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Swimming Pool Baskets, Pool Pump Basket

Swimming Pool Pump Baskets

We offer a complete line of swimming pool baskets for your swimming pool pump Including pump baskets: Hayward Pool Pump Basket, Jacuzzi Magnum Pump Baskets, as well as baskets from: American Products, Sta-Rite,  Hayward,  Pac Fab, Pentair and many more.

Swimming Pool Pump Baskets, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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BA-0054GNo ImageHydro Pump 7082 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 4-5/16 (Top), 5 (height), 3-9/16(bottom) InchesB54$35.21
BA-0053GNo ImageHYDRO Pump 1014 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 8-8/16 (Top), 15-10/16 (height), 5-2/16(bottom) InchesB53$94.88
BA-0051GNo ImageBesler 2 Inch Powder Coated Metal Basket, 7-2/16 (Top), 5-6/16 (height), 3-9/16(bottom) InchesB51$44.59
BA-0049GNo ImagePaddock 5 Inch Powder Coated Metal Basket, 5-9/16 (Top), 3 (height), 5-2/16 (bottom) InchesB49$73.18
BA-0046G B46 Click on ImageAladdin B-46, Replacement Basket for Monarch Pump P-4MB46$12.40
BA-0045G B45 Click on ImageAladdin B-45, Basket for Hydro Pump 708-1 Part Number 700P21B45$7.41
BA-0044G B44 Click on ImageAladdin B-44, Replacement Basket, Hydro Pump 7560 7082 B44$7.18
BA-0043 513036 Click on ImagePac Fab 513036, Skimmer Basket, Original513036$24.23
BA-0036G B36 Click on ImageAladdin B36, Aqua Flo, Purex, Eastside, 6 Inch Tappered 5.75,Top, 4.7, Height, 3.6, Bottom InchesB36$4.11
BA-0035G B35 Click on ImageAladdin B-35, Pump Basket For Starite 4 Inch, Premier 104 P-1B35$7.50
BA-0035 C10813P Click on ImagePentair, Sta-Rite C10813P, Basket C108-13P, OriginalC10813P$18.45
BA-0034G B34 Click on ImageAladdin B34, Pump Basket 6 Inch, GenericB34$5.39
BA-0034 C10811P Click on ImageSta-Rite C108-11P, Pump Basket 6 Inch, OriginalC10811P$24.16
BA-0033G B33 Click on ImageAladdin B-33 Pump BasketB33$7.11
BA-0025GNo ImageInternational 2442-40 Powder Coated Basket 5-10/16 (Top), 3-8/16 (height), 4-14/16 (bottom)Inches"B25$28.84
BA-0023GNo ImageHydto Pump 517 Metal Basket, 6 (Top), 7-8/16 (height), 3-10/16 (bottom)InchesB23$39.49
BA-0019GNo ImageSwimquip 13300A Metal Basket, 5-9/16(Top), 7-2/16 (height), 3-10/16 (bottom)InchesB19$36.02
BA-0018GNo ImageSwimquip 13020A, Metal Basket, 5-6/16 (Top), 8-1/16 (height), 2-14/16 (bottom) InchesB18$41.85
BA-0017GNo ImagePaddock 4 Inch Metal Basket, 6-5/16 (Top), 12-10/16 (height), 3-8/16 (bottom) InchesB17$57.19
BA-0016GNo ImagePump Basket Paddock 3 Inch Plastic, 5 (Top), 10-4/16 (height), 2-14/16 (bottom) InchesB16$41.55
BA-0015GNo ImageJacuzzi 160344 Metal .Basket 5 (Top), 6-12/16 (height), 2-14/16 (bottom) InchesB15$29.62
BA-0011G B11 Click on ImageAladdin B-11 Pump Replacement For Swimquip P-61B11$27.08
BA-0009G B9 Click on ImageSkimmer Basket, Bottom 5.75 Inch, Top 8-/15 x 5-3/16 HeightB9$39.08
BA-0007GNo ImageHarmon Powder Coaed Metal Basket, 5-2/16 (Top), 6-4/16 (height), 5-2/16 (bottom) InchesB7$42.77
BA-0006G B6 Click on ImageAladdin B-6, Basket,Hydropump 414, Sta-rite 4 Inch, Swimquip 1602B6$33.67
BA-0005GNo ImageAladdin B-5, Basket, Replacement for Hydro Pump 214B5$56.85

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101 - 126 of 126

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