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Automatic Pool Cleaners, A Review

Swimming Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners: ?As the name implies, automatic pool cleaners help make the process of cleaning your pool easier by cleaning the floor and walls of your pool to remove dirt and debris.? The type of automatic cleaner depends on the type of pool since there are cleaners made specifically for in-ground or above-ground pools and for vinyl or concrete pools

We offer a complete line of automatic pool cleaners and parts, from all the major manufactures.   Sta-Rite, Arneson, Jandy, Hayward,  Baracuda, Letro, Kreepy Krauly and many more. Whether its a single part or a complete swimming pool cleaner, we can supply your needs.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Systems

For each type of swimming pool cleaner there are types manufactured for Concrete, Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools.

  • Suction-side automatic pool cleaners are easy to install and operate.? They are an excellent choice for homeowners who want a simple, economical cleaner.? Most have a single moving part and attach to your existing skimmer or to a dedicated suction port. The cleaner picks up dirt & debris when the pool pump is running and deposits it into the filter system. ?Suction-side cleaners require very little maintenance, but the filter must be cleaned regularly so that they may perform efficiently.

  • Pressure-Side Automatic Pool Cleaners attach to a dedicated return line in the pool and work on the return side of the pool’s filter system.?? Some pressure-side automatic pool cleaners also work with an additional booster pump, which increases the volume of water sent to the cleaner and helps to distribute filtered water around the pool. They have their own debris bag, so the skimmer or filter will not become clogged with dirt and debris.? Material picked up by these cleaners is deposited into fine mesh bag that attaches to the cleaner. Pressure side cleaners do not interfere with the pool’s surface skimming action. They are slightly more expensive than suction-side automatic cleaners and can be retrofitted for the pool.

  • Robotic/Electronic Automatic Pool Cleaners are slightly more expensive than suction-side or pressure-side automatic cleaners, but are still popular.? Dirt and debris storage is collected in a self-contained bag or cartridge in the cleaner and they do not need a filter system or surface skimmer. ?Very often, no special wiring is needed, since they operate on a standard 110-volt electrical supply with a built-in transformer that steps the power down to a 24-volt device. Some models are battery operated and some have remote controls.

Automatic Pool Cleaners Review

Brand / Model

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Type of Pool Cleaner
Aqua Vac Aqua Queen Hayward Tigershark Discontinued, Robotic / Electric
Arneson Pool Vac Hayward Navigator In Ground Suction Cleaner (Vinyl / Concrete)
Arneson Pool Sweep Letro Pool Sweep Pressure Side Cleaner
Hayward Pool Cleaners    
Hayward AquaDroid   Above Ground, Suction cleaner, Discontinued
Hayward Aqua Bug Hayward AquaBug Above Ground, Suction cleaner
Hayward Navigator   In Ground Suction Cleaner (Vinyl / Concrete)
Hayward Pool Vac +   In Ground Suction Cleaner (Vinyl / Concrete)
Hayward Pool Vac Ultra   In Ground Suction Cleaner (Vinyl / Concrete)
Hayward Tigershark   Robotic / Electric
Baracuda Pool Cleaners (Zodiac)    
Baracuda Alpha   Above Ground, Suction cleaner, Discontinued
Baracuda Alpha 2    
Baracuda Alpha 3+ See G4 In ground Suction Cleaner, Discontinued
Baracuda Alpha 3 + See G4 In ground Suction Cleaner, Discontinued
Baracuda Beta See G4  
Baracuda G3 See G4 In ground Suction Cleaner
Baracuda G4   In ground Suction Cleaner
Baracuda Ranger   Above Ground, Suction cleaner
Jandy Pool Cleaners (Zodiac)    
Jandy Ray Vac   Pressure Side Cleaner
Kreepy Krauly   In-Ground Suction Cleaner
Letro Pool Cleaners (Pentair)    
Letro legend    Pressure Side, Booster Pump
Letro Legend II   Pressure side Cleaner
Polaris Pool Cleaners (Zodiac)    
Polaris 180 Polaris 280 Pressure Side, Booster Pump
Polaris 280   Pressure Side, Booster Pump
Polaris 340   Suction Side Cleaner
Polaris 360   Pressure Side, No Booster Pump
Polaris 380   Pressure Side, Booster Pump
Sta-Rite Pool Cleaners (Pentair)    
Sta-Rite Great White 8000   Suction Cleaner Above Ground
Sta-Rite Great White 9000   Suction Cleaner Above Ground, Discontinued
Sta-Rite Great White 9500   Suction Cleaner In Ground Pool Cleaner

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