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Swimming Pool Baskets, Pumps, Skimmers and Accessories

Pool Baskets, Pump Baskets, Skimmer Baskets & Accessories

We offer a complete line of swimming pool baskets, baskets for pool pumps, baskets for pool skimmers, All brands and models Including baskets for Hayward pool pumps, Pool Skimmers and Hayard leaf cannister. All the major manufactures.   American Products, Sta-Rite,  Hayward,  Pac Fab, Pentair, Astral, Jacuzzi and many more.

Baskets for Pools and Spas, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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BA-0107G B107 Click on ImageAladdin B-107, Replacement Basket, 6 inch StariteB107$11.31
BA-0106G B106 Click on ImageAladdin B-106, Basket for 5 inch Starite, American part-number 39000600B106$5.72
BA-0105G B105 Click on ImageAladdin B-105, Replacement Pump Basket, Starite 4 inch locking TopB105$5.95
BA-0104PG B104P Click on ImageAladdin B-104P, Plate for B-104 Aladdin Wizard BasketB104P$10.08
BA-0104G B104 Click on ImageAladdin B-104, Skimmer Basket, Aladdin Wizard, Replacement For Lilly Pad SkimmersB104$42.32
BA-0103G B103 Click on ImageAladdin B-103, Replacement Pump Basket, Repalcement For Jacuzzi 16-0470B103$12.51
BA-0101G B101 Click on ImageAladdin B-101, Pump Basket Harmon International, Swimrite, Non-Locking, Pac-Fab RP2 Model 590B101$8.09
BA-0099G B99 Click on ImageAladdin B-99 Inverted Skimmer BasketB99$16.38
BA-0082GNo ImageMonarch Metal BasketB82$82.21
BA-0081GNo ImagePaddock 8 Inch, Powder Coated Metal Basket, 12 (Top), 20-9/16, (height),7-2/16(bottom) InchesB81$238.98
BA-0080GNo ImageAmerican Producrts Powder Coated Metal Basket, 7-9/16 (Top), 5-14/16, (height), 6-5/16(bottom) InchesB80$72.35
BA-0079GNo ImageMarlow K and L Line Powder Coated Metal Basket, 5-11/16 (Top), 6-7/16, (height), 5-2/16(bottom) InchesB79$61.94
BA-0078GNo ImageMarlow H Line Powder Coated Metal Basket, 3-12/16 (Top), 4-14/16, (height), 3-2/16(bottom) Inches"B78$41.15
BA-0077GNo ImagePaddock Powder Coated Metal Basket, 3-11/16 (Top), 4-8/16, (height), 2-2/16(bottom) InchesB77$52.25
BA-0076GNo ImageJacuzzi 16-0471-28 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 5-14/16 (Top), 4-13/16, (height), 4-13/16(bottom) InchesB76$76.29
BA-0075GNo ImageEastside 6 Inch Powder Coated Metal Basket, 5-11/16 (Top), 5-1/16, (height), 3-4/16(bottom) InchesB75$58.50
BA-0074GNo ImagePac-Fab SD-8409 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 5-14/16 (Top), 4-13/16, (height), 4-13/16(bottom) InchesB74$42.42
BA-0073GNo ImagePac-Fab SD-7394 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 5-14/16 (Top), 4-13/16, (height), 4-13/16(bottom) InchesB73$50.25
BA-0072GNo ImagePaddock 18-4256 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 9-4/16 (Top), 3, (height), 8-4/16(bottom) InchesB72$70.37
BA-0071GNo ImageFieat Skimmer Basket 9 X 9 Powder Coated Metal Basket,, 9-6/16 (Top), 2-10/16 (height), 7-8/16(bottom) InchesB71$93.02
BA-0069GNo ImagePaddock 18-3850 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 8-14/16 (Top), 6-6/16 (height), 7-1/16(bottom) InchesB69$80.93
BA-0068GNo ImagePaddock Metal Basket, 13 (Top), 19 (height), 8-8/16(bottom) InchesB68$223.32
BA-0067GNo ImageLandon 2721-3 Metal Basket, 8-4/16 (Top), 2-8/16 (height), 8-3/16 (bottom) InchesB67$79.90
