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Alternate forms of Pool Sanitization

Swimming Pool Alternate forms of Pool Sanitizers

Copper-Silver Ionization Systems: Bactericidal effectiveness of silver in minute concentrations has been known for many centuries.  Greek Historians wrote that Cyrus the Greek, King of Prussia, carried water in silver flagons on his various military expeditions to keep the water fresh.  As settlers moved across the American West, they would purify a container of water by putting a silver dollar in it overnight.

Silver based Chlorine Free water purification systems have been used effectively in Europe for many years. Silver is the leading method for treatment of burn victims in burn centers throughout the United States.  Silver compounds stop bactericidal growth and permit the burn to heal.

Copper Ions are algicidal, fungicidal as well as bactericidal. The EPA has established and upper limit of 1.3 ppm of copper for drinking water, less than 1/4 of this amount is used in pools and spas. Copper is widely accepted as a powerful algaecide.

Unlike chlorine, Copper-Silver systems provide a disinfectant which is unaffected by sunlight and temperature. When the pump is on, the copper-Silver ions are introduced into the water supply providing unattended maintenance of the pool for weeks. Chlorine requires replacement every 5-10 days depending on the temperature and use.

Pool Magnets offer an energy free, natural solution to aid in the maintenances of swimming pool water. A powerful magnet attaches to the return line of pool. Water passing through the magnetic field alters the properties of the water to remove scale, reduce water hardness, TDS, chemical usage, helps stabilizes pH, enhances all sanitizing methods and improves overall water quality.

Bromine When Bromine Combines with Ammonia to form Bromoamines no objectional odor or burning of the eyes occurs. This is seen as a decided advantage. These Bromoamines self-decomposed rapidly and are not affected by Breakpoint chlorination. The spent Bromine can be regenerated by using a chlorine or non-chlorine shock. Bromine will decompose more rapidly by sunlight when compared to pools maintained with chlorine and properly stabilized, yet is more efficient over a broader range of pH. Once a pool has bromine added to it, it must remain a bromine pool, Unless the pool is drained, walls cleaned and refilled with fresh water.