, Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter, 2 Inch Fittings, Replaces C1100C12002$370.99
FI-05510 C9002 Click on ImageHayward C900-2, Star-Clear Plus Cartridge Filter, 2 Inch FittingsC9002$313.99
FI-05509 C900 Click on ImageHayward C-900, Star-Clear Plus Cartridge Filter, 1.5 Inch FittingsC900$312.99
FI-05508No ImageHayward C800, Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter, No Longer Manufactured, None Available, See C900 as a ReplacementC800$313.99
FI-05506 C8002 Click on ImageHayward C8002, Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter, 2 Inch Fittings, Replaced By C900C8002$313.99
FI-05505 C751 Click on ImageHayward C751, Star-Clear Plus Cartridge FilterC751$274.00
FI-05504 C500 Click on ImageHayward C500, Star-Clear Cartridge FilterC500$216.99
FI-05502 C250 Click on ImageHayward C250, Star-Clear Cartridge FilterC250$162.00
FI-05501A HAYC225 Click on ImageHayward C225, Micro Star-Clear Cartridge FilterHAYC225$71.15
FI-05433 C4030 Click on ImageHayward C4030 Swim Clear Cartridge Filter, 425 Sq-FtC4030$829.99
FI-05432 C3030 Click on ImageHayward C3030 Swim Clear Cartridge Filter, 325 Sq-FtC3030$731.00
FI-05431 C2030 Click on ImageHaywardr C2030 Swim Clear Cartridge Filter, 225 Sq-FtC2030$611.00
FI-05424 S310S Click on ImageHayward S310S, Pro Series Sand Filter Model S-310S , No Valve, Cannot Ship UPSS310S$729.99
FI-05422No ImageHayward S244S, Pro Series Sand Filter With ValveS244S$545.99
FI-05420 S210S Click on ImageHayward S210S, Pro Series Sand FilterS210S$461.00
FI-05408 S310T2 Click on ImageHayward S310T2, Pro Series Sand Filter , Replaces S310T Filter, Cannot Ship UPSS310T2$584.99
FI-05406-2 S244T2 Click on ImageHayward S244T2, Pro Series Sand Filter Model With 2 Inch ValveS244T2$368.99
FI-05406 S244T Click on ImageHayward S244T, Pro Series Sand Filter Model With ValveS244T$333.99
FI-05403No ImageHayward S-220T, Pro Series Sand Filter ModelS220T$322.00
FI-05402 S180T Click on ImageHayward S180T, Pro Series Sand Filter ModelS180T$260.99
FI-05401 S166T Click on ImageHayward S166T, Pro Series Sand FilterS166T$225.00

1 - 41 of 41

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