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Swimming Pool Baskets, Pumps, Skimmers and Accessories

Pool Baskets, Pump Baskets, Skimmer Baskets & Accessories

We offer a complete line of swimming pool baskets, baskets for pool pumps, baskets for pool skimmers, All brands and models Including baskets for Hayward pool pumps, Pool Skimmers and Hayard leaf cannister. All the major manufactures.   American Products, Sta-Rite,  Hayward,  Pac Fab, Pentair, Astral, Jacuzzi and many more.

Baskets for Pools and Spas, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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SK-17165 00249R0002 Click on ImageAstral Basket, 4402010103 Basket with Handle Replaces 00249R000200249R0002$8.40
SK-17103 20888R0003 Click on ImageAstral Basket, 20888R0003, Basket, Astral Above Ground Skimmer20888R0003$9.49
SK-17052 4402010504 Click on ImageAstral Basket, 4402010504 Basket, Skimmer Astral In-ground With Handle, Replaces 05280R0400, 05280R04014402010504$7.32
PU-21195 R0445900 Click on ImageJandy R0445900 SHPF, SHPM Series Pump Strainer Basket R0445900$30.38
PU-19027 070387 Click on ImagePentair 070387, AQ and WFE Pump Strainer Basket, Generic070387$5.91
PU-17825 4405010402 Click on ImageAstral Basket, 4405010402, Basket, With Handle, 1800 Series, Sena Pump, Replaces 24561R0202, 24561-02024405010402$13.84
PU-17113 15628R0202 Click on ImageAstral Basket, 15628R0202, Pump Strainer Basket15628R0202$21.18
PU-17049 4405010105 Click on ImageAstral Basket, 4405010105, Replaces 01150-0202, Strainer Basket, Sprint4405010105 $26.36
PU-17008 245610205 Click on ImageAstral 24561-0205, Basket Handle, LImited Quantity245610205$13.40
PU-07020 16108606 Click on ImageJacuzzi 16-1086-06, Magnum Basket, Original16108606$22.80
PU-06100 SPX4000M Click on ImageHayward SPX4000M, Northstar Pump Basket, Generic, Original No Longer Manufactured.SPX4000M$11.02
PU-06068 SPX1250RA Click on ImageHayward SPX1250RA Strainer Basket, 1994 and PriorSPX1250RA$7.88
PU-03036 39200100 Click on ImagePentair, American Products 39200100, Eagle Pump Basket, No Longer Manufactured, None Available39200100$0.00NLA
PU-00482No ImagePentair, Sta-Rite 164010102, SS Strainer Basket, PKG184, Special Order164010102$1,258.17
PU-00026 C10833P Click on ImageSta-Rite C108-33P, Dura-Glas Basket, OriginalC10833P$12.85
FI-04100CNo ImageGeneric Replacement for American Products 850001, 8500010085000100$14.03
BA-SPX2800M SPX2800M Click on ImageHayward SPX2800M Pump Basket, OriginalSPX2800M$13.07
BA-SPX1680GA SPX1680GA Click on ImageHayward SPX1680GA Pump Basket, OriginalSPX1680GA$22.35
BA-SPX1500LX SPX1500LX Click on ImageHayward SPX1500LX Pump Basket, OriginalSPX1500LX$15.97
BA-SPX1070E SPX1070E Click on ImageHayward SPX1070E Pump Basket, OriginalSPX1070E$14.83
BA-SP5500F SPX5500F Click on ImageHayward SPX5500F, PowerFlo Pump BasketSPX5500F$22.12
BA-SP1099B SPX1099B Click on ImageHayward SPX1099B Skimmer Basket, OriginalSPX1099B$19.62
BA-SP1091C SPX1091C Click on ImageHayward SPX1091C, Skimmer BasketSPX1091C$11.24
BA-P287CTL P287CTL Click on ImageClayton Lambert P287 CTL Skimmer Basket, OriginalP287CTL$43.09
BA-AXW431ABKNo ImageHayward/Arnerson Leaf Basket, AXW431ABK,OriginalAXW431ABK$8.93
BA-88158001R 88158001R Click on ImageJacuzzi 88158001R, Skimmer Basket88158001R$13.39
BA-635086 635086 Click on ImageWaterCo Pump Basket, 635086635086$14.79
BA-635085 635085 Click on ImageWaterCo Pump Basket, 635085635085$15.90
BA-6350011No ImageWaterCo Pump Basket, 63500116350011$19.92
BA-634063 634063 Click on ImageWaterCo Pump Basket, 634063634063$35.39
BA-5508637 5508637 Click on ImageWaterway Basket Assembly, Gray, 55086375508637$32.80
BA-5501220 5501220 Click on ImageWaterway Basket With Handle, 55012205501220$12.00
BA-5501200 5501200 Click on ImageWaterway Top Mount Basket, 55012005501200$23.98
BA-5501030 5501030 Click on ImageWaterway Basket Assembly, Waterway Flo-Pro II 55010305501030$10.70
BA-5429600 5429600 Click on ImageWaterway Basket Venturi, Deep, 54296005429600$18.20
BA-5423240 5423240 Click on ImageWaterway Basket, 54232405423240$10.47
BA-5199050 5002697 Click on ImageWaterway Basket Ultra Skim Filter, 50026975002697$17.69
BA-5198000 5198000 Click on ImageWaterway Dyna-Flo Plus, Bayonet Skim-Filter, 51980005198000$8.34
BA-5196611 5196611 Click on ImageWaterway Basket, Black, 101 Sq-Ft Access Basket, 51966115196611$39.57
BA-5194030 5194030 Click on ImageWaterway Spa Skimmer Baskets, OEM, 51940305194030$9.53
BA-5193250 5193250 Click on ImageWaterway Basket Handle, Waterway, 51932505193250$2.31
BA-5193230 5193230 Click on ImageWaterway Basket, Front Access Skimmer, 51932305193230$7.08
BA-5192097 5192097 Click on ImageWaterway Skimmer Basket, 51920975192097$10.60
BA-516112 516112 Click on ImagePac Fab 516112 , Basket, Bermuda Skimmer, Original516112$30.44
BA-513330 513330 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 513330, Hydro Skim Basket513330$4.88
BA-5002687 5002687 Click on ImageWaterway Basket, Low Pro Dynaflo TM Skim Filter, Grey5002687$20.51
BA-43109206R 43109206R Click on ImageJacuzzi 43109206R, Skimmer Basket43109206R$33.59
BA-393035 39303500 Click on ImageAmerican Products 39303500, Generic, Original No Longer Available39303500$36.69
BA-391012 39101200 Click on ImageAmerican Products 39101200, Americana II Pump Basket, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaiable39101200$0.00NLA
BA-355667 355667 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 355667, Pinacle and SuperFlo Pump Basket355667$21.92

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1 - 50 of 242

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