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Swimming Pool Filter Parts, Astral Filters

Astral Filter Parts

We have many Pool Filter Parts for your Astral Pool Filters

Astral Filter Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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PU-17820 190280-400 Click on ImageAstral 190280400, Rotor and Spider Gasket, Replaced by 4404121104 190280-400$21.23
PU-17808No ImageAstral 18225R0300, Tall Lid And Lock Ring, Used on Astral 2500 Terra and Cel Filter18225R0300$327.78
PU-17805No ImageAstral 18224R0800, Lock Ring, Top Assembly, No Longer Manufactured, None Available18224R0800$0.00NLA
PU-17802 18224R0600 Click on ImageAstral 18224R0600, Short Lid And Lock Ring, No Longer Manufactured, None Available18224R0600$141.55
PU-17727 15782R0204 Click on ImageAstral 15782R0204, Outlet Pipe 20 Filter15782R0204$26.75
PU-17724No ImageAstral 15782R0203, Collector, Diffuser Elbow15782R0203$8.97
PU-17700No ImageAstral 157800602, Drain Plug157800602$8.03
PU-17697 15752R0002 Click on ImageAstral 15752R0002, Pump Base15752R0002$15.99
PU-17691 15702R0200 Click on ImageAstral 15702R0200, Kit Collector For 24 Filter15702R0200$142.79
PU-17676 15628R9601 Click on ImageGeneric Replacement For Astral 15628R960115628R9601$3.10
PU-17652 156280300 Click on ImageAstral 15628-0300, Pot Assembly, Replaced by 156280330, Pot Assembly With Union156280300$161.34
PU-17610 11130R0400 Click on ImageAstral 11130R0400, Saddle Clamp11130R0400$18.49
PU-17607 11130R0011 Click on ImageAstral 11130R0011, Tube Fitting. Nipple, 3/8 Inch11130R0011$2.03
PU-17601 11130R0007 Click on ImageAstral 11130R0007, Hose Clamp11130R0007$3.33
PU-17598 4408010701 Click on ImageAstral 4408010701 Lid Lock Ring Kit, Before June 2003, replaces 11130R00044408010701$66.75
PU-17595No ImageAstral 111300004, Lock Ring After 06/03, Replaced By 24429R0100111300004$82.95
PU-17592 11129R0100 Click on ImageAstral 11129R0100, Control Dial, No Longer Manufactured, None Available11129R0100$0.00NLA
PU-17589 11129R0012 Click on ImageAstral 11129R0012, Union Nut, 2.5 Inch11129R0012$3.89
PU-17586 11129R0010 Click on ImageAstral 11129R0010, Threaded Nipple11129R0010$4.34
PU-17580No ImageAstral 111290010, Lid and Lock Ring Assembly, No Longer Available Replace With 24429R0100, After June 2003111290010$52.19NLA
PU-17544 30780 Click on ImageAstral 30780, 42 Inch and 47 Inch Vertical Short Lateral 1.5 Inches, 360 mm30780$9.08
PU-17317No ImageAstral 25296R0001, Reinforcing Inside Filter25296R0001$14.81
PU-17247 261860200 Click on ImageAstral 261860200, Millennium 17 Inch Filter to Astramax Pump, Hose Length 28 Inches261860200$45.65
PU-17204 4404020108 Click on ImageAstral 4404020108, Aster Clamp Set Kit4404020108$103.82
PU-17133No ImageAstral 26255-0017, Standpipe Assembly 26 Inch Filter262550017$50.38
PU-17128No ImageAstral 25461-0102, Strainer Lid254610102$25.53
PU-17114 25296R0002 Click on ImageAstral 25296R0002, Reinforcing Outside Filter25296R0002$4.13
PU-17002No ImageAstral 24182-0007, Zip Tie241820007$2.54
OR-17025 7730070020 Click on ImageAstral Plug Gasket, 773R00700207730070020$1.74
FI-17995 4404040115    Click on ImageAstral 4404040115 , O-Ring, 60 x 84404040115 $10.64
FI-17994No ImageAstral 4404290109, Lateral Kit, Pkg of Two, 1 Inch x 265 mm4404290109$10.64
FI-17993 06436 Click on ImageAstral 06436, Lateral Arm, 6-7/8 Inches, Used on 24 Inch Aster Sand Filter06436$13.05
FI-17992 4404040108   Click on ImageAstral 4404040108, Astral Air Relief Tube Cup, Replaces 00497R04114404040108 $3.23
FI-17991 04959R0431 Click on ImageAstral 04959R0431, Astral Air Relief Tube for 24 and 30 Inch Filters04959R0431$9.26
FI-17990 00500R0600 Click on ImageAstral 00500R0600, Astral Collector Assembly, 30 Inch Filer00500R0600$369.29
FI-17989No ImageAstral 00500R0500, Astral Diffuser Assembly, 30 Inch Filer00500R0500$49.70
FI-17988 241810006 Click on ImageAstral 24181R0006, Gasket, Replaces 241810006241810006$2.82
FI-17985 241810004 Click on ImageAstral 24181-0004, Water Drain Set 3/8 Inch241810004$2.64
FI-17928 225030017 Click on ImageAstral 22503-0017, Standpipe Assembly, 17 Inch225030017$36.92
FI-17919 225020017 Click on ImageAstral 22502-0017, Standpipe Assembly 15225020017$38.39
FI-17913No ImageAstral 22501R2000, Top Collector Assembly For 22 Millenium Filter22501R2000$33.24
FI-17910 22501R1000 Click on ImageAstral 22501R1000, 4404300118 Diffuser Assembly For 22 Millennium Filter22501R1000$53.37
FI-17907 22497R0004 Click on ImageAstral 22497R0004, Gasket, Bulkhead22497R0004$4.50
FI-17889 22358R0202 Click on ImageAstral 22358R0202, Valve Lid For 22358 MPV22358R0202$11.32
FI-17887 22358N0201 Click on ImageAstral 22358N0201, Valve Lid, Mpv 22355,22358N0201$2.19
FI-17886 22358R0201 Click on ImageAstral 22358R0201, Valve Lid Label, Mpv 2235522358R0201$2.04
FI-17877 22355 Click on ImageAstral 22355, Multiport Valve, Side Mount 1.5 Inch, 2000 Millenium, 3000 Cantabric Filters22355$126.35
FI-17844 20565R0102 Click on ImageAstral 20565R0102, Bottom Diffuser, Mpv 2235820565R0102$7.31
FI-17832 19028R0400 Click on ImageAstral 19028R0400, Rotor With Gasket, 1.5 Inch Astral MPV19028R0400$21.23
FI-17829 19028R0207 Click on ImageAstral 19028R0207, Washer,1-3/4 OD,1-3/16 Id,1/32 Thick,Teflon19028R0207$1.89

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1 - 50 of 253

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