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White Deposits on Swimming Pool Tile

Calcium Deposits in Pools

White deposits on pool tiles is usually caused by high levels of Calcium. These deposits cab show up as white scale on tile, ladders, pool lights and other surface as is caused by improper water in-balance, in particular high pH and Calcium.

Calcium Deposits on tiles is caused by the water being out of balance. Scaling can be caused by High pH, High Calcium levels or both,Causing the calcium in the water to settle out on the pool surfaces. The water would be described as Scaling.

Calcium deposits commonly occur on pool tile, light fixtures,ladders and even pool walls, they are generally off white crusty in appearance.

The first step is to adjust the pH of the Pool to an acceptable range of 7.2-7.8, if the calcium level is very high (> 400 ppm) you should try to adjust the pH to the lower end of this range or use sequestering agents. In extreme cases you might need to replace all or part of the water to reduce the calcium level. Test the incoming water versus the pool water to make sure you are adding water low in calcium.

Removal of Calcium from tiles and similar surfaces is done by brushing on a 1 part Muriatic acid to 3 parts water. Use goggles and gloves when handling Muriatic Acid

Until the water is properly balanced these stains will often return.  Remove calcium deposits to keep your pool looking its best.

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