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Swimming Pool Cleaners, Hayward Pool Vac Ultra

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra, Models for Concrete and Vinyl Pools

We offer a complete line of automatic swimming pool cleaners and parts, from all the major manufactures.   This page details the Hayward Pool Vac Ultra, which offered two models, one for concrete pools and the other for vinyl pools. The Hayward pool Vac Ultra is designed for in-ground pools. There are two models Available Model 2005C for concrete pool and model 2005V for vinyl liner pools

Pool Vac Ultra Concrete

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra Concrete Model

The Ultra in Pool Vac features a newly designed intact throat , which means it can easily capture and vacuum microscopic dust and pollen to large debris. Making Pool maintenance carefree and simple.

Simple operation, connects to the pool's vacuum line, does not require a booster pump. For pools that do not have a main drain, circulation is improved by pulling water from the bottom of the pool and recirculating it. Installation takes typically less than 10 minutes. 5 year limited warranty by Hayward.

Pool Vac Ultra Vinyl

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra Vinyl Model


Part Numbers and Purchasing

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra, For the Latest Model of the Pool Vac Cleaners see the Navigator

SKU # Description
Part Number
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AC-00807C Hayward Pool Vac Ultra in ground, Concrete
2005C, 2025C
AC-00807V Hayward Pool Vac Ultra in ground, Vinyl
2005V, 2025V



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