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Swimming Pool Baskets, Pumps, Skimmers and Accessories

Pool Baskets, Pump Baskets, Skimmer Baskets & Accessories

We offer a complete line of swimming pool baskets, baskets for pool pumps, baskets for pool skimmers, All brands and models Including baskets for Hayward pool pumps, Pool Skimmers and Hayard leaf cannister. All the major manufactures.   American Products, Sta-Rite,  Hayward,  Pac Fab, Pentair, Astral, Jacuzzi and many more.

Baskets for Pools and Spas, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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BA-354548 354548 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 354548, Dynamo Pump Basket354548$19.38
BA-352670 352670 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 352670, Hydro Pump Basket For 700 Series Pumps 352670$39.40
BA-3193230 3193230B Click on ImageWaterway Basket 3193230B, Replaces 3193230 3193230B$13.36
BA-3193210 5193070 Click on ImageWaterway Handle, Basket, 5193070, OEM 5193070$2.14
BA-3191530 3191530 Click on ImageWaterway Trap Basket, 31915303191530$14.49
BA-3191430B 3191430B Click on ImageWaterway Basket With Basket Extension, 3191430B 3191430B$11.22
BA-3191310 3191310 Click on ImageWaterway Basket, SVI563191310$17.22
BA-26217 V38136 Click on ImageFloating Weir, American Products Skimmer, R38031A, 850001, Generic Val-Pak V38-136V38136$25.59
BA-26216 V38135 Click on ImageAmerican Products Skimmer Basket, 850001, 85000100 Generic Val-Pak V38-135V38135$31.16
BA-26215 V50105 Click on ImageBaker Hydro Skimmer Basket, 51B1026, Generic, Val-Pak V50-105V50105$33.90
BA-26214 V40574 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, SS, Premier 658, V40-574V40574$273.59
BA-26213 V50300 Click on ImageWaterway Skimmer Basket, Generic Val-Pak V50-300V50300$30.77
BA-26212No ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Dominator Pump, Heavy Duty, V40-409V40409$18.17
BA-26211 V60555 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket,Generic Hayward SPX1080 Series and SPX1075, V60-555V60555$21.65
BA-26210 V60400 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket,Generic Hayward Leaf Cannister, V60-400, Replaces Hayward AXW431AV60400$16.97
BA-26209 V65101 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Wet Industries 6 Inch Pump, V65-101V65101$40.02
BA-26208No ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Marlin Skim Filter, V28-601V28601$23.19
BA-26207 V28600 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Landon Skim Filter, V28-600V28600$39.31
BA-26206 V22110 Click on ImageSta-Rite U3 , Hayward SPX1070, Val-Pak Generic Basket, V22-110V22110$30.77
BA-26205 V38185 Click on ImageVal-Pak Generic Basket, Ultra-Flo Pump, V38-185V38185$36.69
BA-26204 V34017 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Heavy Duty Anthony Skimmer, V34-017V34017$27.39
BA-26203 V36192 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Challenger Pump, V36-192V36192$24.47
BA-26202 V60300 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Hayward Super II Pump, V60-300V60300$17.70
BA-26201 V50120 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Inverted Strainer, V50-120V50120$29.82
BA-26200 V20200 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Whisperflo Pump, Heavy Duty, V20-200V20200$21.00
BA-1901631 1901631 Click on ImageKAF Skimmer Basket, OEM, 1901631,2002888,1006,19-0163-11901631$25.79
BA-16113409R1No ImageJacuzzi 16113510R , Magnum Pump Basket Flapper, Replaces 43303601R16113510R $26.18
BA-16113409RNo ImageJacuzzi 16113409R, Magnum Pump Basket With Flapper, After Feb 2003, 12 Inch Tall16113409R$27.28
BA-16109902R 16109902R Click on ImageJacuzzi 16109902R Skimmer Basket, Original16109902R$34.66
BA-16108606R 16108606R Click on ImageJacuzzi 16108606R, Magnum Pump Basket, Prior to Feb 2003, 9 Inches16108606R$25.61
BA-16105215R 161-052-15R Click on ImageJacuzzi 16105215R, 161-052-15R, L Series Pump Basket161-052-15R$21.62
BA-16072902R 160-7290-2R Click on ImageJacuzzi 16072902R, B Series Pump Basket160-7290-2R$11.66
BA-1001 39200100 Click on ImageAmerican Products 39200100, Eagle Pump Basket, No Longer Manufacured, None Avaialble39200100$0.00NLA
BA-06500 SPX1082N Click on ImageHayward SPX1082N, Basket Handle for SPX1082CA Skimmer BasketSPX1082N$3.04
BA-0219G B219 Click on ImageAladdin B-219, Replacement Basket for Pac Fab Challenger 35-5318B219$12.49
BA-0219 355318 Click on ImagePac Fab 355318, 35-5318 , Basket For Pac Fab Challenger, Original355318$44.01
BA-0218GNo ImageAladdin B-218, Replacement Basket for Hayward SPX4000MB218$14.66
BA-0214G B214 Click on ImageAladdin B-214, SeasonMaster SMS004B214$7.60
BA-0213G B213 Click on ImageAladdin B-213, Olympic Skimmer Basket, ACM88 GenericB213$7.67
BA-0212G B212 Click on ImageAladdin B-212, Muskin Cone Strainer Basket 097-7061, GenericB212$4.87
BA-0211G B211 Click on ImageAladdin B-211, Muskin Pump Basket 097-6902, GenericB211$2.76
BA-0210G B210 Click on ImageAladdin B-210, Pump Basket Generic for Coleco 33591, Limited to Quantity on HandB210$9.13NLA
BA-0209G B209 Click on ImageAlladdin B-209, Aqua Leader Skimmer Basket, GenericB209$7.20
BA-0208GNo ImageAlladdin B-208, Basket For Swimquip Skimmer 8660-2B208$17.25
BA-0206G B206 Click on ImageAladdin B206 Replacement for Pac Fab 352670, Hydro Pump Basket For 700 Series Pumps B206$19.38
BA-0205G B205 Click on ImageReplacement Basket for Pac Fab Challenger 355387, 355318, OriginalB205$41.34
BA-0203G B203 Click on ImageAladdin B-203, Replacement Basket for Hayward SkimmerB203$8.16
BA-0203 SP1094FA Click on ImageHayward SP-1094FA, Basket for Skimmer, OriginalSP1094FA$11.19
BA-0202G B202 Click on ImageAladdin B-202, Replacement Basket For Jacuzzi 43-0676-02, 43067602B202$7.02
BA-0202 43067602 Click on ImageJacuzzi 43-0676-02, Basket, Original43067602$19.96

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51 - 100 of 242

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