Swimming Pool Filter Parts, Purex Filter Parts

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Swimming Pool Filters, Purex Pool Filter Parts

Swimming Pool Filters, Purex Pool Filter Parts

Purex Pool Filter parts. Purex was purchased by American Products, which was purchased by pentair

Purex Filter Parts, Product Listing

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Detail Link
ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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FI-26232 V20321 Click on ImageVal-Pak Port Seal, V20-321V20321$45.26
FI-01862 071426 Click on ImagePurex 071426, O-Ring071426$1.66
FI-01861 JV18 Click on ImagePurex JV18, Generic ReplacementJV18$1.66
FI-01860 072166 Click on ImagePurex 072166 ,Washer, BW Spacer072166$3.18
FI-01859 071406 Click on ImagePurex 071406, Nut, 1/4-20, SS, Hex071406$1.10
FI-01858 072172 Click on ImagePurex 072172, Lock Washer, SS, 1/4 Inch072172$0.22
FI-01857 070979 Click on ImagePurex 070979, Handle Stud Bolt, 1/4-20 x 1.75 Inches, SS070979$1.16
FI-01856 070971 Click on ImagePurex 070971, Handle Extension for BW Valve Brasss070971$38.35
FI-01855No ImagePurex 190026, Handle for SMBW, SS190026$38.35
FI-01854 07-1427 Click on ImagePurex 071427. O-Ring 3 Port 07-1427$4.44
FI-01853 073370 Click on ImagePurex 073370, Rotor Valve, Noryl with Tapered Seal073370$105.13
FI-01852 071720 Click on ImagePurex 071720, Seal BW Valve, Tapered Valve Rotor071720$13.86
FI-01851 070731 Click on ImagePurex 070731, Compression Spring070731$66.38
FI-01850 074927 Click on ImagePurex 074927, Screw. 1/4-20 x 5/8 Inches. SS074927$1.10
FI-01828No ImagePurex 71019, Series 1000 Holding Wheel 71019$18.29
FI-01826No ImagePurex 71023, Series 1000 Holding Wheel71023$30.20
FI-01822 073270 Click on ImagePurex 073270, Series 2000 Manifold073270$20.60
FI-01820No ImagePurex 73271, Series 1000 Manifold 73271$14.15
FI-01818G FG1272 Click on ImageUnicel FG-1272, Generic Replacement DE Grid, Element, For Purex Model 2072 Filter, Grid Height Approximately 36 InchesFG1272$25.16
FI-01816G FG1260 Click on ImageUnicel FG-1260, Generic Replacement DE Grid, Element, For Purex Model 2060 Filter, 07-4925, Grid Height Approximately 30 InchesFG1260$22.58
FI-01814G 074924 Click on ImageUnicel FG1248, Generic Replacement DE Grid, Element, For Purex Model 2048 Filter, 07-4924, Grid Height Approximately 18 Inches074924$18.23
FI-01812G 074923 Click on ImageUnicel FG1236, Generic Replacement For DE Grid, Element For Purex Model 2036 Filter, Grid Height Approximately 18 Inches074923$14.07

1 - 22 of 22

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