BA-0066GNo ImageLandon 201 A-9 Skim Filter Skimmer Basket, No Lip Powder Coated , 12-9/16 (Top), 4-6/16 (height), 12-9/16 (bottom) InchesB66$98.44
BA-0065GNo ImageLandon 2711-7 Metal Basket, 3-12/16 (Top), 8-2/16 (height), 3-15/16(bottom) InchesB65$98.29
BA-0063GNo ImageLandon Pump Basket 6 Inch Cast Iron Pump, 1724-2 Metal Powder Coated , 10-4/16 (Top), 16-9/16 (height), 5-7/16(bottom) InchesB63$142.54
BA-0062GNo ImageLandon 17232 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 6-8/16 (Top), 11-10/16 (height), 3-9/16(bottom) Inches, Special OrderB62$89.61
BA-0061GNo ImageLandon 17222 Metal Basket, 5 (Top), 9-6/16 (height), 7-14/16(bottom) InchesB61$89.61
BA-0060GNo ImageLandon 1725-2 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 12-1/16 (Top),19-9/16 (height), 7-2/16 (bottom) InchesB64$220.98
BA-0059GNo ImageJacuzzi 16-444, 16-0471-28, Powder Coated Metal Basket, 3-12/16 (Top), 4-6/16 (height), 3-2/16(bottom) InchesB59$62.28
BA-0058GNo ImageJacuzzi 16-0363-03,160455-02 , Powder Coated Metal Basket, 9-12/16 (Top), 3-7/16 (Height), 8-8/16(bottom) InchesB58$80.45
BA-0057GNo ImageJacuzzi Powder Coated Metal Pump Basket 16-354, 16-0470-03, 7-9/16 (Top), 6-15/16 (height), 6-12/16(bottom) InchesB57$47.76
BA-0056GNo ImageJacuzzi 16-345 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 6-8/16 (Top), 8-13/16 (height), 4-9/16(bottom) InchesB56$72.15
BA-0055GNo ImageHydro Pump 708-1 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 4-4/16 (Top), 6 (height), 3-10/16(bottom) InchesB55$47.35
BA-0054GNo ImageHydro Pump 7082 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 4-5/16 (Top), 5 (height), 3-9/16(bottom) InchesB54$53.91
BA-0053GNo ImageHYDRO Pump 1014 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 8-8/16 (Top), 15-10/16 (height), 5-2/16(bottom) InchesB53$145.27
BA-0052GNo ImageAqua Quip Powder Coated Metal Basket, 7-5/16 (Top), 4-3/16 (height), 5-14/16(bottom) InchesB52$76.82
BA-0051GNo ImageBesler 2 Inch Powder Coated Metal Basket, 7-2/16 (Top), 5-6/16 (height), 3-9/16(bottom) InchesB51$68.26
BA-0050GNo ImagePaddock Metal Basket, 9-3/16 (Top), 16-2/16 (height), 5-10/16(bottom) InchesB50$131.25
BA-0049GNo ImagePaddock 5 Inch Powder Coated Metal Basket, 5-9/16 (Top), 3 (height), 5-2/16 (bottom) InchesB49$112.03
BA-0048GNo ImagePaddock AB0961 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 7-7/16 (Top), 9-10/16 (height), 4-9/16 (bottom) InchessB48$100.08
BA-0047GNo ImageSwimqui 8695 Powder Coated Metal Basket, 8 (Top), 3-6/16 (height), 7-8/16 (bottom) InchesB47$82.62
BA-0046G B46 Click on ImageAladdin B-46, Replacement Basket for Monarch Pump P-4MB46$12.40
BA-0045G B45 Click on ImageAladdin B-45, Basket for Hydro Pump 708-1 Part Number 700P21B45$10.74
BA-0044G B44 Click on ImageAladdin B-44, Replacement Basket, Hydro Pump 7560 7082 B44$10.51
BA-0043G B43 Click on ImageAladdin B-43, Replacement Basket for Pac-Fab Skimmer Part-Number 51-3036B43$8.01
BA-0043 513036 Click on ImagePac Fab 513036, Skimmer Basket, Original513036$34.82
BA-0042G B42 Click on ImageAladdin B-42, Basket, Skimmer FiestaB42$19.70
BA-0041G B41 Click on ImageAladdin B-41, Basket, Skimmer Paddock, See B-40B41$21.45
BA-0040G B40 Click on ImageAladdin B-40, Basket, Skimmer LandonB40$20.76

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151 - 200 of 242

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