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Swimming Pool Baskets, Pumps, Skimmers and Accessories

Pool Baskets, Pump Baskets, Skimmer Baskets & Accessories

We offer a complete line of swimming pool baskets, baskets for pool pumps, baskets for pool skimmers, All brands and models Including baskets for Hayward pool pumps, Pool Skimmers and Hayard leaf cannister. All the major manufactures.   American Products, Sta-Rite,  Hayward,  Pac Fab, Pentair, Astral, Jacuzzi and many more.

Baskets for Pools and Spas, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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BA-0039G B39 Click on ImageAladdin B-39, Anthony Skimmer Basket, 7 inch x 7 inchB39$10.14
BA-0038G B38 Click on ImageAladdin B-38, Floating Weir for American Products S-10 Skimmer part-number 850012B38$13.35
BA-0038 850012 Click on ImageAmerican Products 850012, Floating Weir for S-10 Float part-number R38013B, Original850012$14.42
BA-0037G B37 Click on ImageAladdin B-37, Basket for American Products S-10 Skimmer part-number 850001, 85000100B37$15.55
BA-0037 850001 Click on ImageAmerican Products R38031A, 850001 Skimmer, Metal Basket for S-10 Skimmer, Original850001$86.35
BA-0036G B36 Click on ImageAladdin B36, Aqua Flo, Purex, Eastside, 6 Inch Tappered 5.75,Top, 4.7, Height, 3.6, Bottom InchesB36$6.01
BA-0035G B35 Click on ImageAladdin B-35, Pump Basket For Starite 4 Inch, Premier 104 P-1B35$5.95
BA-0035 C10813P Click on ImagePentair, Sta-Rite C10813P, Basket C108-13P, OriginalC10813P$25.39
BA-0034G B34 Click on ImageAladdin B34, Pump Basket 6 Inch, GenericB34$7.89
BA-0034 C10811P Click on ImageSta-Rite C108-11P, Pump Basket 6 Inch, OriginalC10811P$33.28
BA-0033G B33 Click on ImageAladdin B-33 Pump Basket, Aquaflo, Premier 5", Starite, Swimrite, 3 3/4" Top, 4 9/16" HT, 5 1/8"B33$6.34
BA-0032G B32 Click on ImageAladdin B-32, Skimmer Basket, Swimrite 850002, American S-10 SkimmerB32$16.49
BA-0031G B-31 Click on ImageAladdin B31, Skimmer Basket NorCal-ME2, Special OrderB-31$89.06
BA-0030GNo ImageNor-Cal Eagle Powder Coated , 8-3/16 (Top), 5 (height), 6-12/16 (bottom)InchesB30$105.23
BA-0029GNo ImageNor-CAL Powder Coated Skimmer Basket , 7-9/16 (Top), 5-4/16 (height), 6-8/16 (bottom)InchesB29$79.00
BA-0028GNo ImageAmerican Products 850001 Metal Basket, 8-14/16 (Top), 7-14/16 (height), 6-11/16 (Bottom)InchesB28$64.76
BA-0027GNo ImageLUITWEILER Powder Coated Basket , 16-8/16 (Top), 2-2/16 (height), 15-13/16 (bottom)InchesB27$53.23
BA-0026GNo ImageInternational 1511-7 Powder Coated Basket , 16-8/16 (Top), 2-2/16 (height), 15-13/16 (bottom)InchesB26$138.73
BA-0025GNo ImageInternational 2442-40 Powder Coated Basket 5-10/16 (Top), 3-8/16 (height), 4-14/16 (bottom)Inches"B25$44.16
BA-0024GNo ImageInternational 849240 Metal Basket 10-8/16 (Top), 4-2/16 (height), 9 (bottom)InchesB24$75.24
BA-0023GNo ImageHydto Pump 517 Metal Basket, 6 (Top), 7-8/16 (height), 3-10/16 (bottom)InchesB23$60.45
BA-0019GNo ImageSwimquip 13300A Metal Basket, 5-9/16(Top), 7-2/16 (height), 3-10/16 (bottom)InchesB19$55.15
BA-0018GNo ImageSwimquip 13020A, Metal Basket, 5-6/16 (Top), 8-1/16 (height), 2-14/16 (bottom) InchesB18$64.08
BA-0017GNo ImagePaddock 4 Inch Metal Basket, 6-5/16 (Top), 12-10/16 (height), 3-8/16 (bottom) InchesB17$87.56
BA-0016GNo ImagePump Basket Paddock 3 Inch Plastic, 5 (Top), 10-4/16 (height), 2-14/16 (bottom) InchesB16$63.64
BA-0015GNo ImageJacuzzi 160344 Metal .Basket 5 (Top), 6-12/16 (height), 2-14/16 (bottom) InchesB15$45.35
BA-0013G B13 Click on ImageAladdin B13, Basket, Alladin White No-Niche SkimmerB13$13.24
BA-0013BLK B13Black Click on ImageAladdin B-13, Skimmer Basket, Black No-Niche Skimmer, Special OrderB13Black$27.70
BA-0012GNo ImageInternational PP8102-15 Metal Basket, 4-9/16 (Top), 5-4/16 (height), 3-14/16 (bottom) InchesPP8102$52.82
BA-0011G B11 Click on ImageAladdin B-11 Pump Replacement For Swimquip P-61B11$24.12
BA-0010G B10 Click on ImageSkimmer Basket Landon, Bottom: 7-13/16 x Height: 4 1/8 InchesB10$57.90
BA-0009G B9 Click on ImageSkimmer Basket, Bottom 5.75 Inch, Top 8-/15 x 5-3/16 HeightB9$4.70
BA-0009No ImageSta-Rite, Swimquip 86500007, U3 Skimmer Basket, Original, Limited to stock on hand86500007$8.62
BA-0007GNo ImageHarmon Powder Coaed Metal Basket, 5-2/16 (Top), 6-4/16 (height), 5-2/16 (bottom) InchesB7$52.82
BA-0006G B6 Click on ImageAladdin B-6,Plastic Basket,Hydropump 414, Sta-rite 4 Inch, Swimquip 1602B6$36.87
BA-0005GNo ImageAladdin B-5, Metal Basket, Replacement for Hydro Pump 214B5$62.28
BA-0004G B4 Click on ImageLandon New Style, Powder Coated Basket, MetalB4$69.42
BA-0003G B3 Click on ImageAladdin B-3, Basket Replacement for Jacuzzi 16-0343-08B3$58.95
BA-0002G B2 Click on ImageAladdin B-2, Basket, Anthony Skimmer 5x5, Metal, Special OrderB2$77.45
BA-0001G B1 Click on ImageAladdin B-1, Anthony 7x7 inch Metal Skimmer Basket, Special OrderB1$74.32
BA-0001ANo ImageAladdin B-1, Anthony 7x7 inch Skimmer Basket,PlasticB1$10.14
AC-00815 W431A Click on ImageHayward AXW431A Pool Vac Leaf Canister Replacement BasketW431A$7.61

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201 - 242 of 242

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