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Swimming Pool Filters, Complete Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters are one of the most important pieces of swimming pool equipment you own. Swimming pool filters remove dirt and debris from the pool. There are three types of pool filters on the market today, sand, cartridge and DE filters. Regardless of the type of filter they all work the same by trapping the contaminants in the filter media.? Removal of the contaminants helps reduces algae.

Choosing the right filter is not hard; it is based on personal preference, cost and geographical area.? In very general terms, Cartridge filters are the least expensive to buy, ongoing costs include the cost of a replacing the cartridge every 2-4 years.? DE filters are the most expensive to buy, ongoing cost include purchasing DE powder each time you recharge the filter.? Sand filters are intermediate to cost and the least expensive to maintain.

In order to determine the correct filter size, you start with the number of gallons in the pool; the goal is to have one turnover of pool water in 6-8 hours.? ?Divide the total gallons by 6 or 8, then divide by 60, giving you the number of gallons per minute. Select a filter that has this capacity or larger, larger filters offer longer times between cleanings.? Finally make sure the pump is capable of delivering the required number of gallons

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PLM100 Click on Image Sta-Rite PLM100, Media Filter
PLM150 Click on Image Sta-Rite PLM150, Media Filter
PLM200 Click on Image Sta-Rite PLM200, Media Filter
S8M150 Click on Image Sta-Rite S8M150, Modular Media Filter Model, 450 Sq -Ft
S7M120 Click on Image Sta-Rite S7M120, Modular Media Filter, 300 Sq Ft
BF168 Click on Image Harmsco BF168, Commercial Filter, 28 Cartridges
BF252 Click on Image Harmsco BF252, Commercial Filter, 42 Cartridges
BF336 Click on Image Harmsco BF336, Commercial Filter, 56 Cartridges
BF450 Click on Image Harmsco BF450, Commercial Filter, 75 Cartridges, Cannot Ship UPS
BF600 Click on Image Harmsco BF600, Commercial Filter, 100 Cartridges , Cannot Ship UPS
No Image Harmsco BF-105SC, 105 sq-ft Cartridge Filter
No Image Harmsco BF155SC, 155 sq-ft Cartridge Filter
261055 Click on Image Pentair, Pac Fab 26-1055 Multiport Valve, 2 Inch For Triton Filters, Side Mount
261050 Click on Image Pac Fab 26-1050, Multiport Valve, 2 Inch For Triton Filters, Side Mount, New Models
No Image Pentair, Pac Fab 26-1165, Multiport Side Valve Kit 2 Inch Slip Fittings, No Longer Avaialble See 263064
263064 Click on Image Pentair, Pac Fab 26-3064 2 Inch Push-Pull Valve Kit, 7.5 Inch Centers
No Image Pentair 160340, Clean and Clear Cartridge Filter, 200 Sq-ft,
S166T Click on Image Hayward S166T, Pro Series Sand Filter
SP180T Click on Image Hayward SP180T, Pro Series Sand Filter Model
No Image Hayward S-220T, Pro Series Sand Filter Model
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