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Swimming Pool Baskets, Pumps, Skimmers and Accessories

Pool Baskets, Pump Baskets, Skimmer Baskets & Accessories

We offer a complete line of swimming pool baskets, baskets for pool pumps, baskets for pool skimmers, All brands and models Including baskets for Hayward pool pumps, Pool Skimmers and Hayard leaf cannister. All the major manufactures.   American Products, Sta-Rite,  Hayward,  Pac Fab, Pentair, Astral, Jacuzzi and many more.

Baskets for Pools and Spas, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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BA-0200G B200 Click on ImageAladdin B200, Replacement Basket for American Products S-20B200$7.80
BA-0200 85014500 Click on ImageAmerican Products 85014500, S-20 Basket, Original85014500$24.99
BA-0199G B199 Click on ImageAladdin B-199, Replacement Basket Aquatron, Whisperflo 070387, Purex P-01325, Waterco 3193210B199$6.43
BA-0197G B197 Click on ImageAladdin B-197, Replacement Basket for Lomart 95-006, GenericB197$11.70
BA-0196G B196 Click on ImageAladdin B-196, Replacement Basket For Swimquip 16920-0017B196$10.15
BA-0195G B195 Click on ImageAladdin B-195, Replacement Basket, Replaces Lomart 46-044B195$12.86
BA-0194G B194 Click on ImageAladdin B-194, Replacement Basket, Lomart Part-Number 46-036B194$13.18
BA-0193G B193 Click on ImageAladdin B193, Replacement Basket, Lomart 46-018 Strainer BasketB193$11.21
BA-0191G B191 Click on ImageAladdin B191, Replacement Basket, Buster Crabb Aqua Genie, Doughboy 340-1139B191$8.11
BA-0189G B189 Click on ImageAladdin B-189, Replacement Basket for Clayton-Lambert Skimmer, MetalB189$72.53
BA-0188G B188 Click on ImageAladdin B-188, Replacement Basket, Swimquip 16200-7 XL6B188$12.04
BA-0187G B187 Click on ImageAladdin B-187, Replacement Basket For Swimquip XL6 Part-Number 16200-9B187$11.88
BA-0186G B186 Click on ImageWet Institute Replacement Basket, Aladdin B-186B186$14.35
BA-0184G B184 Click on ImageAladdin B-184, Replacement Basket for Jacuzzi Part-Number 16-0964-06B184$24.47
BA-0183G B183 Click on ImageAladdin B-183, Basket for Jacuzzi Skimmer Part-Number 43-0507-07B183$22.86
BA-0183 43050707R Click on ImageJacuzzi 43-0507-07R, Skimmer Basket, Original43050707R$40.52
BA-0177G B177 Click on ImageAladdin B-177, Replacement Basket for American Products 393004, 39300400B177$20.32
BA-0176GNo ImageAladdin B-176, Replacement Basket for Marlow 25774-00B176$17.73
BA-0175G B175 Click on ImageAladdin B-175, Replacement Basket for Baker Hydro PumpB175$8.40
BA-0174G B174 Click on ImageAladdin B-174, Replacement Basket for Marlow Noryl Part-Number 4058400B174$27.73
BA-0173GNo ImageAladdin B-173 Replacement Basket for Swimrite 60828095, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableB173$0.00NLA
BA-0172G B172 Click on ImageAladdin B-172, Replacement Skimmer Basket Replacement for American Products 850039B172$4.82
BA-0172 85003900 Click on ImageAmerican Products 85003900, Skimmer Basket, Original85003900$14.37
BA-0171G B171 Click on ImageAladdin B-171, Replacement Basket for Marine Part-Number 7650-4B171$15.08
BA-0170G B170 Click on ImagePac-Fab 790 Pump Basket 35-3312. Aladdin B-170, GenericB170$7.08
BA-0169G B169 Click on ImageAladdin, B-169 Replacement Basket for Hayward Part-Number SP1250R, SPX1250R, Pump BasketB169$7.86
BA-0169No ImageHayward SPX250R, Basket, Hayward Pump Basket, OriginalSPX1250RA $13.04
BA-0168G B168 Click on ImageAladdin B-168, Replacement Skimmer Basket for Hayward SP1096CB168$6.59
BA-0168 SPX1096CA Click on ImageHayward SPX1096CA, Skimmer Basket, OriginalSPX1096CA$11.73
BA-0167G B167 Click on ImageAladdin B-167,Generic Pump Basket Replaces Hayward SPX1600MB167$6.46
BA-0167 SPX1600M Click on ImageHayward SPX1600M 1600 and 2600 Series Trap Basket, Original, Replaces SP-1600M, SP1600MSPX1600M$17.41
BA-0165G B165 Click on ImageAladdin B-165, Replacement Pump Basket Replaces American Sanitary 40587, Powder CoatedB165$73.87
BA-0152G B152 Click on ImageAladdin B-152, Replacement Basket for Hayward Skimmer Part-Number SP1082CA, SPX1082CAB152$5.72
BA-0152 SPX1082CA Click on ImageHayward SPX1082CA, Skimmer Basket, Original, Replaces SP-1082CA, SP1082CASPX1082CA$13.47
BA-0146G B146 Click on ImageAladdin B-146, Replacement Basket for Pool Quip 1400-5, Plastic Coated, Special OrderB146$91.37
BA-0138G B138 Click on ImageAladdin B-138, Replacement Metal Basket, Marine Part-Number 71110B138$103.21
BA-0137G B137 Click on ImageAladdin B-137, Replacement Basket, Marine Part-Number 7650-4, Plastic CoatedB137$74.68
BA-0136G B136 Click on ImageAladdin B136, Replacement Basket For Baker Hydro part-number 51-B-1026, GenericB136$8.31
BA-0129GNo ImageLandon Metal Skimmer Basket, 12-11/16 (Top), 2-4/16(height), 11-10/16(bottom)B129$140.46
BA-0128G B128 Click on ImageAladdin B-128, Metal Replacement Skimmer Basket Marlow 35890-00, 3589000B128$91.68
BA-0126GNo ImageMarlow 31660 Metal Basket, 3-11/16 (Top), 4-9/16(height), 3-8/16(bottom)B127$50.81
BA-0125GNo ImageMarlow 25774 Metal Basket, 5-8/16 (Top), 5- 12/16 (height), 5-2/16 (bottom) InchesB125$56.36
BA-0124GNo ImageMarlow 25771, Metal Basket, 3-11/16 (Top), 6- 4/16 (height), 3-8/16 (bottom) InchesB124$60.59
BA-0123GNo ImageMarlow 38075, Metal Basket, 4-9/16 (Top), 5-6/16 (height), 3-8/16 (bottom) InchesB123$44.31
BA-0122GNo ImageJacuzzi Basket Metal 16045502, 9-11/16 (Top), 3- 8/16 (height), 8-14/16 (bottom) InchesB122$86.54
BA-0121GNo ImageSta-Rite Basket, C10825SS, 10-12/16 (Top), 6-15/16 (height), 9-14/16(bottom) InchesB121$135.07
BA-0120GNo ImageSta-Rite Pump Basket C10834SS Powder Coated, 7-9/16 (Top), 6-15/16 (height), 6-12/16(bottom) Inches"B120$119.94
BA-0117G B117 Click on ImageHayward SPX1080E, Replacement Skimmer Basket,Aladdin B-117 B117$11.27
BA-0117 SPX1080EA Click on ImageHayward SPX1080EA, Skimmer Basket, OriginalSPX1080EA$23.48
BA-0116G B116 Click on ImageReplaces Hayward SP1082C, Metal Basket, Special OrderB116$68.84

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101 - 150 of 242

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