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Swimming Pool Baskets, Pool Pump Basket

Swimming Pool Pump Baskets

We offer a complete line of swimming pool baskets for your swimming pool pump Including pump baskets: Hayward Pool Pump Basket, Jacuzzi Magnum Pump Baskets, as well as baskets from: American Products, Sta-Rite,  Hayward,  Pac Fab, Pentair and many more.

Swimming Pool Pump Baskets, Product Listing

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Detail Link
ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
Buy Me
PU-21195 R0445900 Click on ImageJandy R0445900 SHPF, SHPM Series Pump Strainer Basket R0445900$27.50
PU-19027 070387 Click on ImagePentair 070387, AQ and WFE Pump Strainer Basket, Generic070387$4.46
PU-17825 4405010402 Click on ImageAstral 4405010402, Basket, With Handle, 1800 Series, Sena Pump, Replaces 24561R0202, 24561-02024405010402$13.84
PU-17113 15628R0202 Click on ImageAstral 15628R0202, Pump Strainer Basket15628R0202$8.49
PU-17050No ImageAstral 4404180102 Maxim Pump Collar4404180102$13.93
PU-17049 4405010105 Click on ImageAstral 4405010105, Replaces 01150-0202, Strainer Basket, Sprint4405010105 $21.57
PU-17008 245610205 Click on ImageAstral 24561-0205, Basket Handle, LImited Quantity245610205$13.40
PU-07020 16108606 Click on ImageJacuzzi 16-1086-06, Magnum Basket, Original16108606$22.80
PU-06100 SPX4000M Click on ImageHayward SPX4000M, Northstar Pump Basket, Generic, Original No Longer Manufactured.SPX4000M$9.49
PU-06068 SPX1250RA Click on ImageHayward SPX1250RA Strainer Basket, 1994 and PriorSPX1250RA$7.88
PU-03036 39200100 Click on ImagePentair, American Products 39200100, Eagle Pump Basket, No Longer Manufactured, None Available39200100$0.00NLA
PU-00482No ImagePentair, Sta-Rite 164010102, SS Strainer Basket, PKG184, Special Order164010102$1,069.98
PU-00026 C10833P Click on ImageSta-Rite C108-33P, Dura-Glas Basket, OriginalC10833P$9.61
BA-SPX2800M SPX2800M Click on ImageHayward SPX2800M Pump Basket, OriginalSPX2800M$11.53
BA-SPX1680GA SPX1680GA Click on ImageHayward SPX1680GA Pump Basket, OriginalSPX1680GA$13.04
BA-SPX1500LX SPX1500LX Click on ImageHayward SPX1500LX Pump Basket, OriginalSPX1500LX$9.15
BA-SPX1070E SPX1070E Click on ImageHayward SPX1070E Pump Basket, OriginalSPX1070E$11.38
BA-635086 635086 Click on ImageWaterCo Pump Basket, 635086635086$12.00
BA-635085 635085 Click on ImageWaterCo Pump Basket, 635085635085$12.90
BA-6350011No ImageWaterCo Pump Basket, 63500116350011$18.76
BA-634063 634063 Click on ImageWaterCo Pump Basket, 634063634063$25.93
BA-393035 39303500 Click on ImageAmerican Products 39303500, Generic, Original No Longer Available39303500$33.36
BA-391012 39101200 Click on ImageAmerican Products 39101200, Americana II Pump Basket, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaiable39101200$0.00NLA
BA-355667 355667 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 355667, Pinacle and SuperFlo Pump Basket355667$18.32
BA-354548 354548 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 354548, Dynamo Pump Basket354548$15.24
BA-352670 352670 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 352670, Hydro Pump Basket For 700 Series Pumps 352670$26.35
BA-3193230 3193230B Click on ImageWaterway Basket 3193230B, Replaces 3193230 3193230B$10.41
BA-3193210 5193070 Click on ImageWaterway Handle, Basket, 5193070, OEM 5193070$2.39
BA-3191530 3191530 Click on ImageWaterway Trap Basket, 31915303191530$12.04
BA-3191430B 3191430B Click on ImageWaterway Basket With Basket Extension, 3191430B 3191430B$9.28
BA-3191310 3191310 Click on ImageWaterway Basket, SVI563191310$15.58
BA-26214 V40574 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, SS, Premier 658, V40-574V40574$164.75
BA-26212No ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Dominator Pump, Heavy Duty, V40-409V40409$18.17
BA-26209 V65101 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Wet Industries 6 Inch Pump, V65-101V65101$24.80
BA-26205 V38185 Click on ImageVal-Pak Generic Basket, Ultra-Flo Pump, V38-185V38185$33.36
BA-26203 V36192 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Challenger Pump, V36-192V36192$19.42
BA-26202 V60300 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Hayward Super II Pump, V60-300V60300$13.19
BA-26201 V50120 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Inverted Strainer, V50-120V50120$27.11
BA-26200 V20200 Click on ImageVal-Pak Basket, Generic Whisperflo Pump, Heavy Duty, V20-200V20200$19.08
BA-1901631 1901631 Click on ImageKAF Skimmer Basket, OEM, 1901631,2002888,1006,19-0163-11901631$21.36
BA-16113409R1No ImageJacuzzi 16113510R , Magnum Pump Basket Flapper, Replaces 43303601R16113510R $24.29
BA-16113409RNo ImageJacuzzi 16113409R, Magnum Pump Basket With Flapper, After Feb 2003, 12 Inch Tall16113409R$26.18
BA-16108606R 16108606R Click on ImageJacuzzi 16108606R, Magnum Pump Basket, Prior to Feb 2003, 9 Inches16108606R$24.58
BA-16105215R 161-052-15R Click on ImageJacuzzi 16105215R, 161-052-15R, L Series Pump Basket161-052-15R$16.85
BA-16072902R 160-7290-2R Click on ImageJacuzzi 16072902R, B Series Pump Basket160-7290-2R$10.39
BA-1001 39200100 Click on ImageAmerican Products 39200100, Eagle Pump Basket, No Longer Manufacured, None Avaialble39200100$0.00NLA
BA-0219G B219 Click on ImageAladdin B-219, Replacement Basket for Pac Fab Challenger 35-5318B219$11.84
BA-0219 355318 Click on ImagePac Fab 355318, 35-5318 , Basket For Pac Fab Challenger, Original355318$41.71
BA-0218GNo ImageAladdin B-218, Replacement Basket for Hayward SPX4000MB218$11.02
BA-0211G B211 Click on ImageAladdin B-211, Muskin Pump Basket 097-6902, GenericB211$2.11

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1 - 50 of 126

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