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Swimming Pool Baskets, Pool Pump Basket

Swimming Pool Pump Baskets

We offer a complete line of swimming pool baskets for your swimming pool pump Including pump baskets: Hayward Pool Pump Basket, Jacuzzi Magnum Pump Baskets, as well as baskets from: American Products, Sta-Rite,  Hayward,  Pac Fab, Pentair and many more.

Swimming Pool Pump Baskets, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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BA-0205G B205 Click on ImageReplacement Basket for Pac Fab Challenger 355387, 355318, OriginalB205$29.52
BA-0199G B199 Click on ImageAladdin B-199, Replacement Basket Aquatron, Whisperflo 070387, Purex P-01325, Waterco 3193210B199$4.30
BA-0196G B196 Click on ImageAladdin B-196, Replacement Basket For Swimquip 16920-0017B196$9.96
BA-0188G B188 Click on ImageAladdin B-188, Replacement Basket, Swimquip 16200-7 XL6B188$11.81
BA-0187G B187 Click on ImageAladdin B-187, Replacement Basket For Swimquip XL6 Part-Number 16200-9B187$11.65
BA-0186G B186 Click on ImageWet Institute Replacement Basket, Aladdin B-186B186$12.95
BA-0177G B177 Click on ImageAladdin B-177, Replacement Basket for American Products 393004, 39300400B177$19.93
BA-0176GNo ImageAladdin B-176, Replacement Basket for Marlow 25774-00B176$12.10
BA-0175G B175 Click on ImageAladdin B-175, Replacement Basket for Baker Hydro PumpB175$9.23
BA-0174G B174 Click on ImageAladdin B-174, Replacement Basket for Marlow Noryl Part-Number 4058400B174$13.79
BA-0171G B171 Click on ImageAladdin B-171, Replacement Basket for Marine Part-Number 7650-4B171$13.56
BA-0170G B170 Click on ImagePac-Fab 790 Pump Basket 35-3312. Aladdin B-170, GenericB170$4.74
BA-0169G B169 Click on ImageAladdin, B-169 Replacement Basket for Hayward Part-Number SP1250R, SPX1250R, Pump BasketB169$7.71
BA-0169No ImageHayward SPX250R, Basket, Hayward Pump Basket, OriginalSP1250R$7.75
BA-0167G B167 Click on ImageAladdin B-167,Generic Pump Basket Replaces Hayward SPX1600MB167$4.32
BA-0167 SPX1600M Click on ImageHayward SPX1600M 1600 and 2600 Series Trap Basket, Original, Replaces SP-1600M, SP1600MSPX1600M$10.67
BA-0165G B165 Click on ImageAladdin B-165, Replacement Pump Basket Replaces American Sanitary 40587, Powder CoatedB165$47.14
BA-0146G B146 Click on ImageAladdin B-146, Replacement Basket for Pool Quip 1400-5, Plastic Coated, Special OrderB146$51.52
BA-0138G B138 Click on ImageAladdin B-138, Replacement Metal Basket, Marine Part-Number 71110B138$87.93
BA-0137G B137 Click on ImageAladdin B-137, Replacement Basket, Marine Part-Number 7650-4, Plastic CoatedB137$66.70
BA-0107G B107 Click on ImageAladdin B-107, Replacement Basket, 6 inch StariteB107$11.09
BA-0106G B106 Click on ImageAladdin B-106, Basket for 5 inch Starite, American part-number 39000600B106$5.61
BA-0105G B105 Click on ImageAladdin B-105, Replacement Pump Basket, Starite 4 inch locking TopB105$5.59
BA-0103G B103 Click on ImageAladdin B-103, Replacement Pump Basket, Repalcement For Jacuzzi 16-0470B103$12.27
BA-0101G B101 Click on ImageAladdin B-101, Pump Basket Harmon International, Swimrite, Non-Locking, Pac-Fab RP2 Model 590B101$9.04
BA-0046G B46 Click on ImageAladdin B-46, Replacement Basket for Monarch Pump P-4MB46$12.16
BA-0045G B45 Click on ImageAladdin B-45, Basket for Hydro Pump 708-1 Part Number 700P21B45$7.27
BA-0044G B44 Click on ImageAladdin B-44, Replacement Basket, Hydro Pump 708-2 Part Number 560B44$11.64
BA-0043 513036 Click on ImagePac Fab 513036, Skimmer Basket, Original513036$23.42
BA-0036G B36 Click on ImageAladdin B36, Aqua Flo, Purex, Eastside, 6 Inch Tappered 5.75,Top, 4.7, Height, 3.6, Bottom InchesB36$4.03
BA-0035G B35 Click on ImageAladdin B-35, Pump Basket For Starite 4 Inch, Premier 104 P-1B35$7.36
BA-0035 C10813P Click on ImagePentair, Sta-Rite C10813P, Basket C108-13P, OriginalC10813P$17.26
BA-0034G B34 Click on ImageAladdin B34, Pump Basket 6 Inch, GenericB34$5.29
BA-0034 C10811P Click on ImageSta-Rite C108-11P, Pump Basket 6 Inch, OriginalC10811P$23.70
BA-0033G B33 Click on ImageAladdin B-33 Pump BasketB33$6.98
BA-0011G B11 Click on ImageAladdin B-11 Pump Replacement For Swimquip P-61B11$26.55
BA-0006G B6 Click on ImageAladdin B-6, Basket,Hydropump 414, Sta-rite 4 Inch, Swimquip 1602B6$33.01
BA-0005GNo ImageAladdin B-5, Basket, Replacement for Hydro Pump 214B5$55.75

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